Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
February 25, 2010

Seasons and the changing of seasons is one of God’s wonderful gifts to us in this part of the world. From the droughts of last summer to a beautiful, colorful fall, and then to those refreshing rains that we had prayed endlessly for, came and replenished our earth’s water table. After weeks of cold, dark, rainy days, “Enough is Enough”, we said, and God gave us that beautiful one day snow to enjoy. It quickly left us and God brought forth green grass and those beautiful yellow jonquils and buttercups that tells us that spring is just around the corner. He whispered to the birds that it was time to start raising their new families, and my bluebirds began busily, flitting in and out of the birdhouses looking for the most suitable quarters. It was so cute to see the male come first-go in and look around and then fly out; the female then came to check it out while he sat on a limb nearby. Even the birds know this is a joint affair. We can learn so much from nature. They are a joy to watch.

Peggy Rockett spent several days in Tri-Ward after falling in her bedroom and staying on the floor through two nights. Her son, Ricky, found her when he could not reach her by phone. She is doing much better and has been transferred to Health South Rehad in Farmerville. Hopefully, the therapy will help her regain her strength and she will be able to go back home in a short time. Please remember her in your daily prayers.

Avery Bennett Wilson and her husband, Jerome, have moved back to Spearsville, next door to her mother, Sue Futch. They have been at church for the past 2 weeks. It looks so good to see her back and at Spearsville Baptist Church, where we watched her grow up. I’m looking forward to hearing her sing once again; she has a beautiful voice and has always used it to glorify God. Rebecca Farrar and her son, Brett, have been in church for the last two Sundays, also. Our church is blessed with many young people who take a very active roll – a wonderful way to grow a church.

Bonnie Rhodes has been on the “punny” side this week with a terrible sinus infection; she was running a fever and couldn’t get warm. When she didn’t get on the internet, I knew she was sick. So many of our people are having another round of this old stuff; it just makes a person feel terrible.

Maurene Barron and her children, Joye and Gene, met Chi Chi Grafton for lunch last Thursday. They are both 97 years old and attended La Tech at the same time. They had a wonderful time remembering old friends, classes they took and the professors who taught those classes. After lunch they spent some time looking at their old year book. “The Lagniappe” which triggers lots of good memories. Both of these ladies have been an inspiration to me; they are a “class act” as they continue to go about doing good in their family, church and community. Fay Futch, of Farmerville, was also, a schoolmate but was unable to attend this get-together. Just as a side note. Chi Chi was planning to drive herself to Shreveport to see her son the next day. That is Amazing and Wonderful!!

After the reunion in Bernice, Gene took his family in to see the Little Yellow House Pictorial Museum. Joye e-mailed to tell me how much she enjoyed seeing the display of old pictures as well as the efforts we have made to beautify our little Village of Spearsville. Many thanks go to Gene Barron, Floy Rea, Oda Rockett and Ethelle Colvin, and we don’t want to forget Mayor Bob Shoemaker who dreamed the dream, then convinced Ms. Pat Freeman to donate the house and land to make it happen. He and the council members have been very generous in this effort and for that we are greatly appreciative. We are, also, beginning to receive donations from many people who are interested in seeing this project go forward. Roy Duncan has donated this time and many materials in covering the windows to provide more hanging space as well as well as making the rails on which the pictures are hung. To all of these we can’t tell you enough what your help means to us. “Thank You”

Chris Taylor responded by e-mail and gave an update on his family and career. He said that God had truly blessed him in this wonderful plan for his life. He has three children under three, a beautiful wife who is quite a trooper as they have moved around (She still has time to be president of a women’s organization in South Korea). Chris said that his children were each born in a different country. Who would be possible; however, no matter where he travels or works, he always experiences great excitement when he touches down in Shreveport or Monroe and knows that Spearsville is just down the road. We look forward to more updates from Chris that can be shared as he is loved by so many.

Thought for the Day

THE WAY TO HAPPINESS: Keep you heart from from hate; you mind free from worry. Live simply; expect little; fill your heart with love; scatter sunshine; forget self; think of others. Do as you would be done by.


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