Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 17, 2009

Things have really been happening in Spearsville this week, so get your coffee and let’s just sit and visit for a while. On Friday night, the Ruth Sunday School Class had its annual Christmas party. No one can exactly remember when this started but it was approximately forty-five years ago. Many people who were such a fun part of this event have already gone on to be with the Lord and many others have been added.

A few years ago the young people were invited to participate and they have truly been a blessing; this year our newest members of our class, Denise and Tim Clement enjoyed the festivities with us. The Lord has truly blessed us down through the years. There were twenty-two in attendance. The fellowship hall was beautifully decorated by Patsy Saunders, our class president, and the young women of our church; Bro. James gave the devotional and the Christmas music was provided by Jennifer Lenard. Mary Grant (Cookie) was the caterer for a wonderful, traditional meal. She is such a good cook and always has plenty of food for seconds; delicious desserts and coffee gave us a good send off. Special thanks are extended to everyone who made this occasion possible. May it continue for another forty-five years!!!

On Saturday, Denise and Tim Clement opened their home and hearts to this community with a “cookie exchange”. Everyone was in a dither about what kind of cookies to make (some of us even made two batches when the first didn’t look to suit us). It was amazing at the array of cookies and we each tried to sample at least one of each kind. Oda Rockett made a special “Lime Short Bread”. The French chef at the Crack Conch Restaurant in Grand Cayman was nice enough to give her the recipe after Kim Brantly, her daughter, found it to be so tasty and enjoyed it so much. Need I day that we left the Clements’ filled with the Christmas Spirit and on a sugar high? I never did hear how many people came but there were people scattered from the kitchen to the living room. All of us had to let our little tour guide, Lexie Rhodes, take up up that beautiful staircase to see the upstairs are-especially Lexie’s favorite, the pink bathroom. We had so much fun visiting with Denise and Tim as well as time spent with our friends. I heard someone say that since that house is so beautiful and spacious it was made for lots of people and a get-together. Perhaps they will do it again next year – complete with the beautiful decorations and the little toy train… Thanks a Bunch!!!! It’s things like this that bring us closer together and closer to our God and Savior, Jesus Christ – a great way to start our Christmas Season.

Yesterday, Vergil Rhodes was back in his usual place welcoming each of us as we entered the foyer of the Church and he looked real good. However, his voice is still weak and he doesn’t’ need to strain those vocal cords. Mary Gene told me this morning that he has been diagnosed with cancer but they think they got all of it when he had his surgery last week. A Cat Scan will be done this week. We continue to ask for your prayers for healing with no need for further treatment with the belief that all things are possible with God, our Father, who loves His children. Vergil has been a good and faithful servant to his family, community, and church all these many years.

Bobby Smith reported that Joan continues on her road to recovery but just cannot stand the cold, needing lots of heat; therefore, she is unable to get out and about much. We miss her but fully understand and hope to see her back at the organ soon. Hurry and get well.

Bro James has had a rough year, physically, and is finishing up 2009 with another round of cellulite. His leg swells every time he stands too long on it. Needless to say his sermon had to cut down a bit but it was good reminder of the “Reason for the Season”. God sent His gift to the world to the right parents, Mary and Joseph, at the right place, a manager in Bethlehem, and at just the right time. We serve a wonderful God who knows our every need before we do – in the past, at this moment and in the future. Thank You for sending Your son, Jesus, to live among men and be one of us to know our joys, hurts, and frustrations.

Thought for the Day

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place but far more difficult still to leave unsaid the wrong things at the most tempting moment

Benjamin Franklin


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