Point News

The Gazette
January 24, 1906

Service were held at the Baptist Church Saturday night and Sunday by our new pastor, Bro. Ward.

Mr. J. P. Riley and family moved over to Ouachita Parish last Thursday, and Mr. W. Antley will move over to Colson tomorrow. We regret to see the departure of our citizens.

Mr. Tobin Hodge, of Walnut Lane, was here several times last week on business.

Mr. W. N. Feazel, one of our merchants, went to Farmerville Saturday on business.

Mr. Nolan McCullough was here last Wednesday soliciting our orders for organs

Mrs. Lydia Gaskins, an aged lady of Downsville, was buried last Wednesday. She was an aunt of Mrs. Ella Albritton of this place.

Mr. W. G. Smith, Ouachita Parish, was here Saturday visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. Jim Taylor entertained the young people last Tuesday night with a so-called pound supper, but they managed to tip the “light fantastic too” till the late hour of two.

Mr. S. S. Carter, who has been at Mr. James Antley’s home since Christmas with a broken leg, we are pleased to state he recovered sufficiently to be carried to his own home.

Will desist until another time. MULLEN


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