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January 24, 1906

NOTICE. Pay day is now at hand and all who are in arrears with the GAZETTE will please come forward and settle as soon as possible. GAZETTE PUB. CO.

Miss Ellen Haas left Friday morning for Monroe where she goes to visit relatives.

The young people of Farmerville were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor last Thursday night.

Misses Burt and Mittie Killgore of Cherry Ridge visited friends and relatives in Farmerville last week.

Mrs. Matildia Selig, after a visit of several weeks in Bernice, returned home last Wednesdy.

Parish Superintendent of Education J. O. Hodnett of Marion was in Farmerville Tuesday.

Mr. Henderson, the popular representative of the Keller Grocer Co. was in here Tuesday in the interest of his firm.

Mr. Oscar Brantley, representing the Southern Hardware Company of Monroe was interviewing our merchants last Monday.

FOR RENT. Good farm 3 miles from town known as the Scott place, 3 dwellings, good barns and open land for 3 to 5 plows. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Miss Reita Hartman spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents in Farmerville, returning to her school at Cecil Monday morning.

Rev. Burnsides of Spearsville preached an interesting sermon on “The Love of God” at the baptist church last Thursday night.

The Grand Jury adjourned last Friday after a busy session of nearly two weeks. We are informed that they found 39 true bills.

The American Telegraph and Shorthand College, Bastrop, La., wants fifty students to make themselves INDEPENDENT by studying telegraphy and shorthand. Write them at once for their “SPECIAL OFFER”.

Mr. M. C. Walker, who for years has been a resident of ward one near Farmerville, has bought a place in Shiloh. He moved his family over last week.

Mr. D.S. Slawson and family have moved to Farmerville and are occupying the residence on the north side of town known as the Heath place.

D. E. Laupheimer, who has been in Monroe for the past several days was a passenger on the belated Farmerville and Southern train Tuesday night.

Messrs Will Barnes and Harry VanHook left last Friday for Ouachita City and from there to Monroe. While in Monroe they expect to buy a brunch of horses for the Farmerville market.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand College, Bastrop, La., for their special offer for January and February. DO NOT DELAY!

Mrs. R. B. Dawkins, of Farmerville, has bee a guest of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Dawkins. She is en-route to Ruston on which to visit her daughter Miss Corrie, a student at the Industrial School and who will be her class representative in an oratorical contest Saturday evening. — MONROE EVENING NEWS.

NOTICE. All parties owning me will please not ask for anything else till they settle up in full or make new arrangements. I appreciate your trade and want all the business I can get. But I want to do business with people that will will pay their bills when presented. Slow pay, please don’t ask for credit. No ticket or 10 day businesses at all. J. B. Baughman.

Resolution of Respect to Judge Allen Barksdale

State of Louisiana, Parish of Union to the Hon. R. B. Dawkins Judge. Presiding in said Court.

Whereas, a Divine Providence has, since the last session of this Honorable Court seen fit to remove by death one of the oldest, ablest, most zealous and respected members of the bar of the Fourth Judicial District who was also an able jurist, viz: Judge Allen Barksdale who occupied the bench as District Judge in the (Third) now Fourth Judicial District for a period of 12 years.

Therefore, Be it resolved by the members of the bar of Farmerville and the bar of Farmerville and the officers of the Fourth District Court of Union Parish, Louisiana that they individually and collectively recognize the loss to the Bar of the State of Louisiana in the death of Judge Allen Barksdale who possessed and exercised both ability and integrity as a practitioner and a jurist.

Be it further resolved that the members of the Farmerville Bar and officers of the Court request the Court to adjourn for this the 15th of January, A. D. 1906 out of respect of the demise of Judge Allen Barksdale and also to order that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Court and that the Clerk of the Court be ordered to transmit a copy of the same to the family of the respected and distinguished dead.

Respectfully Submitted.

Dangers of a Cold and How to Avoid Them

More fatalities have their origin in or result from a cold than from any other cause. This factor alone should make people more careful as there is no danger whatever from a cold when it is properly treated in the beginning. For many years Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy has been recognized as the most prompt and effectual medicine in use for this disease. It acts on natures plan, loosens the cough relieves the lungs, opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition. Sold by all dealers.

A Jamaican Women Speaks Highly of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy

Mrs. Micheal Har, wife of the superintendent of of Cart Services at Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies Islands, says that she has for some years used Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy for coughs, croup and whooping cough and has found it very beneficial. She has implicit confidence in it and would not be without a bottle of it in her home. Sold by all dealers.

Mrs. E. T. Sellers died at her home in west Ruston about six o’clock of the evening of the 23rd of typhoid-pneumonia and her body was shipped this morning to her old home near Walnut Lane, Union Parish, for burial. Mrs. Sellers was the widow of the late Capt. E. T. Sellers who died last year at Minden. — Ruston Leader.

Mr. J. M. Wallace made a business trip to Shreveport last week.

Mr. W. R. Hay, a prominent planter of near Locklomand was in Farmerville Tuesday and while here paid us an appreciated call.

To Union Parish Teachers

The Teacher’s Institute will convene in Farmerville, La., on Feb. 19th 1906 at 10:30 A. M. The following program has been arranged:

MethodB. W. McKennie
Difficulties in a One Room SchoolMiss Reita Hartman
The Value of an Education and Institute WorkProf. D. H. Dention
Presentation of Primary SpellingMiss Lelia Clark
The Dull BoyProf J. W. Thorne
DisciplineMiss Anna Burnham
History on Ideal TrainerProf. D. E. Dawkins
An Address Supt. J. O. Hodnett.

Teachers and all citizens are solicited to attend. Teachers our time is short and what we do must be done quickly. Will you kindly attend the Association and make the institute one of the best in the state.

Yours in the work, J. G. RAY, PRES.

Accept No Substitute There is nothing just as good for Malaria, Chills and Fever as Dr. Meadenhall’s Chill and Fever Cure. Take it as a general tonic and at all times in place of quinine. If it fails to give satisfaction Farmerville Drug Co. will refund.

NOTICE. We, the Downsville, Holmesville and Cypress Creek Fishing Club have leased the King Lake for the coming year (1906) and positively forbid anyone fishing there except the above mentioned club.

Hons. F. G. Hudson and E. T. Lamkin came in this morning over the Monroe and Little Rock railroad from Farmerville where they have been attending court. A car of the train on which they were traveling on the F & S got off of the track twice this morning and they were forced to get on the engine and rife to the Little Rock and Monroe road. — Evening News.

We call the attention of our readers to the big advertisement of Meyer Brothers, Monroe, La., on the first page of this issue. They are offering a great reduction sale for the next ten days and you will save money by taking advantage of it. They also agree to pay your railroad fare where your purchases amount to $25 or more. Don’t miss it.

Mr. Edward Everett was on the sick list the first part of the week.

Police Juror C. H. Hudson paid us a pleasant call Monday.

Mr. C. T. Simmons of Marin was a pleasant visitor to our office one day last week. Crawford has the “western fever” now and says he intends to move to New Mexico at an early date.

We are glad to learn that young John Van Hook who has been sick with typhoid fever for several weeks past at his brothers residence is now much better.

Mr. W. R. Tugwell, a progressive merchant and planter of the Conway neighborhood was in Farmerville to-day and while here paid us a call.

Mr. Dudley Dawson received a telegram early Monday morning that his daughter, Mrs. Robert Foster of Choudrant was dangerously ill with pneumonia. Mr. Dawson and his wife left immediately for her bedside.

Attorney Chas. B. Roberts, after attending court here for about two weeks left for his home in Ruston Tuesday.

We call attention to the advertisement of the Monroe Grocery Company for Pitsburg Wire fencing appearing in this issue. This is said to be the very best wire fencing in the world and if you need any you would do well to get their prices.

In this issue will be found an advertisement of the celebrated “BIG S” flour which is for sale by the Union Mercantile Company. Try it.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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