Mrs. Buckley Honored

The Bernice Journal
March 14, 1929

On Monday afternoon from 2 till 4 o’clock. Mrs. Ola Taylor entertained a few friends and relatives in honor of her mothers 80th birthday.

Mrs. Taylor was assisted in receiving the guests by her sister, Mrs. J. W. Hunt. After the social hour the guests were invited into the dining room, very pretty with flowers and fern. The table centerpiece was a lovely cake representing the 3 ages of Mrs. Buckleys life, the young, the middle age and the old. The lone candle beside it.

A very touching talk and prayer was said by Mrs. J. R. Loventhall after which refreshments, consisting of sandwich, cake and chocolate were served.

Many pretty gifts were presented and all enjoyed the lovely afternoon.

Those present were: Mrs. J. W. Bennett of Bernice, Mrs. J. R. Loventhall, Mrs. R. W. Farrar and Son, R. W. Jr., Mrs. M. S. Nicklas, and Son, Merrill., Mrs. G. C. Farrar, of El Dorado, Mesdames Davidson, A. L. Ponder, S. E. Nelson, M. J. Webb, A. J. Farrar, E. C. Henderson, B F. Farrar, Msgr. J. W. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Buckley, Mr. Henry Buckley and Miss Ola Buckley all of Lillie.


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