Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
February 11, 2010

This weekend will be one that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. New Orleans went from a city of “aints” where the fans wore paper sacks over their heads to a city of the winner of the XLIV Super Bowl. There was dancing in the streets of Miami as well as Bourbon Street in New Orleans with chants of “Who Dat, Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem saints” heard all across La. as well as from fans throughout this land. It took a blizzard to shut down Washington D. C. but celebrations from this victory and the Mardi Gras did it for LA; very little notice was taken, in this area, of the last night launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. The pictures were spectacular; the night sky turned to bright daylight as it lifted off on its mission to the station in outer space. That is exciting to me and I truly hope that we will continue this exploration into worlds unknown.

Denise Clement taught our Sunday School lesson this Sunday and she did such a good job. We are looking forward to putting her in to our rotation of teachers. A few months ago she mentioned the commentaries that could be found on the internet; that has really added to my enjoyment of studying each lesson-especially when it is my turn to teach. Our lives have, truly, been enriched by their move to Spearsville — besides they don’t have to shovel snow, now. (Their children have had 50 inches in the last few week).

Vergil and Mary Gene Rhodes were able to come to the meal site last week and to church this Sunday. Vergil is looking real good and he is getting stronger each day. It was, also, good to see both Joan Smith and Jeff Bennett brave the cold and come out Sunday. Jeff is still not able to see out of the eye that had the detached retina. Neither is doing nothing very appealing to him. The lessons in patience are very difficult for most of us.

The garage sale was quite successful, considering the weather, as well as the sale of the spaghetti plates. Perhaps in the Spring we can do it again when conditions are a little warmer and more favorable for getting out. Most of us don’t want to go anywhere on such cold, dreary days.

Bro. James delivered a very appropriate message entitled “The Super Bowl of Life”. Using Paul’s analogies of sports, he reminded us of the prize we seek and the good race we must run, in the time we spend on this earth, to attain this prize. The prize we strive for is the only one that is really of any value when this life is over. Bro. James told us something of the character of the two quarterbacks, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. They spend much of their spare time and money helping people in need as well as working with children and teenagers. Their spoken testimony is just wonderful as they tell of their faith and what God means in their lives; however, their testimony in deeds says it all, as they teach these young people by example. Not only is this good for our youth but adults as well. We all need heroes, especially those with good Christian values for role models.

Since watching a game is more fun when it is shared with others, there were people everywhere gathered around a TV with an array of food. Bonnie Rhodes said the tighter the game, the faster they ate. She and John watched the game at the home of Steve and Debbie Plummer along with Cindy & Bruce Haney, Steve’s daughter, Victoria and her husband Sam, a co-worker of Debbie, Jody. Usually at these parties, the women will find a place away from the TV and visit but not last night. They were just as excited as the men.

Thought for the Day

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one. – William Shakespeare


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