Bernice High School News

The Bernice Journal
March 28, 1929

By Journalistic Club

Fashion Show

In assembly last Monday, the girls of the Home Economics Department gave a little fashion show, displaying some of the garments they had made. Every one enjoyed it greatly.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Hester were visitors in Bernice Sunday after noon.

Miss Carroll and Mr. Hooter went to Pisgah Sunday afternoon.

The faculty gave a Benefit Bridge party in the home of Miss Talbot, Thursday night.

Mr. Hooter went to Ruston Saturday.

Misses Talbot and Kilpatrick and Mrs. Green went to Ruston Saturday.

Mrs. Jones went to Monroe Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. McDonald spent the week end in Jonesboro.

Sophomore News

Miss Lucille Goss visited friends near Shiloh Saturday after noon.

Misses Norene Strickland and Cleo McCuller went to Shiloh, Sunday.

Miss Faye Gross spent the week end in Haynesville, with Miss O’Delle Bruton.

Miss Marguerite Lowery spent the week end in Bernice with Miss Ruth Peppers.

Basket Ball News

The Bernice basket ball girls returned Spearsville’s game there Wednesday. One of Bernices guards was unable to play and a substitution was made.

The Spearsville girls were better prepared for this game than for the one played on our court. This was a much “tighter” game and at the end of the first half the score was 16-8 in Spearsville’s favor.

But in the second half the Bernice girls fought harder and at the end of the game the score was 23 – 20 in Bernice’s favor.

This was the last game for this season.

Junior News

Miss Alline Tanner visited in Lisbon Sunday.

Miss Birdie Welch went to Shreveport Sunday.

Miss Opal Motley spent Sunday with Miss Ellen Key.

Misses Mary Lee Cheeks and Ruby Lee Odom went to Dubach Tuesday after noon.

Home Ec. Department

The Home Economics Department has the kitchen stools and tables painted a beautiful shade of green. The kitchen looks very pretty in its new spring costumes.

Base Ball News

The boys are now working “out” on baseball.

They played a practice game with the town boys. The score was 11 – 8 in favor of the town boys.

The boys are to play Junction City here Friday. This will be the first match game of the season.

Every body come.

Senior News

Misses Pauline Odom and Alice Patrick, ex-seniors, visited school last week.

Miss Mignon Lindsey went to Farmerville Sunday after noon.

Miss Doris Watson went to Ruston Saturday.

Miss Allegra Phillips visited in El Dorado, Sunday afternoon.

Miss Christine Adcock went to Ruston Tuesday night.

The Senior class, after having finished the study of “Macbeth” worked out a court scene from it. Macbeth was tried for the third murderer.

Members of the class acted as judge, witnesses, lawyers, and jury-men. The verdict was guilty, but the jury asked for mercy of the court. Misses Pauline Odom, Alice Patrick and Mr. Moncrief, and several Juniors attended the trial.


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