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March 7, 1929

To The Public

The patronage of all the filling stations of Bernice are asked to observe the following schedule for Sunday. All Stations will open to 9:30 a.m., thereafter all will be closed except that one will remain open thru out the day upon the dates designated below.

Dendys Service Station March 10
Millers Service Station March 17
B. L. St. John Service Station March 24
Moore & O’Bannon no. 2 Service Station March 31
Welch – Platt Service Station April 7
Log Cabin Service Station April 14
Moore & O’Bannon No. 5 April 21
Wiley Lynn Service Station April 28

Credit will be extended those who have good accounts and their tickets taken up by their usual trading stations.

Bernice Service Stations.

Hollis – Dunn

Mr. Burrel Hollis, of Monroe, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hollis of Bernice, was recently married to Miss Euola Dunn at her home in Alexandria.

Mr. Zolly Mitcham and family of El Dorado attended the funeral of Mrs. E. W. Mitcham here Monday.

Mrs. W. F. Grafton was a business visitor in Monroe last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gulley, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hollis of Marion attended the funeral of Mr. Sam O’Bannon here Monday.

Mrs. M. A. Talbot has returned from a visit to her son, Dr. Green Talbot at Leesville.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Reagan were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Howard Sunday.

Building High Line The Louisiana Power & Light Co. have a large crew of men here erecting an electric light line to Dubach. The company own the right to furnish electricity for use at Dubach and have been getting the power from the saw mill there, but have received notice from the officals of the Dubach Lumber Co. is building the line to that place and will furnish power from the plant here.

Mr. Doyal Ferguson is able to be on the streets again after a recent operation for appendices.

Miss Martha Johnson of Athens accompanied Miss Mulba Grafton home for the week end.

Mrs. Watt Carroll who has been suffering as attack of rheumatism is reported improving.

Band O’ Glee Girls

The La. Tech BAND O’ GLEE GIRLS, composed of 40 voices , will appear here Saturday in a concert, that from advance reports, is both interesting and entertaining. The Club will be under the direction of Elbert Haskins who has studied here and abroad, and at one time was a tenor headliner in a famous Russian Opera.

Miss Helen Colvin represents Bernice in the Club. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Colvin of this city. Miss Colvin is a member of the First Soprano group and the director is well pleased with her work.

The program is varied so that each lover of harmony is assured of a pleasant evening. The concert will include both vocal and violin solos and a one – act play that will delight the audience.

Mothers, sixty or more years of age, admitted FREE.

High School Saturday March 9 8 o’clock P. M. admission 10 – 35c

NOTICE. Your Town Tax is now due. You may pay same by seeing Eliza Grafton, Marshal and Town Tax collector.

Mr. George Lindsey was a business visitor to Monroe, Tuesday.

DAVIS TABOR. Last Saturday night about 7 o’clock, Mr. Robert Davis and Miss Margurite Tabor were united in marriage. Rev. Moreland performed the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Tabor. We join the many friends in extending congratulations and wishing them a long and happy life.

Mr. J. D. Donnelly is to be back at his post at the light plant after being confined to his home suffering an attack of flu.

Mrs. J. B. Adcock was called to Junction City, Wednesday on account of the illness of her grand child.

CARD OF THANKS We take this method to thank our friends for their many acts of loving kindness shown us during the recent illness and death of our husband, father and brother. Mrs. S. W. O’Bannon and Children, Whit O’Bannon, Ceceil O’Bannon, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Moore, Mr. and Mrs. John Gresham, Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Ramsey.

STRAYED NOTICE. 1 Mare 7 years old, weight 950 lbs., Color Sorrel, Blaze face and nose, stocking hind feet. Please notify Oscar Payne, Lillie, Louisiana or G. E. Lindsey, Bernice La., of any information regard the above mare.

Messrs. C. E. Goss and Brooks Mabry captured a still Wednesday afternoon at Lowerys Ferry. About 200 gal. of mash was destroyed.

Just received new supply of oil colors 15c tube. MODEL VARIETY STORE.

Mr. R. E. Riordan visited his daughter, Mrs. Copeland, at Norphlet, Sunday.

Mr. Jack Riordan was a visitor in Ruston, Sunday.

Mr. R. C. Russ of Ruston is here visiting his daughter, Mrs. K. F. Thaxton.

S. R. CLAY Optometrist. Our Scientific Eye Examination Will Determine Your Needs. Ruston, LA.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Butler and baby, Mrs. Will F. Grafton and daughter, Martha, of Monroe, visited relatives here Wednesday.

Miss Ruby Sallie of Monroe visited relatives here Sunday.

Mrs. F. J. Cox, of Monroe, was here Friday, and assisted in organizing a Parent Teacher Association, Mrs. Cox was the guest of Mrs. W. F. Grafton while here.

Hear the Tech Rand O’Glee Girls Saturday night at the Grammar School Auditorium.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hester, and little daughter, Dorothy Clare of Arcadia, visited relatives and friends here Sunday.

Mr. J. F. Smith is in New Orleans this week buying spring stock for The Toggery Shoppe.

FOR SALE – 1 Chevrolet Sedan at a bargain. See Guy McDonald at Bank of Bernice.

Miss Gladys Melton, who is teaching in Haynesville spent Sunday her with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Melton. Miss Gladys was accompanied home by Miss Mary Barrow and Mr. Earl King, of Homer.

A man is never so sure that he is perfectly sober as when he is tolerably drunk.

Miss Ruby White who is attending Tech at Ruston, spent the week end at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. White.

Miss Velma Boles, a student at Tech was at home for the week end.

NOTICE This will give notice to the public that I am preparing to apply for a pardon from a sentence imposed upon me in Union Parish and under which I am now serving sentence in the State Prison of Louisiana. Signed LEE BAKER


The regular term of the Third District Court in and for Union Parish, Louisiana, opened in Farmerville, on Monday morning February 18, 1929 with His Honor, S. D. Pearce of Ruston, Presiding Judge. Hon. William J. Hammon of Jonesboro, also was present to look after the interests of the State in criminal matters.

The following matters were disposed of.

Add C. Tugwell vs. Louvenia McElroy et al. Case continued and refixed for March 19.

Sally Stewart vs. Frost Lumber Industries, Inc. Case fixed for Tuesday, March 19.

Mrs. M. A. Hester vs. Louella Hester White et al. Case fixed for Wednesday, March 20.

H. H. Ballard vs. J. E. Camatte. Motion for a new trial overruled. Plaintiff secures orders of appeal to the Court of Appeal at Shreveport, returnable on or before March 18.

State vs. W. J. Bearden. Defendant was fined $25.00 and cost or 3 months in jail.

Dan. E. Grafton vs. R. O. Grafton. Suit dismissed as having been compromised.

State vs. Rube Lunsford, Case fixed for trial on Monday, March 18.

State vs. Hughie Wall and Wigg Silmon. Both sentenced to be confined in the parish jail for a period of 12 months and pay all costs; that after serving 4 months of this sentence, the balance thereof be suspended during good behavior.

State vs. Alton Smith. The defendant fined $25.00 and the costs or 80 days in jail.

State vs. Fate Brantly. Defendant fined $150.00 and costs and 30 days in jail and in default of payment of fine and costs 12 months additional in jail.

State vs. Dervey Denton. The defendant pleaded guilty and was fined $1,000.00 and costs and 120 days in jail and in default of payment of the fine and costs two years additional in jail.

Jule W. Pars vs. Industrial Gas Co. Suit dismissed as having been compromised.

A nolle prosequl was entered on motion of the District Attorney in two cases against one Bud Ruston.

State vs. Bob Porter and Dan Lowery. Judgement of guilty rendered. Dan Lowery fined $300.00 and costs and 60 days in jail and in default of payment of fine and costs 12 months additional in jail; Bob Porter fined $200.00 and costs or 12 months in jail.

State vs. Louis Welch, Defendant sentenced to 60 days in jail with sentence suspended during good behavior.

State vs. Tom Welch. Judgment of guilty rendered. Defendant sentenced to jail for 12 months, 6 month of sentence to be suspended during good behavior.

State vs. (?) Bugg. Defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 4 months in jail, two of which is suspended during good behavior.

Barney L. Bundy vs. Henry Jones et. al. Base tried in part and continued until Wednesday, March 30.

Selig & Baughman Hardware Co. vs. Emmett Parks. Case fixed for trial on Thursday, March 21.

American Creosote Works vs. T. L. Grubbs et al. Case fixed for trial on March 20.

C. F. Futch vs. Mrs. L. E. McGough. et al. Suit dismissed as to Mrs. Myrtle McCough.

Mrs. C. J. Morton vs. J. A. Tanner. Judgment for plaintiff pursuant to confession of defendant.

Mrs. M. A. Hester vs. Mrs. Louella Hester White, Judgment for plaintiff.

Slade Bros. vs. W. G. Canterberry. Case fixed for Thursday, March 21.

Claude F. Futch vs. L. E. McGough. Judgment for plaintiff.

State vs. Bob Willie Wright and Brome Hawthorn. Judgment of guilty rendered. Each fined $100.00 and costs and that upon payment of all costs, sentence be suspended during good behavior.

State vs. Charlie Langston. Judgment of guilty rendered.

Mrs. Eunice Ferguson Brister vs. Howard Brister. Case tried and judgment rendered in favor of plaintiff as prayed for.

W. M. Patterson vs. Palace Theatre et al, Judgment for plaintiff.

Whereupon, Court adjourned until 10:00 A. M., Monday March 18, 1929.

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