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February 14, 1906

The Hon. Police Jury adjourned Thursday.

Prof. J. G. Ray of Lillie was here Saturday attending the Teachers Institute.

Attorney Almer Flenneken of El Dorado was in Farmerville a few days of last week.

We are glad to note that Mr. H. Ludwig is able to be up after an business of several days last week.

Messrs. Freyer and Perrit representing the Rosebrough Monument Company of St. Louis were in town the first of the week.

Supt. J. O. Hodnett and Prof. Herbert Dawkins of Marion, were in attendance at the Teacher’s Institute.

Mr. Chester and Miss Glenn Taylor of Hayneville, La., are visiting their sister, Mrs. J. G. Evans in Farmerville.

Fenner Murphy, after a visit of several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Murphy, left last Thursday for Randolph where he is at work.

Miss Helene Selig left last week for a visit of several weeks to relatives and friends in Bernice and Junction City.

Hon. Edward Everett and Dr. J. G. Taylor returned from New Orleans Friday night where they had been to attend the session of the Masonic Grand Lodge.

The Union Parish Teacher’s Institute met in Farmerville with a good attendance last Saturday.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., for their special offer for January and February. DO NOT DELAY!

Miss Reita Hartman who is teaching at Cecil, La., was in town attending the Teacher’s Institute Saturday.

Rev. John F. Elder of Mangham, Okla., arrived here Saturday and began a series of meetings a the Baptist Church Monday night.

Editor O. C. Dawkins of the Evening News, Monroe, La., was a visitor to Farmerville and other parts of the parish last week.

We are informed that Mr. W. F. Jackson will move to Ruston tomorrow (Thursday) where they will make their future home.

Prof. H. M. Denton and Messrs. Watson Thompson and Ann Ponder of the Bethel community attended the Teacher’s Institute last Saturday.

Attention Veterans. Two members of Camp No. 379 of the U. C. V.’s and all the Veterans of Union Parish are earnestly requested to meet at Farmerville, La., on Saturday the 24 inst. at 11 o’clock A. M. E. J. Lee, Commander.

Mr. M. M. Munholland and family returned home Friday night from Monroe where they had been to attend the funeral of their brother Mr. W. D. Munhollad.

The American Telegraph and Shorthand College, Bastrop, La., wants fifty students to make themselves INDEPENDENT by studying telegraphy and shorthand. Write them at once for their “SPECIAL OFFER”.

Mrs. J. W. Elder returned home last Wednesday after a visit of several days with her mother in Ruston. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Ollie Moffeit.

Mrs. Guy Trimble, after spending many pleasant weeks with her mother, Mrs. Sena Hardy, left Tuesday for her home in Farmerville. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Belle Trimble, who has been a guest of Miss Louise McLeed the past week. These charming ladies have a large circle of friends in Ruston and are always shown many lovely attentions.

We take pleasures in acknowledging receipt of an invitation to attend the Carnival Ball of King Lucrose under the suspicious of the Thibudeux. Carnival Club; Thibodeux. Carnival Club; Thibodeux, LA. , on the night of February 27th.

To The Public We issue a signed guarantee and give you a useful present with each bottle of Dr. Quick’s Antiseptic, that it is better than any antiseptic or liniment you have ever used. Price 35 cents. Farmerville Drug.

NOTICE AND READ. I will be in Farmerville (At the Marshall’s office) Feb 19th to 24th and want to see all who have imperfect vision. I have the latest and best eye-tester made. Can’t make a mistake. It tells every defect of the eye. Reader, if your vision is bad it will pay you to see me. Will you; as I may not come again soon. A. J. MASHAW.

Accept No Substitute There is nothing just as good for Malaria, Chills and Fever as Dr. Meadenhall’s Chill and Fever Cure. Take it as a general tonic and at all times in place of quinine. If it fails to give satisfaction Farmerville Drug Co. will refund.

Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Jameson and little daughter Belle of Farmerville and Dr. P. A. Tatum and his sister Mrs. R. L. Davis of Cherry Ridge left Tuesday morning for a trip to New Orleans.

We understand that Mr. D. W. Doss has formed a partnership with the Farmerville Drug Company and in addition with his watch and clock repairing they will handle an up to date line of jewelry, silverware, cut glass, chinaware, etc.

A CARD OF THANKS. We take this method of expressing our thanks to the kind people of Farmerville and vicinity for their many acts of kindness during the late illness and after the death of our son and brother, W. D. Munholland. M. M. MUNHOLLAND, For the family.

NOTICE. Parties who have subscribed to build an iron fence around Shiloh cemetery are hereby requested to send the amount to me at once or anyone who has not subscribed and plans to help may also send the amount. R. J. TABOR, Chairman Committee.

We are glad to state that Mr. T. A. Crow who went to Hot Springs, Ark., last week to have his leg amputated on account of white swelling is reported some better. He did not have the operation performed in Hot Springs but returned to his father’s home in Marion and called in Dr. C. H. Jameson who, upon examination advised him not to have the leg taken off for a while as he might probably save it.

NOTICE. I have one hundred fine young American bred mules for sale, three and four years old. John Dowell, 614 Brazos St., Austin, Texas.


For month ending January 30, 1906.

Names arraigned according to highest number of perfect lessons: Mary Anne Edwards, Deb Green, Celestia Edwards, Sallie Edwards, Olive Walker, Mattie Hudson, Miller Hudson, Fannie Lee Walker, Percy Hubbard, Josie Andrews, Tom Andrews, John Edwards, Gerolene Green, Katie Edwards, Willie Norman, Amma Stancil, Stancil Westbrook, Jim Norman, Virgil Green, Elmer Andrews, Mattie Norman, Pheland Edwards, Johnnie Andrews, Etta Stancil, Arthur Beard, Borough Norman, Leman Andres, Clark Edwards, Dan Green, Jesse Hubbard, Blake Edwards, Vada Carpenter, Lena Carpenter, Dalton Taylor, Walter Taylor, Ollie Westbrooks.


W. D. Munholland Dead

After an illness of only a few days Mr. W. D. Munholland died last Wednesday night at his home to Farmerville. His death came quite as a surprise to his friends here as a only a very few of them knew that he was sick until it was announced that he was dead. His remains were shipped to Monroe for interment which took place Thursday afternoon. The following committee from here accompanied his remains to Monroe and attended at his funeral: J. K. Atkinson, G. E. Murphy, H. Ludwig, Jr., P. W. Mayo, Arthur Johnson, Earnest Robinson, Willie Covington and Ed Roark and Ellis Powell of Marion.

Mr. Munholland was admitted to the bar when he was quite young and opened up an office here in Farmerville where he practiced for several years and then moved to Monroe, going from there to New Orleans where he practiced for several years. About eight years ago he returned to Farmerville where he remained until his death. He was a lawyer of rare abilities, and a writer of no small note and a courteous, polished gentleman. Peace to his ashes.

Miss Helena Selig of Farmerville and her brother, Mr. Emile Selig, of Bernice, La., have been the guests of Mrs. Edmund Haas. Mr. Selig returned home today. — Monroe Star.

Miss Ellen Haas, the attractive niece of Mr. Edmund Haas will remain a week longer in Monroe where she is quite a social favorite. — Monroe Star.

ARE YOU WISE to let such an opportunity pass to make you independent: there is always a demand for telegraph operators and stenographers. Attend the AMERICAN TELEGRAPH AND SHORTHAND COLLEGE, Bastrop, La. Railroad fare and first months board paid for all students entering now. Write for particulars.

Sheriff Taylor went to Pineville, La., last week to convey an interdict to the insane asylum at that place.

SEED CORN. “We have the Celebrated New Madrid Seed Corn both Yellow and White. It pays largely to plant it, see us. MONROE GROCER CO. LTD., MONROE, LA.


Lucile, infant daughter of T. A. and Beulah Crow, passed away, after a brief illness, Sabbath morning Jan. 14, at 6 o’clock, 1906. The little darling came to their home to brighten it, April 27, 1905, and was only permitted to stay with them, eight months, and seventeen days, then God took her. She has been taken from Mother and Father’s arms to await, and beckon them on to that Heavenly place. Dear Lucile was the sunshine of the home, for she was a bright little baby, for her age. Her Mama’s and Papa’s joy, Grandma’s and pa’s pet. We miss and mourn for you, dear baby Lucille, but not as those, who have no hope. The chair is vacant, the loved voice is stilled, but mother, and father, weep not, for the Lord is your help in time of trouble, and your little baby is safe in the arms of Jesus.

Her Grandma, A. C. Gregory.


We take this method of thanking our many friends and relatives for helping us when our house and most of the contents were destroyed by fire on Dec. 20, 1905. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Coleman.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

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