Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
June 10, 2010

Summer is upon us with beautiful 90+ sunshiny days. It is wonderful to get out and dig in the fence garden and flowers early each morning. This morning I made my usual round in the yard with a cup of coffee and then had to just drag myself back to the computer to write this article. Don’t check too closely for mistakes for my mind is still thinking of the beauty of God’s handiwork in giving us those beautiful flowers; those beautiful yellow blooms that are resulting in squash, peppers, cucumbers & those delicious tomatoes, as well.

Tim & Denise Clement just returned from a week-long visit in NJ with their kids, grandkids and all those great neighbors & friends they left behind to make a new home in Spearsville. They were back in church Sunday and it looked so good to see them in their usual place. We missed them; glad they went but glad they are back with us – at home in Spearsville.

Peggy Rockett is back at home from Rehad in El Dorado. She’s glad to be back in her own home and we are happy for her; hopefully, with her help she will not have another fall. Her nephew, Danny Manning, has improved during the last week or so. He is hoping to be transferred to a Rehab in Farmerville, soon, which will be a big help to the family who is caring for him – four months has been a long time to be in a hospital/rehab. Just getting back to where he can see his old friends/church family will give him that great boost he needs at this time.

Joan Smith took a bad tumble a few weeks ago when her foot twisted as she got out of bed; she hit a hardwood floor causing all kind of trauma/bruises to her head. She was back in church Sunday, still showing a few signs of the bruises but is doing much better. Bobby said that he had not only been chief cook and bottle washer but the nurse as well.

J. T. Saunders had surgery on Wednesday for a hernia. They kept him overnight to keep a close watch on him; however, he was released on Thursday and is doing very well except for being a bit uncomfortable, sleeping on his back. If he continues to do well, he should recover quickly and be back on his feet soon to his usual routine. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Vergil Rhodes seems to be doing better with a much stronger voice, however, he and Mary Gene will be unable to go to AR with their children/grandchildren as they have done for years and years for their family reunion. This year will certainly be different, however, they have such good memories of all those previous years as the family grew and grew with new spouses and new babies, memory is one of the most wonderful gifts that God gave us. With this gift we can transport ourselves to any place or any time period. God thought of our every need-big and small.

Bro. James delivered a message yesterday on “Remember”. Reading various scriptures, he reminded us to remember the day of our salvation-when, where, and our excitement of our new life and the commitment we made. We were also to remember the “Old Paths” of God’s will for our lives, dating back to Genesis; remember commitment to family/friends; remember our country and the great sacrifices that have been made so that we might continue to have the freedoms we enjoy; remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us that we might have eternal life. Bro. James followed up with a Sunday night service that asked how we were going to be remembered – our attributes that characterized our lives during the short time we live on this Earth. Then, last & most importantly, how is God going to remember each of us. That is a powerful question!!

Chris Canterberry, our Youth Director, and our youth are hosting a Youth Rally at Spearsville Baptist Church on Friday night at 7:00. The entertainment will be a concert presented by “Two Empty Chairs” and a drama by a youth group (he didn’t tell me where they were from). All youth of the area are invited to attend and bring a friend; it will be inspirational and fun as well. Even the young at heart are invited!!

Saturday, June 12th, the Youth & Career classes will have a rummage sale, car wash, and hamburger plates for sale as a fundraiser for their mission trip to Gatlinburg this summer. The plates are going to be $5.00 and I don’t know the price of washing a car but it will be worth it, whatever it, is to help our young people serve God by doing a good deeds in TN. We are so proud of our kids and for Chris & his wife, Kristen, who guides them in the paths that God would have them travel. They solicit our prayers as they seek His will in their young lives.

Thought for the Day

You only need two tools in your daily life – WD-40 & duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it should,, use the WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn’t, use the duct tape.

When you make a mistake, apologize and make amends immediately. Crow is much easier to eat when it is warm.


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