Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 24, 2009

We have really gotten in the Christmas Spirit in Spearsville – shopping, cooking goodies, families are gathering, Christmas Cantata and Candlelight service at area churches, and Christmas decorations everywhere with lots of glitz and glitter. I love this season, most of all for the reason we celebrate – Jesus came down to us, to live among men so that we might have eternal life. This is a beautiful story when told through the carols or when told and retold from generation to generation as related to us in the Bible. It never gets old to us on that night two thousand years ago!!!

Oda Rockett attended a wonderful musical, Home for the Holidays, presented at the First Methodist Church in Bernice by The Union Arts Council on Thursday night. She said that it was spectacular and she enjoyed watching it with her friend, Chi Chi Grafton. After the performance, refreshments were served, and a wonderful time for everyone to visit with family and friends. This really put her in the Christmas Spirit.

On Thursday Vergil and Mary Gene Rhodes went for Vergil’s C. T. Scan and consultation with the the radiologist. The Lord blessed us with Good News!!! Thank think they got all of the growth but they will do treatments just to make sure. His throat may be a little sore but he can skip a treatment now and then if it happens. After a few weeks his voice should be back to normal. God heard our prayers and we give Him the honor and praises for this healing and for his doctors who have the expertise to carry out God’s Plan!!

Meade’s had a special open house with all kind of Christmas goodies on Friday. I know, firsthand, how good those sweets are, for I taught two of Sharon’s siblings and Mrs. Dison made a plate full of goodies, such as Divinity, for me each Christmas. If you haven’t stopped in yet to see their place and get something to eat, like a homemade biscuit and sausage, you should do so right away. They have added a very pretty table with four chairs; the walls are decorated with some pictures her mother pieced and quilted; a beautiful Christmas table topper dresses up the table. It is so nice to have such a place like this in Spearsville. We thank Sharon and Roger for making this such a convenience and a delightful place to eat.

Sunday was a very special day at our church for both services; the cantata, “Color It Christmas” was presented by the choir and the children of Spearsville Baptist Church for the morning service and the Candlelight service that night. The cantata was directed by Jennifer Lenard and narrated by Stanley Lenard with the tree trimming by Melissa Thomas and our children. The soloists were: Stacy Pepper, Chris Canterberry, and Remona Barron; the pianist was Carolyn Ivey. They all did an outstanding job; it was beautiful and so meaningful; the children were all dressed for the occasion and were so cute as they put the correct color of trimmings up at just the right time. Our Candlelight service was beautiful as well; a good mixture of carols and narration. Carolyn read “The Night Before Christmas” – twenty-first century version. It was so beautifully done and so meaningful that our church was as quiet as a mouse – even the children were listening. The final story was “The Three Christmas Trees” a folktale that has been handed down from parents to children through many generations. It is a wonderful story, that I had the honor to read, that says it all; the birth and His meaning in our lives — a great way to end this service. Jennifer has done a magnificent job this year as Choir Director, as she has met each challenge with a smile and lots of hard work. A special “Thank You, Jennifer”. We, also, want to say a “Thank You” to Carolyn Ivey, our pianist, who put in lots of hours practicing and learning all the music. It was difficult music that required just the right timing; it was beautifully done and made our cantata so special this year. Carolyn is just great!!

After the Candlelight program, we met in the fellowship hall for chili, soup and, of course, lots of desserts. It have us this last time to visit with our church family before Christmas. At this time we wish to extend our condolences to the family of James Hollis. Death is never easy and holiday makes it even harder.

I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and may you have a Blessed New Year. A special thanks to friends & family who encourage me and serve as my resource center as I try to relate our “Spearsville Happenings” each week. It has been a learning experience and continues to be, but the many “Thank You” notes, phone calls and kind words that are said to me makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to each of you for this wonderful encouragement.


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