Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
February 4, 2010

Next Saturday, Feb. 6th, is going to be a busy day in Spearsville. Starting at 7:00 AM there will be a rummage sale, sponsored by the church, to raise money for an ice maker. Set your alarms and come out early to find those “treasures’ that you need or want. Then come to the kitchen and pick up a takeout lunch — a spaghetti plate. If you would like to see the work that has been done on the Little Yellow House Pictorial Museum, it will be open from 8-12 and longer if there are still people wanting to see it. There are two tables at the museum and if you want to eat your lunch there, that would be fine. Just keep in mind that this museum is a work in progress with much still to be done, It will, truly, be a treasure to leave to posterity; we all love to look at pictures of our ancestors and so do our children and grandchildren. With your help, we can make it happen; something to be proud of.

Last Saturday was a big day for Lexie Rhodes, daughter of Robin and Johnny, as she celebrated her 4th birthday. There was a party held in her honor at her home with both sets of grandparents. John & Bonnie Rhodes, Susan & Bobby Stringer, as well as Great Grandmother Peggy Thurmon. The kids all enjoyed the party — playing together and, especially, eating the cake and ice cream. Lexie was so wound up, with all the excitement, that she had a hard time getting to sleep. Lots of presents to think about!

Vergil Rhodes had good news from the neurologist; he does not have Parkinson’s Disease as the doctor had first thought; He has been able to resume his treatments; hopefully, it won’t be long before his voice returns, for he wants to talk and it is very difficult to hear him now. Continue to remember him in your prayers for healing; we miss seeing him at church each Sunday as he greets each of us.

We have several people sick in our church and community. Oda was in Tri-Ward Hospital last week with a bout of pneumonia as well as some throat problems. She sounds good now, but isn’t able to be out and about just yet. Jeff Bennett had his eye surgery last Tuesday. The doctor found that the retina had separated once again. He was able to repair it with some type of gel. Because of this and the oil they used, he will be unable to see out of that eye for two or maybe three months, nor is he supposed to do anything. Jeff is Type A personality and this is going to be extremely difficult for him to do – he is never still. I heard, through the grapevine, that Drue Rockett has been in the hospital with pneumonia. Hopefully, he is home by now and on the road to recovery. Our pastor’s wife, Shirley, has had pneumonia and through recent tests, it was determined that a cracked vertebrate is probably what has been causing a lot of the excruciating pain that she has been experiencing lately. Please add our friends and neighbors to your prayer list that they may each be back soon to good health and free of pain. It was good to see Joan Smith back in church – an answered prayer.

Our condolences go out to the Diane Farrar Family. She was truly a gracious Christian lady and no one was ever in doubt as to her faith. For years Diane taught Sunday School at our church as had her mother for many years. After she went to the nursing home, she continued this practice. Even when she could no longer go to the chapel she gathered a group in the foyer or her bedroom for Bible study. Diane was an inspiration to all who knew her and she will be truly missed.

Chris Taylor, son of Wanda & Leon, is back in Korea where he works for General Motors in Human Resources. Over the past few years he has lived in Australia, Spain, China and he is back in Korea. I told his mother that I was not surprised about the position in Human Resources for I remember so well how concerned he was about his 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Geck. She was so concerned with teaching that she had little time for all those mundane things that have to be done like records, book inventories and such. Mrs. Geck would never have made it without Chris’s help; sometimes doing the job for her and getting it turned in. Always doing a good job helping her and still keeping up with his own work – An all-round good kid and it sounds as if that has carried over into his career. Congratulations, Chris!, I look forward to seeing you someday and being able to say tell you what a joy you were to everyone who knew you.

Jan and Ski Wawrzyniak, Floy Rea’s daughter and son-in-law, came Sunday after church and brought lunch. Now that is the kid of guests to have!! They had made a delicious seafood chowder which was perfect for such a cold day. A wonderful treat — the visit and the food!!

Bro. James preached a wonderful message on forgiveness. He reminded us of what Jesus said that we to forgive others if we want our sins/transgressions to be forgiven. God will forgive us if we forgive others. One person can tear up a church or community when grudges are carried and talked about. His comparison was to a “skunk in our midst”. He gave each of us a book marker with a skunk on it to be a constant reminder of what our attitude should be. Bro. James pulled no punches but did it in a kind and compassionate message to each one as we have all been guilty at some time in our lives of an unchristian attitude toward someone… His message was followed by observing the Lord’s Supper; ending with a hymn as our dismissal from the service.

Thought for the Day

Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you ever imagined you could be. — Cherie Carter Scott —


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