Bethel Notes

The Gazette
January 10, 1906

Mr. Editor, please give us a little space in your good paper for the happenings of our church and school.

We have the finest school at Bethel this year, that we have had for many years. The writer had the pleasure of attending the school on last Thanksgiving Day, an heard one of the best speeches on education by Prof. Denton, the teacher that he has heard since he has been in the state.

The speech showed Prof. Denton’s interest in the cause of education, as well as his ability to teach and to direct the minds of his pupils.

The program rendered on that day showed that the pupils has had proper training in declamation. It consisted of speeches, recitations, solos, and songs by the school.

On last Saturday night we had a beautiful Xmas tree at Bethel, besides the many presents on the tree Prof. Denton gave each of his pupils a nice little treat.

You don’t know how much this makes the little fellows love him as he is an excellent teacher and a friend to the young folks.

On last Wednesday at 3 P. M. Mrs. Charley Goss and Miss Nancy Nelson were joined in wedlock. The writer officiating. They have the best wishes of their many friends.

Mr. W. B. Cooper has moved to Junction City.

Mr. N. W. Nelson is visiting his father and relatives this week.

Misses Ida and Julia Johnston are visiting their sisters, Mrs. Brantley and Denton at Beach Grove.

The Sunday School at Bethel is being well attended and much interest is being taken in the work.

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