Bernice High School News

The Bernice Journal
March 21, 1929

By Journalistic Club

Home Ec. Department

The classes of the Home Economics Department are planting flowers on the campus. The tulips that they planted earlier will soon be blooming, and the later spring flowers will be blooming before school is out.

General School News

“Here Comes Arabella” was given Tuesday night. It was a splendid play and enjoyed by every one.

The amout of $210.02 was made on the play. Out of the sum the school received $74.00.

We appreciate the kindnesses that came from the community in lending furniture as well as attending the performance.

A ticket selling contest was put on for the play “Here Comes Arabella, between the grammer and high school students. The school selling the most tickets would be given a holiday. The high school pupils won the holiday. They sold $60.00 worth of tickets which the grammar school only sold $26.50.

We are very proud of our spring holiday and waiting for an opportunity to win another.

Faculty News

Misses Carroll Kilpatrick and Hester spent the week end in Marion.

Mr. Moncrief spent the week end in Ruston.

Honor Roll

(Continued From Last Week)

5th Grade, Joe Akin, Margie Cagle, Alline Grafton, Elvyn Grafton, Louis Hurst, A. J. Kelly, Rosalind Lindsey, Melvin Moore, Macy Reeves, Carlton Salley, Perching Smith, Dale Thaxton, Vertis R. Tucker, Audie Owens, Odis Strickland, Rupert Moreland.

4th Grade, Maurine Allen, De Lane Farrar, Maurine Green, Elese Grafton, Edna Key, Dorris Nutt, Inez Shirey, Howelcon Shirey, Elbern Carr, E. W. Grafton, Louie Kelley, J. T. Knowle, Robert Lazenby, Garvis McCallum, Morris Moore, Elios Orren, Harry Shackleford, Holland Salley.

3rd Grade, Deamon Brooks, Jewel McCloud, Leroy Nutt, Ray Flurry, Van Roach, Charlie Couch, Odelle Reid, Lavan Robinson, Leland Jackson, Clavton Kierbow, Harry Grafton, Ruel Ferguson, Ira Taylor, Troy Smith, Percy Husby, Evelyn McGee, Marie Kelley, Mary Alice Henry, Lurline Bowlin.

2nd Grade, Lvelle Barrett, Lonnie Bratton, Agnes Beard, Nelda Caldwell, John J. Caldwell, Thern Mae Ferguson, Thomas Flurry, Louise Kelley, Doris Kelley, Maurice Moore, Harrell Moore, J. W. Mabry, Bulah Mizelle, Mildred McCloud, Romaine Knowles, Tressie Odom, Manning Pilgreen, James Pratt, Junior Reeves, Violet Roach, Azalle Salley, Norma Shirey, J. T. Porter, Dean Thomas.

1st Grade, Ray Allen, Marie Burns, Joe Robert Burns, Mabel Busby, Thelma Breed, Junior Fomby, Mildred Grafton, Troy Grafton, Ruthie Golden, Rex Hightower, Mertis Claira Henry, Paul Kierbow Jr., T. J. Kelley, A. C. Moore, Billie Troy Riordan, Fred Salley, Harding Smith, Woodrow Smith, Maurice Tabor.

A Correction: Through an error in the Honor Roll of the 8th Grade, of last week, the following names were left out, Lois Nicolas, Mildred Cooper, Beatrice Heard.


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