Bernice High School News

The Bernice Journal
March 7, 1929


By Journalistic Club

Basket Ball News

The Bernice basket ball boys went to Junction City Tuesday to play. The game was hard fought but Junction City won by a score of 20 to 15.

Junction City returned the game Thursday. This time the teams seemed about equal in ability to play. At the end of the 1st half the score 8 to 5 in Junction City’s favor. At the end of the game the score was a tie. An extra five minutes was payed, in which John Porter, the star of the Bernice team, scored four points. Bernice won by a score of 13 – 9.

The boys played Cross Roads there Friday. Our boys were no match for the Cross Roads team and they suffered a defeat of 20 – 11.

The Spearsville basket ball girls will play our girls here Friday afternoon.

Every body come and yell for our team.

Admission 10 and 25 cents.

The basket ball boys went to Ruston Tuesday and played the Ansley team on Tech Campus. The game was 31 – 11 in favor of Bernice.

Faculty News

Mr. Hooter spent the week end in Mangham.

Mr. Hooter went to Ruston Thursday night.

Misses Kilpatrick, Carroll and Hestor spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hestor.

Miss Clinton visited in Bernice Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Mabry spent the week end in Alexandria.

Mrs. Jones spent the week end with homefolks in Clay.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hester, of Arcadia, visited some of the faculty members in Bernice Sunday.

Mrs. Thompson visited in Weldon this week end.

Mrs. McDonald was absent from school Monday on account of illness.

General School News

The Tech Girls Glee Club will be here Saturday night at 8:00 o’clock at the grammar school Auditorium. The admission will be 20 and 35 cents. Every one is invited.

Miss Christine Adcock went to Ruston Saturday night.

Miss Maebell Ryals had as Sunday visitors Misses Corintha and O’Zella Thompson.

Messrs Stanford Brazeal and Joe Bowlin attended the show here Saturday night.

Miss Marie Kelley, the guest of Miss Mignon Lindsey, visited school Monday.

The Gypsy Queen

Operetta — 7th and 5th Grades Grammar School Building Friday March 8th 8:00 P. M.

Directed by Mrs. Mabry, Mrs. Green and Miss Hester.


The first scene, Gypsy Camp, the Gypsies are talking about their mother Grunt (head of band who has been absent several days. She soon comes in bringing a mountain child, who is queen of the mountain children. She forces the Mountain Queen to become a Gypsy and they are very proud of their new member and welcome her into their band. At the first chance the Mountain Child runs away and the gypsy Band is preparing to find her and bring her back.

Second Scene

The Mountain Queen is trying to find her band, wanders in the night, and is lost. She falls asleep in the woods near a fairy palace. The faeries find her asleep and guard her from harm until she wakes. They hear her story and then ask her to become a fairy . She refuses and begs them to take her home. Then the mountain children come in. They are hunting their Queen and are very sad because the cannot find her. They tell the fairies about their trouble and then the Fairy Queen gives their queen, back to them.

The mountain children are made very happy.

Admission: 10 and 25 cents.

P. T. A. Organized

A Parent Teacher Association was organized in the Bernice schools last Friday with an enrollment of 86.

Wednesday, March 6th, was the first meeting as was voted the first Wednesday in each month would be the meeting of the P. T. A.

Several projects were discussed in regard to needs of improvement in the way of beautifying the school grounds, curtains for the stage, a side walk to the High School, etc.


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