Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
May 27, 2010

This Week has been a bit slower for the Village of Spearsville and “thank goodness” for as we get older our life takes on a, much needed, slower pace-even had time to just sit back and watch that beautiful rain and our yards/gardens turn green once more. It is amazing what even a smidgen of God’s water will do for the flowers, grass & tomatoes.

The Union Parish Council on Aging treated us to a fish fry at the recreational center in Farmerville on Thursday. We are beginning to get a bit spoiled and pampered with all these good meals, entertainment and special attention. Many of the businesses/individuals donated items to be used for door prizes and the Spearsville gang did quite well; there were eight of us there (Ronald Foster, John & Bonnie Rhodes, Floy & Billy Rea, Betty Barron, Oda Rockett, and Barbara Walton) with four of us winning prizes – Bonnie, Betty, Floy & I. Personally, I think I got the best prize – a basket filled with chocolates from Doc’s Fine Chocolate & Fudge in Bernice. If you haven’t tried it, you should; it is wonderful!!

Bruce & Betty Barron had a great week in Shreveport keeping the grandkids, Jacob & Evie, while their daughter Kelli and her husband, Jeremy, went on a cruise – the same one that Bonnie Rhodes was on except a day behind at each stop. They said the kids were great and so was the cruise for Kelli & Jeremy. Betty’s sister, who lives down the street, came and helped with preparing meals. She is the one I told about earlier, that helped teach Jacob to walk with him walking between her and her walker after her surgery.

Eddie and Pei Sah Upshaw, from Montgomery, AL, were here for the weekend visiting with Wilbur and Nell Upshaw. Wilbur fried up a big mess of fish, with Nell doing the trimmings, for a big family get-together. His sister, Sally, with her grandchildren, and sister-in-law, Jo, came from Shreveport came to join in the fun – they had a great time on Saturday and then Eddie and Sah came to church on Sunday. It is so good to have them a little closer. Eddie works as a civilian for the Air Force and has lived in various places across the country during the past few years; most recently has been Washington D. C. and some place in CA; hence, Montgomery almost seems like just down the road. We’re glad to have them so close once more.

Word came through the grapevine that Wanda & Leon Taylor celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on May 16. All the particulars did not get to me, but I did hear that they went to Hot Springs, AR. with the most memorable meal being on a dinner cruise. We say, “Congratulations and Best Wishes” to a great couple. They have two great “kids: Greg, who has a new home in Spearsville, and Chris who works for General Motors and makes his home in various parts of the world – at the present time it is S. Korea, with a recent trip to Uzbekistan.

Helen Schmehl, my granddaughter, went to Berlin, Germany, this past weekend to be a live-in companion, for the summer, to a 10 year old girl, Sarah Nicole, who needs to learn to speak conversational English. I’m looking forward to being along on the trip through Facebook. Forty pictures came yesterday, after just a few hours, of the parents, sights, her bedroom, and beautiful flowers. This new technology is great for keeping up and being a part of the lives of people we care about.

May was the month for birthdays in our church. Lucille Neal celebrated her 95th on May 18. Tim Clement was 52 on the 20th, Clyde Barron was 84 on the 21st and Clyde’s great granddaughter, Emma, was six on the 11th. To each of these we say “Happy Birthday and Best Wishes in the years to come” (I expect Emma was the most excited for she not only had a birthday but graduated from kindergarten and will be a big first grader this Fall)

Jeff Bennett was beaming as he told of the birth of his grandson, Ethan Cash Hunt this past week. We extend our congratulations to Lauren, Brandon, and their daughter Felicity; of course, we can’t leave out grandfather, Jeff, and great-grandmother, Carolyn Ivey.

Thought for the Day

We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove; a tough mind with a tender heart.

— Martin Luther King —


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