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The Gazette
February 21, 1906

District Court met in regular session in Farmerville Monday.

Attorney Chas. B. Roberts of Ruston attended court here this week.

Attorney E. T. Lamkin of Monroe attends court this week.

Attorney J. D. Barksdale is in Farmerville this week attending court.

Mr. H. W. Reagan of Ruston was a business visitor of Farmerville the first of this week.

Mr. C. L. Gungy, a prominent merchant of West Monroe was a visitor in Farmerville Tuesday.

Captain J. D. Hamilton, Police Juror from Bernice ward was in Farmerville Monday.

Miss Sue Killgore of Cherry Ridge passed through Farmerville en route to Mer Rouge to visit relatives.

Mr. T. A. Heard, a prominent merchant of Bernice was a visitor here Monday.

Mr. B. A. McCuller of near Bernice was in town Tuesday and while here paid us a pleasant call.

Mrs. Fannie Ford of Arkansas is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Lou Jameson.

Mrs. May Lee of near town is visiting her mother, Mrs. Tatum of Cherry Ridge this week.

We regret to learn that Mrs. J. G. Evans and Mrs. J. W. Stancil is on the sick list this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Baughman left Monday for St. Louis. While there Mr. Baughman will purchase a car of mules for this market.

Mrs. Kate Cooper of Ruston, formerly of this place visited friends here last week. She returned to her home Monday.

Mrs. O. Baughman and children and Mrs. Ellen Levi and her son, D. E. Laupheimer returned Sunday on the steamer Mattie from a trip to New Orleans.

We are glad to learn that Mrs. Ann Thompson has recovered from a recent attack of sickness.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., for their special offer for January and February. DO NOT DELAY!

Mr. T. A. Crow and wife of Farmerville spent today in the city the guest of the Star Hotel. They are enroute home from New Orleans.

Mules! Mules! On Friday, February 27th I will have a car of Missouri Mules in Farmerville for farming and logging purposes. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

The residence of Mrs. Sue L. Barnes came very near being destroyed by fire last Wednesday. Had it not been for the prompt assistance rendered by Messrs Wilson Kennedy and Jim Dixon who happened to be passing at the time it would have been a hard matter to stop.

Young Girl Brutally Murdered in Shreveport.

One of the bloodiest crimes in the history of the state was enacted in Shreveport Monday afternoon about five o’clock when Margurite Lear, a little 15 year old white girl was murdered and assaulted by a negro brute.

The child was on her way home from school along an isolated road when she was accosted by the negro from whom she fled and outran but he took a near cut through the field and came upon her at a point about three hundred yards from her home. Again she broke loose from him and fled at the same time calling her mother, but the negro caught her and placing a revolver to her head he fired, after which he accomplished his fiendish purpose.

The news of the crime was quickly communicated to Shreveport and the negro was caught and lodged in jail around which a mob of over a thousand men gathered and the officers only saved him from being lynched by promptly getting the assistance of the State Militia. A grand jury had been drawn to investigate the case and it is very likely that he will be tried and hanged at a very early date.

ARE YOU WISE to let such an opportunity pass to make you independent? There is always a demand for telegraph operators and stenographers. Attend the AMERICAN TELEGRAPH AND SHORTHAND COLLEGE, Bastrop, La. Railroad fare and first months board paid for all students entering now. Write for particulars.

It was decided Sunday night that the series of meetings being conducted at the Baptist Church by Rev. J. F. Elder be continued another week, or until Thursday night at least. Rev. Elder is a forceful, intellectual preacher and is having great success in the meeting.

SEED CORN. “We have the Celebrated New Madrid Seed Corn both Yellow and White. It pays largely to plant it, see us. MONROE GROCER CO. LTD., MONROE, LA.

Mrs. Robert Foster of Choudrant died at her home at that place last Friday and was brought here for burial Saturday, the funeral taking place from her father, Mr. Dudely Dawson’s residence in Farmerville Sunday morning.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., wants fifty students to make themselves INDEPENDENT by studying telegraphy and shorthand. Write them at once for their “SPECIAL OFFER”.

King Plantation about 5 miles southeast of Monroe was the scene of a terrible tragedy last Friday night which came very near resulting in a lynching bee. It seems that a negro by the name of William Nettles had stolen a hog from another negro on the place who went to Henry DeMoss, a white farmer living close by and asked him to go with him to Nettles house and arrest him, which DeMoss agreed to do. Upon their arrival Nettles went into the house and secured a Winchester rifle and fired upon Mr. DeMoss killing him instantly. Sheriff Johnson of Monroe was promptly notifies of the murder and went hurriedly to the scene and arrested Nettles who had made no effort to escape. While on their way to town that night they were met by a mob who overpowered the sheriff and took the negro from him and made off through the woods but they go in a bog and the sheriff expostulate with them and they finally gave up the prisoner.

Colonel C. H. Ardis, a pioneer business man of Shreveport died at his home in that city last Friday night.

NOTICE. The regular monthly meeting of the North La. Agricultural society will be held at the Experiment Station, Calhoun, La., Thursday, February the 22nd. The topic for discussion will be the “Annual Camp Meeting Fair” and its re-organisation. The Station will serve lunch and the rail-roads will grant reduced rates from all points along the V. S. & P. Everybody interested in the success of the Fair is earnestly invited to attend. T. I. Watson, Secretary.

We call attention to the advertisement of D. W. Doss and Co., appearing in this issue. Mr. D. W. Doss, who is a master workman in his line has associated with the Farmerville Drug Company and they solicit your patronage, guaranteeing satisfaction.

On account of the engine breaking down the train on the Farmerville and Southern did not come in Monday night.

Parish Surveyor, H. H. Ward has been suffering with blood poison in one of his hands for the past four months. He is now improving some.

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon of Texarkana, Ark., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Pearson at their home three miles north of town.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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