Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 29, 2010

God has been so good to us this week, blessing us with beautiful “bluebird weather” and at least two miracles. The tornado of Yazoo City, MS., if it had been just a few miles to the north could have been our story. Our hearts go out to these people as we give thanks that Union Parish was spared. The other miracle was that two lives were rescued. Truly Wade and her five year old son, Brent, when their car went out of control and into Lake D’Arbonne. Two off-duty police officers were out in their boat fishing when they saw the accident. One jumped in and swam to the car while the other called 911. Entrance in the car was possible through the back glass. God puts just the right people at certain places to do important things. This family gives God the thanks and the praises for doing just that for Truly and Brent.

Last week Oda Rockett was in Baton Rouge for the removal of Mattie’s eye (her little dog). For several years she had had a cataract and in the last few weeks had been diagnosed with glaucoma. Even thought Mattie is eleven, Oda was not ready to give her up and she found a specialist at the LSU Veterinary Clinic for Small Dogs who successfully removed the eye. She seems to be doing quite well; the stitches will be removed this week by her Vet in Shreveport.

Johnny and Robin Rhodes and Robin’s parents, Bobby & Susan Stringer, took advantage of a few days off to let the kids, Lexie and Wyatt, have a little fun in Dallas this week. Lexie enjoyed her first time ice skating while Wyatt had the most fun speeding around, in his walker, on the parking lot while passers-by cheered him on. The kids, also, enjoyed the zoo and the aquarium while the parents and grandparents just had fun watching the excitement of their kids at play. It was a fun few days but Spearsville did look good after a visit in the big city.

The Spearsville Pelicans continue their success in baseball this season. They are in the playoff’s with Robby Hopper being their star pitcher (grandson on Nell Hopper Upshaw). In just this short season he has already pitched 103 strikeouts. WOW that is impressive and we are so proud of him. We are also especially cheering on the three players from our church: Layne Lawson, Dillon Horton, and Jackson Mason. Not only are they good players but they are just good kids; kids that parents and grandparents can be proud of. Out “hat is off” to them and to all the team members of Spearsville High Pelicans. Hopefully, the news of a championship will be their next news.

Tim and Denise Clement celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary this week with a trip to the jewelry store – a diamond ring to commemorate this date. Later they enjoyed fishing in their pond, eating pizza and watching a good baseball game on TV. They ended this week, in church, with Denise teaching our Ruth Sunday School Class.

Sunday Camp Creek Baptist Church celebrated a Forrest Post Day, ending sixty-three years of being a minister. He has had multiple health problems in the last few years and just needs to slow down; however, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him or hear of him in the pulpit from time to time. Forrest has been a faithful servant to God, his family and his community; I always enjoy a hug and lots of good conversation every time I see him and look forward to seeing him around from time to time – a “people person” such as Forrest, will be out and around. You can count on that!!.

On Thursday night the Union Parish Council on Aging hosted a night out for all the participants in the meal program with a supper at Hollis’ in Spearsville; one hundred and thirty-three senior citizens enjoyed a wonderful meal and lots of good fellowship with friends from across the parish. I think Louise Denton hugged and welcomed all 133 of us. She is doing quite well and is about ready to show off her new hair to everyone. Louise is such a vivacious person with her fun-loving personality that it only takes a few minutes with her to lift our spirits. May God and continue to bless her and her family.

Spearsville Baptist Church was honored with special music on Sunday by Avery Bennett Wilson, as well as a visit with her mother, Sue Futch. Avery sang for us many times as she was growing up and has a beautiful voice; it was so good to hear it once again. I didn’t get the exact title but it was about God restoring our soul; the words were so soothing and reassuring to us as Christians. Thanks you, Avery, for what you mean to us and have meant to us over the years.

Chris and Kristin Canterberry had special guests this week – her grandparents, Ernie and Freeda Kartinen and a cousin, Stacy Halbrook and her your son, Hayden, from Bakersfield, CA. They were getting to visit not only Chris, Kristin, and Cameron, but meeting their new granddaughter, McKenzie, for the first time, who is just a few weeks old. We enjoyed meeting them and visiting with them, as well.

Next Sunday will honor our Youth. They will be in charge of every aspect of our service, including teaching the various Sunday School Classes. The Ruth Class, my class, will be taught by Layne Lawson and Jackson Mason. We are looking forward to this. After the service, a fundraiser will be held in the fellowship hall – a spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings. Come and join us. The food will be good and the money will be used to fund projects for our youth. An investment in kids is always a good investment.

Thought for the Day

Great people think about ideas; average people talk about things; little people talk and think about themselves and other people. God wants and expects each of us to (it was cut off)

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