Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 11, 2010

Pelicans Flyin’ To The Cajun Dome

Just the past week or two we have been remembering the boys who made us proud in the 1950’s; well I want you to know that we have some kids now that we can be proud of. Our basketball team won their game with Plainsville with a score of 70 to 67 – a good tight hard fought game. They will play Athens on Tues. or Wed. at the Cajun Dome in Layette; if they win, as we hope they will, they will be playing in the finals for the LA. State Championship. Don’t you know there are some proud classmates, moms, dads and grandparents cheering them on and we are as well.

The baseball team is also making headlines. They were a young team last year so we didn’t lose many players. The catcher is Juana Sims, pitcher is Robbie Hopper, grandson of Nell Hopper Upshaw, Layne Lawson, grandson of Vergil and Mary Gene Rhodes, is the shortstop, as this position needs someone who is agile, can work that infield and cover the bases with precision. Dylan Horton is a great first baseman. These guys really play as a team and we are so proud of them. Ryan Smith, grandson of Rodney & Frances Smith, plays basketball and baseball; as soon as this basketball tournament is over, he will switch over to baseball. With Ryan added to the lineup who knows we maybe looking at state champions in baseball. GO TEAM GO!!!

Todd Rockett has found a new home in the country near Aurora, MO., for Cameron, his daughter and he to enjoy. Marie Rockett and her daughter, Tammy, went to help him finish moving in. On Sunday, Marie went to Ruston to visit with her granddaughter, Christy, from New Orleans, who was spending the weekend with her mother, Tammy. They had such a good time and look forward to the next visit.

Patsy and J. T. Saunders were in Marshall, Texas, visiting with their daughter, Renee. Jeff Bennett was back in church after his third eye surgery. He reported that his peripheral vision is much improved so he feels like this time will be a success. Justin Pepper was given a good send-off for his trip to Seoul, Korea, with a special prayer for a good trip and a safe return. He will be riding a huge, oil-drilling ship back to the Gulf of Mexico where he works a two-week rotation each month. This is an experience of a lifetime and I hope he enjoys every minute of it.

Sunday we finished off our fundraisers for the ice maker for our fellowship hall with a hamburger lunch, provided by our young people; the older people helped them with desserts. Now all they have to do is find ice maker that fits the space, a good quality at the right price. It feels so good to leave all these details to our young adults who take care everything so well; we feel so pampered – they plan, purchase food, cook and then clean up. Now you can see why we fell do loved and pampered.

The buzz this past Saturday was a fire down at Dale & Doris Elkins. Kathy and James Reilly had burned some dead grass and thought it was completely out; however, the wind found a spark or two and it quickly caught up; the shop was burning when they discovered the fire. The Spearsville Volunteer Fire Department responded and was able to keep it from the house but could not save the shop. Jennifer Lenard reported that these guys, headed up by Tim Clement our Fire Chief, did an outstanding job and we are so proud that we have young men willing to give their time for such a hard but necessary job. Thanks from all of us and I know that Dale & Doris are appreciative as well. Now might be a good time to say that we could use a few more “Good Men” who would be willing to give of their time and labor for this great endeavor. Just go to that phone and contact Tim if you could volunteer – firs happen and we need firefighters in our department in Spearsville.

This past weekend Dale and Roy Holloway and his daughter, Sonya, Bruce & Betty Barron went to Baton Rough for the weeing of Courtney Haynes. Dale said that it was a very meaningful and impressive wedding to the family as well as this young couple in their lives. It was performed at 12:00 Noon with many friends from both Monroe and Baton Rough present. During the ceremony Bible verses were read and the couple, also, took communion as they dedicated their lives to each other and Jesus Christ. Courtney is a granddaughter to be proud of. Some of you may remember her as she has shared her musical talent through the years in beauty pageants, theater performances and even a participant of American Idol. We congratulate this young couple and wish them the very best in the years to come.

Ann Stone Heard told us Sunday that Theresa’s husband, Randy Bruno, had had some heart problems this week and he had to have angioplasty and some stints put in. He seems to be doing well but just needs to take it easy for a bit. We wish him a speedy recovery and can soon be back to his normal routine.

Nathan Smith and his wife, Elizabeth, came to visit Mary Gene and Vergil Rhodes last Sunday afternoon. Not only did they enjoy the visit, but Nathan went around and replace burned-out light bulbs. She said that he is tall and didn’t even need a stepladder. We are thankful for this family and for the extended family that loves them and is sensitive to their needs, big and small.

Frances and Rodney Smith went to Hawaii for a cruise around the islands as a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary last week. While they were there, there was a prediction of a tsunami following the earthquake in South America. They were brought into port for safety at Maui. A daughter-in-law, who was familiar with Hawaii advised them on where to go to avoid this danger. At it turned out, this tsunami just kind of fizzled out and they were able to complete their vacation. As we had Frances & Rodney in our thoughts and prayers, we were also very concerned about Deanna Colvin Malone and her family who live on Hickham AFB withing a stone’s throw of Pearl Harbor. Everyone was quite safe and we thank God for His mercy in this situation.

Thought for the Day

Remember to live each day to the fullest. Each minute is a blessing and a gift from God. Never forget – the people who make a difference in our lives are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money or receive the most award – they are the ones who care for us.


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