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The Bernice Journal
April 4, 1929


Many friends came into the home of Mrs. G. C. Hicks Thursday evening in answer to invitations given them by Mrs. G. C. Hicks and Mrs. D. W. Caldwell. This party was given in honor of Miss Ethel Spears who on Sunday became Mrs. Graydon Colvin.

After registering in the Brides Book each guest was served punch as she entered the lovely and spacious living room. which was beautiful with spring flowers and Easter Decorations.

James Pratt and Ruth Green, pupils of Mrs. E. B. Green’s expression class, gave readings, then James Pratt and Nelia Caldwell came in and carried Miss Spears on an Easter Hunt. In the search was found a beautiful large nest in which in which were the many beautiful and useful gifts brought by her friends. After each package had been opened and the contents admired, Miss Spears, with her usual charm and beauty, gave a short speech of thanks, which rang with sincerity and true appreciation.

The hostesses, Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Caldwell, did not forget Mrs. Green and her pupils who had assisted in the program. Each received a lovely gift.

The refreshments of angel food and gold cake with punch were enjoyed by all, and it was a beautiful shower and a delightful evening for all, even though there was more that a shower falling on the out side.

All wished for Ethel and Graydon many “Showers of Blessings.”

For Sale — Big Stran thorough bred Rhode Island Red eggs at $1.00 per setting — Mrs. R. W. Patterson.

Mr. S. L. Baldwin was a business visitor in Monroe, Tuesday.

Mr. W. R. Durham was a business visitor in El Dorado Tuesday.

Miss Doris Gaston, who is attending school at L. S. U., was home for the week end.

School Inspector

During a week in March, Mr. W. A. Sizemore, assistant High School Supervisor, and Supt. P. L. Read visited the six high schools of Union Parish.

They reported that the schools met in a very satisfactory manner the general requirements and were making excellent progress.

For the teachers Mr. Sizemore said “They are well educated and interested in their work. They prepare themselves for each recitation as was evidenced by the plan books, the outlines of the subject matter and the lesson plans that were in use. The preparation of the pupils was generally good. To a large extent, this is the reflection of an interested and capable leadership.

For Bernic High School the following is in part the report given: “The grounds have just been beautified by the planting of a large number of evergreens and shrubbery all about the building. It adds much to the appearance of the campus. Another improvement is the new driveway to the building. It needs graveling.

The repairing of the plaster in some of the rooms is another improvement.

Two other improvements of this school are the additions to the laboratory and the library. A large number of books has been added to the high school library as well as a large number to the elementary library. This addition brings the high school library up to a high standard; however, a new encyclopedia would be an improvement.

The new water works system adds much to the efficiency of the plant.

The class instruction was all of a high type.

CARD OF THANKS To our many friends of El Dorado, Smackover, Norphlet, Snow Hill, Upland and Pine Grove community, who were so good and kind to us, during the recent illness, death and burial of our darling little daughter and granddaughter, Melba Gene. To each one of you, we wish to thank you from the deep of our hearts for your many kind deeds done, many kind sympathetic words spoken and for the beautiful floral offering and especially to Dr. Slaughter of Norphlet, Dr. Colvin of Bernice, Dr. Murphy of El Dorada, and Misses Sharp and Gill, and all the other nurses of The Rosmond Hospital and Mr. and Mrs. Y. E. Weldon. May God richly bless every one of you in our prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Allred, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gray.

Mr. Jack Riordan was in Monroe Tuesday.

Mrs. R. E. Fuller of Winnfield, spent Monday night with her sister, Mrs. R. W. Patterson.

S. R. CLAY, Optometrist Our Scientific Eye Examination Will Determine Your Needs.

Misses Camile and Josephene Langston, of Magnolia, Ark. were guests of Mrs. Brody Green Sunday.

Colvin – Spears Mr. Graydon Colvin and Miss Ethel Spears were untied in marriage at the home of Mrs. W. F. Grafton, last Sunday morning at Bernice.

A New Store Mr. J. M. Talbot has recently had his store remolded with all modern fixtures. The goods are displayed in such a way that any one entering the store can see for themselves the price of every article on display. A complete line of dry goods, notions, Ladies Ready to Wear garments, Millinery, Children’s wear, Mens wear and many specialties will be found at Talbot’s New Store.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ferguson were visitors in El Dorado Tuesday.

CAFE SOLD. Mr. and Mrs. W. r. Durham have sold their Cafe to the Misses Turners, who recently came here from Mississippi. These young ladies have had wide experience in the Cafe business.

Mr. Malvin Mabry was home from Shreveport to spend the week end.

Be sure to see the Wizzard at Grammar School Auditorium Saturday night. Benefit of Parent-Teachers association.

Wallace, one of the greatest Magician know will display his magic at the Grammar School Saturday night. Don’t fall to see him.

Mrs. Jno. R. Hammack was over from Shreveport to spend the week end with her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Halton of Mission, Texas, were week end guests of Mrs. Halton’s brother, Mr. J. D. Dannelley and family.

Miss Alice Burns of L. S. U. spent the week end with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Burns.

Mr. Luther Garland and family, of Minden, were here Sunday visiting his parents, Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Garland.

Mrs. J. W. Hamilton of Shreveport was the guest of Mrs. M. C. Still Tuesday.

Moore & O’Bannon have sold their interest in Miller’s service station No. 5 to Mr. Ross Ferguson.

Mrs. R. W. Patterson and daughters, Mrs. C. R. McGee and Mrs. Water Howard were visitors in Ruston, Tuesday.

Mr. J. T. Williams and family of Homer spent the week end her with relatives.

Fitchel & Martin have White Wynndotte eggs for sale, 15 for $1.00. Satisfactory hatch guaranteed. Mrs. Jennie Fuller.

Mrs. E. J. Bennett and son, of Smackover, are here visiting relatives.

Mr. R. W. Patterson attended federal court in Monroe this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cook, Mrs. Minor Bennett and Mrs. J. T. Porter, Jr. were visitors in Monroe Monday.

Mr. G. C. Hicks was a business visitor in Monroe Monday.

Are you tired working for the other fellow? If so, I can advise you regarding a profitable and permanent business of your own selling Rawleigh’s Products to farmers in East Union County. Call and see personally at once. J. B. Phillips, Bernice, La.

NOTICE The public is hereby notified not to trade or negotiate for a certain promissory not executed by me on the 11th day of March 1929 for $1,333.34, with interest at eight percent from date and made in favor of one, G. N. Jerry, due twelve months after execution and paraded by W. W. McDonald, Notary Public as the said note is without just, adequate and lawful consideration and has certain equities existing it, and as same is yet in the possession of the said G. N. Jerry. I am giving this notice in order to protect the public against the buying of said note. Dated this the 27th day of March, A. D. 1929. Floyd E. Slaughter


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