Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 4, 2010

Can you believe March 1st is here already? Out gardeners are already worrying about the ground drying up so they can get started planting those potatoes, spring greens and onions. John Rhodes, our master farmer, thinks in terms of 75 – 100 pounds of potatoes because he needs enough to share with his neighbors; Bonnie thinks 10 pounds is sufficient. John won this debate last year and we’re all taking bets on this year’s outcome.

Last Tuesday Floy Rea, Marie Rockett and I took home-cooked food to BCM for the students at La Tech. It is always a delight to see the kids as they eye all of that delicious food. Not only do we enjoy this opportunity, but we meet old friends from the various churches across Union Parish and make new friends, as well. Upon arriving, we were greeted by two students with big signs “We Give Free Hugs”; this was something very special for us grandmothers. Of course, hearing that they look forward to us coming, for the food is just like home-plenty of it and delicious, just melted our hearts, and makes us look forward to the next time we can do it again. What a blessing this is to the kids and to those of us who provide this meal!!

Many times we have talked about Hollis’ and Meade’s as great places to eat; now, we can brag about another new business – Lawson’s Auto Repair. Steve Lawson, grandson of Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes, was the former service manager for Murphy’s of El Dorado having worked his way up from the master mechanic after graduating from a school in Houston, Texas. The transmission specialist from Murphy’s, Billy, came to work with him; together they make quite a team for Steve specializes in high tech stuff like computer systems in our newer cars. They seem to be doing quite well for their reputation has followed them from El Dorado and we are so pleased to have mechanics with such expertise working in our little village. Call and make an appointment when your car starts giving problems; they can get you fixed up.

Courtney Haynes, daughter of David & Jackie Haynes, is getting married at The Healing Place in her hometown, Baton Rough, on Saturday, March 6th at 12:00, noon. The Bridegroom is Greg Bienvenu.

Bonnie Rhodes and Donna Harris are in Dyersbury, TN, visiting Bonnie’s son Keith, his wife Paula and the two grandchildren. I know she is having a good time but we miss seeing her and look forward to their return.

Peggy Rockett is still in rehab and will be there for another couple of weeks. She is still unable to us her legs very well. Hopefully, the therapy will be successful and she will be able to return home and continue to care for herself. Our prayers are with her. Maurene Barron has not been well this well – a very bad cold and bronchitis – and was unable to come to the dining site or to church. We wish her a speedy recovery for we miss seeing her. Jeff Bennett is to have eye surgery on Tuesday. This will be the third time so this ought to be the “charm” as the old saying goes. I didn’t understand what is to be done, but it just doesn’t sound good for this to need to be done so many times. Shirley Miller is not doing well at all for her lower back is still causing excruciating pain. Please remember all of these in your prayers.

We extend our condolences to the Fern Post family, (the sister of Forrest Post). She passed away this week and it had only been about three weeks ago when her husband passed away. Fern was a classmate of min and a Rockett cousin as well. My heart goes out to her family at this sad time.

Danny Manning had surgery this week, in Shreveport; they removed one lung. From what I am hearing he seems to be doing quite well but will just have to take it easy for awhile. His mother, Joyce, asked that we remember him in our prayers.

For the past two weeks Mary Gene & Vergil Rhodes have had Sunday company. Beth Lawson came last Sunday; Susan & Michael Spears were here yesterday. This is a very close family and they are doing a wonderful job working together as they work through this rough patch in getting Vergil back on his feet.

Floy & Billy Rea spent Saturday in Start, LA, visiting kids. They first went to the 2nd birthday party of their great grandson, Abram Parker. After a lunch of white chili and chowder, they went to visit Billy’s daughter, Toni, who lives in Mangum. This was a full day but one they enjoyed immensely.

This weekend was very special in our church as well as other churches in the area. Some of our missionaries were visiting the local churches. On Sunday morning we enjoyed Tom Sutter who served in Austria and Denmark for many years; for the night service missionary, Melanie, from Nevada. It is always good to hear of the work that goes on around the world through our Southern Baptist Mission Board.

The Spearsville baseball and basketball teams have done well this year with a #1 win in basketball in Simsboro; the baseball team will compete with teams across the state in Atlanta, LA, this weekend. They need our support here and on the road. Keep up the good work, team!!

Johnny Heard’s grandson, Chandler just fulfilled a lifelong dream when he received a football scholarship from Belhaven in Jackson, MS. His stellar high school record is very impressive but Johnny really breaks out in smile when his coaches us such words as “good kid, unbelievable work ethic, great attitude, talented but works hard each day to improve his skills and gives credit to others for his success.” This is the same Chandler that we were congratulating on becoming an Eagle Scout. We congratulate him and wish him success in the years to come.

Thought for the Day

Life is like a coin; spend it anyway you like but you can only spend it once.


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