Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
May 20, 2010

WOW!! This week has been a whirlwind of activities/events for the Village of Spearsville. For nine months we have been waiting for two new members of our church family/extended church family; Brooks Ann Leonard arrived on Wednesday; Jennifer and Stanley Leonard, the proud grandparents, are keeping the road to Monroe hot just going to take another look at this precious gift and holding her just one more time. Landon Connor Lee arrived about 10:30 on Thursday morning. His parents, Lynsay & Brandon along with dozens of friends and family, “oohed and aahed” over him for hours – passing him from one person to the other, marveling at God’s beautiful creation and gift to this family. We extend congratulations to these families and look forward to seeing the babies soon.

Hunter Bennett, the son of Jeff, graduates from Cedar Creek this week. Bro. James presented him with a beautiful Bible as a gift from our church that he will be able to take with him when he heads off to Baton Rouge to attend LSU. While there he will not only be extending his academic education but will be playing football for the university. Hunter’s aunt and uncle from St. Petersburg, FL, came up for his graduation and visited with us during our worship service on Sunday. Keep your eye on Hunter he has the potential to be a star player for LSU. “Congratulations, Hunter!”

Katy Miller, the daughter of Alan Miller, graduated from Ouachita Christian Academy on Tuesday night. The graduation was held at the First Baptist Church in Monroe with Alan as the guest speaker. Katy had the honor of introducing her dad to this packed out house. Don’t you know Bro. James was a proud “Pa” when he saw son and granddaughter as speakers at this special occasion. Katy will enter La Tech to further her education. Congratulations, Katy!!

Ann and Johnny Heard’s grandson, Chandler, graduated on Friday night in Minden from Glenbrook High where he has been a star player for the baseball and the football teams. Over the last few years we have watched him accomplish many feats; not only is he outstanding in sports but is an Eagle Scout as well. They are so proud of him and we are, as well. Chandler will be attending Belhaven College in Jackson, MS on a scholarship where he we will play both baseball and football. We look forward to continuing to hear about the great things he is doing. “Congratulations, Chandler!”

We had several children from our church to graduate from kindergarten. They were: Meadow Banes, Julia Rockett, Emma Adkins, Javen Cottrell, and Judy Thompson. My next door neighbor, Jorden Shoemaker, also graduated but had already gone back to CA and could not attend the ceremony. There is nothing that will bring out parents and grandparents faster than seeing those 5 & 6 year olds march in, take part in the program, and receive their diplomas and awards. Julia read a poem; Emma and Javen led the Pledge. We extend our Congratulations and Best Wishes to these students and to all the others who have started on their educational path for the next twelve years and hopefully, even beyond.

Maxine and Jack Taylor hosted about fifteen seniors from the Spearsville/Lillie/Junction City Triad at their camp on Champagnolle Creek in AR with a cookout. Jack, with the help of Ned Barron, fried the fish to perfection while the ladies provided all the side dishes and the most delicious desserts. Some of the ladies brought their fishing gear and caught a few fish but most of all just had fun. The rest of us just sat around and visited. After lunch Tommy Smith played his guitar and the group had a sing-along. Everybody is ready to do it again.

The Union Parish Council of Aging provided a wonderful meal for the entire parish at the Claiborne Electric building. The food was exceptionally good and we always enjoy visiting with old friends and meeting new ones across the parish.

Bonnie Rhodes just got back from her cruise to Mexico. She, Bonnie Alford, and Terri Booth went to New Orleans a couple of days early and enjoyed the sights there as well. She brought me a “jug” of vanilla. Looks like I am going to have to sharpen my baking skills; perhaps, I just need to find someone with whom to share. We are glad they had a great time but it’s good to have them back home.

The Spearsville Volunteer Fire Dept. had a very successful fundraiser on Saturday. They cleared about $1300. They want to thank every one who came out in support of them and gave so generously. Tim Clement, our fire chief, is doing a great job and we appreciate his efforts and those of all the other firefighters.

Oda Rockett and her family went to Houston for a birthday celebration for three members of the family as well as honoring Oda for Mother’s Day. They were able to visit with Marilyn, Lindsey, and the great grandchildren. It was a fun weekend.

Ann Stone Heard and her girls went to the Ashley County Singing Convention and just had a wonderful time. It was held in an old church that had the lights hanging on cords, homemade wooden benches and no air conditioning. We’ve come a long way and aren’t we glad.

Peggy Rockett is back in the hospital in El Dorado after a fall in her home last week. I don’t know when she will be able to come home. Vergil Rhodes, also fell a couple of nights ago when he tried to get up unassisted. He is just bruised with nothing broken. Remember these in your prayers.

Thought for the Day

Happiness consist of a sold faith, good health and a bad memory.

-Ingrid Bergman-

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