Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
January 21, 2010

Many of us have stopped our whining about the weather and started counting our blessings as we watched with great sadness and compassion for the people of Haiti; thousands and thousands have lost their lives with many still buried under the rubble — the devastation is unimaginable. It was so good to see our former presidents, George Bush and Bill Clinton, put aside their political differences, working together and using their expertise for a common goal of bringing aid quickly to a people in such dire need. They will be able to mobilize resources, money and workers, quickly land go directly to the people as they cut through a lot of the red tape. We can pray and we can also give generously of our abundance as our pastor, Bro. James, reminded us Sunday in his morning message. God loves a giver; one who gives cheerfully and with no reluctance. Bro. James called this “living with an open hand rather than a closed fist”. He challenged each of us to examine ourselves, objectively, to see if we are following God’s will in giving.

Last Wednesday, the Spearsville Triad met for its monthly meeting. Susan Edwards, our director had a great speaker lined up for us; Claudia Wade talked of her experience of growing up and living as a young adult in El Salvador. None of us know what it is like to not be able to leave our homes for days on end because of the fighting in the street. Nor have we ever experienced having to buy things on the Black Market, such as milk, just to feed our family. She, also, told of each side, the military and the militants, using their walled in garden for sleeping–. One night they would hear the military planning its strategy for the fight and perhaps a few nights later the militants would be discussing their plans. This young family would lie awake, very frightened, as they listened, quietly, to these plans for their country. El Salvador is such a beautiful country and they lived in such fear they were not able to enjoy it to it fullest from day to day. Claudia told of having to close her business and disappear for some time as there were thugs asking for money or they would do harm to her family and the business. God has blessed us in so many ways and may it continue to be so as we hold fast to His teachings and our faith.

Jennifer Lenard told us about the party given by the family of her Aunt Janet Stone Martin on her 90th birthday at Mineral Springs Baptist Church. She is still quite feisty and has always mowed her own yard and tilled her garden. This year, however, she did allow her son to mow the yard and break up her garden. After it was broken up, she worked it with a hoe. Isn’t that amazing? The family enjoyed the party so much , as did Janet, especially when she brought out all the old pictures. This is always fun to see how people have changed as well as styles. Someone told Janet that they were looking forward to a a repeat of this party in ten years. Our Stone family is made of tough stuff — with strong work ethics, a devout faith, and the genes to make it happen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANET and MANY MORE!!! We love you.

I talked to Mary Gene Rhodes today for an update on Vergil and she said that they had been to their regular doctor, Dr. Parker, for consultation/evaluation. He said that Vergil is coming along slowly but that is to be expected. Their children have been in and out and this has been a big help. Laura, their youngest daughter, went back home on Friday.

This year is not starting out any better for Bro. James as he slipped on the ice, coming out of the church, last Sunday night. His right hand is no longer swollen very much but it is black and blue. It is quite painful so he was standing at the door with his left hand out for shaking. A forgetful moment a day or so earlier had brought tears to his eyes when he stuck out the wrong hand. That will certainly get that old brain in memory mode. He is teaching the January Bible Study on Sunday night – a study of the parables.

I saw Vera Jones the other day and she looks great even after her long illness. Since she is having so many problems with her stomach and the foods she can eat, her body has lost a lot of weight. I told her that she is trying to look sixteen again – it’s working for I hardly knew her.

An Owl Update: I got an e-mail from Tim Clement this morning and he said that the owl is doing fine and has healed enough to have been released back into the wild.

Thought for the Day

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them regularly if you wish to keep them in good working order.

— John Quincy Adams —


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