Court Proceedings

The Gazette
January 24, 1906

Only one case was tried on the criminal docket, that of State vs. S. T. Gray, for retailing liquor without license. Judgment was rendered against defendant and he was sentenced to thirty days in jail and to pay a fine of $250.00.

The cases on the Civil docket were as follows:

Barksdale & Crow vs. Guy Bilberry et al., judgment for plaintiffs against Guy Bilberry.
Jno. W. Farris vs. T. H. Hamilton, judgment for plaintiff.
Arkansas Southern Railroad vs. Bernice Telephone Company, judgment for defendant.
W. W. Barnes vs. W. L. Fomby, judgment for plaintiff.
M. A. Talbot vs. W. L. Fomby, judgement for plaintiff.
Stromburg, Krauss & Co. vs. T. J. Oakley & Co., judgment for plaintiff.
W. J. Martinez & Bro. vs. T. J. Oakley & Co., judgment for plaintiff.
McIlwaine, Knight & Co. vs. R. E. Pace, Judgment for plaintiff.
T. A. Crow vs. F. T. Malone judgment for plaintiff.
W. A. Platt vs. J. W. Hill et al. judgment in favor of defendant, J. W. Hill.


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