Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
January 7, 2010

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and we are several days into 2010. Just yesterday, it seems that we were hearing about all the weird stuff that was going to take place in Y2K – remember about all those computers being messed up and the world coming to an end and here we are a decade later; it all happened so fast. I must be getting old!!!

Christmas was family time for the folks in Spearsville; we were either going to see kids or they were coming to spend time with us. That is the good part; the bad part was all the people that had colds, infected sinus problems, or just the plain old crud. Church attendance has really been down but, hopefully, we’ll all be back to normal in a few days.

Floy and Billy Rea had all 27 of her family for Christmas on January 2 – Sharon & Jan and their spouses, grandkids and spouses: and nine great grandchildren, a house full and a lot of fun for everyone. My daughter, Shana, came on Christmas Day with Helen, granddaughter. We did our usual thing – a shopping spree of after Christmas sales in Monroe.

Ann & Johnny Heard had Christmas at their house in Spearsville – 17 were there. Theresa and Randy were not able to come so they went to Hot Springs, on Sunday, to enjoy Christmas in their new home. Ann said it was beautifully decorated with five trees. Theresa had enough food cooked to feed “Cox’s Army” and it was delicious.

Syble and Travis Thomas’s daughter, Patricia, and her family loaded up two cars and drove from Wisconsin after their flight was cancelled. A good time was had by all and I know they had plenty of good food for Syble is an excellent cook. They left a day early going back for the weather report didn’t sound good for traveling in that direction – everything worked out and they got home fine.

Bettie and Bruce Barron had Christmas with their daughter, Kelli, and her husband, Jeremy in Shreveport. Sharing this time and Santa Claus with Jacob and Elvie made it very special. I believe their son, Clint, was there as well.

Oda Rockett and her family had Christmas in Baton Rouge with her granddaughter, Anisa. They had lots of fun as they continue their family traditions and introduce them to the new family members. This has always been a family that enjoys playing together and makes a real effort to do so throughout the year.

Denise and Tim Clement shared Christmas with her brother, John Perry, from New Iberia. They are enjoying being close enough to siblings for frequent get-togethers. After Christmas Denise spotted an owl caught in a barbed wire fence. Tim, with the help of Dillion Pilgreen and Deputy Baremore, from the Union Parish Sheriff’s Dept. rescued it. After a night in a pet carrier in Spearsville, the owl was carried to an animal shelter in West Monroe for treatment and care.

Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes went to West Monroe for Christmas. Their daughter, Lou, really pampered them; even, fixing a stocking for each of them just as Santa Claus did for their children many years ago. Their son, Buddy, came from Oklahoma, to be with them when they went back to the doctor. He has gone back home but I understood that he will come back for Vergil’s next trip for a treatment.

Becky and Jim Sims had Christmas with their daughter, Lori and her family, in Calhoun.

The Rockett cousins, Jeff & Diane Colvin, Wayne Barrett, Floy & Billy Rae and Barbara Walton met our Texas cousins, Judy, David & Doug Herring in Ruston for lunch at Chili’s. We do this twice a year as they are on their way to Jackson to visit with their son, Scott. It is a great way to share a meal and stay in touch. We always have so much fun; the time just passes too quickly.

Jeff Bennett was back at church Sunday after having surgery last week for a detached retina. I don’t think he was supposed to be out but had gotten cabin fever; his wife drove him to the farm to spend a little time and then on to church. It’s going to be hard to keep Jeff still and follow the doctor’s orders for he has always been so active.

Bro. James & Shirley gave each of us an English Standard Version of the New Testament and a beautiful day planner to help us as we read the New Testament through in six months. I am going to make that my New Year’s resolution to follow through and try not to get sidetracked with other less important things this year.

Tim Clement called this morning and said that there would be a training session conducted by LSU at Spearsville Baptist Church Fellowship Hill for the volunteer firemen throughout the parish on Monday, January 11, 2010. He is encouraging all the firemen in this area to attend and get caught upon all the latest “stuff”.

Bro. James had been to see Dianne Farrar over the holidays. She has been in the hospital but was back at the Alpine Nursing Home in Ruston. Dianne is not able to be up very much and needs our prayers.

Thought for the Day

Christmas is not a time or a season, but a state of mind; to cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy throughout the year, is the real spirit of Christmas.

Pres. Calvin Coolidge


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