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March 14, 1929


I hereby certify that the following is a true and correct list of the Grand Jury Venire drawn by the Jury Commission of Union Parish, Louisiana, on the 4th day of March, A. D. 1929, to serve at the March term of Court, beginning on March 18th, 1929, and to serve for the ensuing six months, to-wit:

John Patterson, Duke Selig, Elsey J. Howard, Frank Nolan, Lee Love, P. K. Hudson, A. G. Evrett, Claurence Elkins, T. G. Davis, H. M. Everett, T. B. Brazzeal, J. G. Goss, C. H. Pardue, J. U. Frasher, R. W. Bran, S. F. Maxie, AshleyNeland, W. L. Key, A. F. Pratt, J. T. Porter, Jr.,

I hereby certify that the following is a true and correct list of the Petit Jury Venire drawn by the Jury Commission on the 4th day of March A. D. 1929, to serve at the April term of Court., 2929, beginning on the 15th day of April, A. D. 1929, to-wit:

Charley Ransom, B. F. Grafton, Jr., Jas. Loche, E. T. Telford, B. E. McDougal, Sam Johnson, H. Bagwell, Homer Pittman, T. E. Maroney, Fred Reeves, B. T. Grafton, Joe Ollie Albritton, John A. Roasch, P. C. Edwards, O. D. Elkins, M. W. Holly, P. L. Dean, Homer Upshaw, I. J. Thomas, Arthur McDaniel, S. W. Hunt, Robert Auger, W. T. Manning, B. S. Tubbs, A. C. Allen, G. C. Hicks, Lon Antley, J. L. Caldwell, Lester Hartman, Parish Thaxton.

W. B. Dawkins, Dy., Clerk of Court, Union Parish, La.

666 is Prescription for Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue, Bilious, Fever and Malaria. It is the most speedy remedy known.

Senior B. Y. P. U.

March 17th, Mary Hollis in charge.

“Giving God the First Fruits” Song – 159
Pray Song – 260
Bible Leaders’ Quizz – Essie Knowles
Introduction – Mary Hollis
Foolish to Leave God Out – Doris Watson
How God Helps Make Money – Van Odom
Quartett – Mr. Hooter, Mary Hollis, Doris Watson, Buford Cagle
Giving God the First Fruits – Joe Bowlen
Lessons for us to Learn – Buford Cagle
Conclusion – Mr. Hooter

Misses Vergie and Arva Holloway of Ruston were guests of Mrs. B. G. Smith Saturday night.

Poultry Sale

Cooperative poultry sales will be held next week as follows: Marion Monday, March 18th, Farmerville, Tuesday, March 19, Bernice, Wednesday, March 20th. Over $1000. 00 worth of poultry was handed in the sales last month and from all accounts we will have as much in these sales. J. V. RABB, County Agent.

Notice – Warning

The parent Teacher Association is very much interested in promoting the actions begun in decorating the campus of the school locations and other public property and take this means of notifying the public that hence forth all trespassing stock will be dealt with according to the laws of the town. Committee and City Marshall

Mr. Carsey Autrey and family visited their parents here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Autrey.

Intermediate B. Y. P. U.

“A Prophet in the Hills”

March 17. Doris Tanner in charge

  • Song 347
  • Prayer
  • Song 346
  • People in the Hills – Doris Tanner
  • School Work in Mountains – Estelle Thaxton
  • Story of a Great Leader – Hilton Ferguson
  • Mountain School Work Today – Edward Cheeks
  • Piano Solo – Lois Burns
  • Training for Service – Mona Lee Odom
  • Value of the Work – J. C. Watson
  • The Future – Troy Shackelford
  • Conclusion – Jean Stout

Mrs. Anna G. Herring of Monroe and Miss Ivyn of Ruston, were charming visitors of Mrs. G. W. Denham Wednesday.

Capture Three Stills

Mr. R. B. Mabry informs us that three more whiskey stills have been captured this week. Beginning Sunday night at 12 o’clock they found a new copper outfit about ten miles east of Bernice on Big Cornie. This still was of about 200 gallon capacity, as it was still warm. Then Monday morning they found two other stills on D’Arbonne near Gill’s ferry. These were of about 500 gallon capacity..


Mrs. M. C. Still and brother Mr. A. A. Smith of Summerfield were business visitors in Shreveport Saturday. Mrs. Still bought supplies for The Model Variety Store. Everything new in the gift line of novelties aluminum ware, pretty dishes etc.

For Sale 100 two year old Purple Grape Plants 8 for $100. 10,000 Chrysanthemum plants, large flowers, 20 for $1.00. Mrs. W. W. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Goyne left for Fairbanks, Monday where they will made their home, as Mr. Goyne is an employed bookkeeper for an oil company.

Just received a shipment of chic HATS for Easter. See us before buying. DEPT STORE, Maude Phillips.

Mrs. Addie Williams is visiting her son, Mr. J. T. Williams at Haynesville.

Miss Ozell Sims, a student at Tech, was the guest of her aunt Mrs. M. C. Still during the weekend.

NOTICE Your Town Tax is now due. You may pay same by seeing Elza Grafton, Marshal and Town Tax Collector.

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