Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
January 3, 1906
J. G. Haynie to H. A. Jones, 120 acres land, $325.
W. J. Sehon to O. O. Nash, 80 acres land, $394.
L. E. Smith to O. O. Nash, 80 acres land, $300.
Reuben Wright to James E. Davis, 40 acres land, $50.
Jno. Carter to R. A. Carter, 40 acres land, $50.
A. M. Edwards to J. D. Miller, 40 acres land, $25.
Mrs. Mary Lewis to J. H. and G. W. Bell, 170 acres land, $100.
R. F. Beaird to R. L. Beaird, 110 acres land, $100.
W. M. Raburn to Mrs. Lide J. Wade, 80 acres land, $135.
Miss Norma L. Stewart to Jas. L. Hopkins, 280 acres land, $800.
Menervia Jones to Robert J. Tucker, 80 acres land, $108.91.
J. M. Stripling to W. R. Carpenter, 4 acres land, $10.
Jas. Bennett to W. R. Carpenter, 40 acres land, $40.
Robt. M. Lee to Joe Terry, 5 acres land, $20.
J. E. Davis to J. J. Futch, Jr., 75 acres land $100.
P. S. Raburn to Jno. S. Cobb, 40 acres land 138 dollars.
J. R. Lockwood to P. S. Raburn, 40 acres land, 150 dollars.
Carroll and Clark to C. S. McDonald, lot in Spearsville, 22 dollars.
A. A. Gunby to N. R. Bryant, 400 acres land, 300 dollars.
Mrs. G. W. Hollis et al. to J. A. Templeton, 80 acres land, 220 dollars.
M. F. Cary to H. F. Wilson, 3 lots in Farmerville, 30 dollars.


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