Criminal Cases

The Bernice Journal
April 11, 1929

In the District Court here last Friday, there were a number of criminal cases fixed for trial for the April term of Court which begins on Monday morning, April 16. Among them was the State of Louisiana against. Taylor Cullins who was indicted for murder by the March Grand Jury of Union Parish charged with killing and murdering Dan Wiley, the Marshal of Junction City, on February the 2nd of this year. This case will enlist quite a bit of interest and excitement, especially in the community of Junction City, where the killing took place. The State will be represented in the trial by the District Attorney and the defense by Judge S. L. Digby. Cullens was duly arranged before the Court last Friday and pleaded not guilty, after which the case was set for the above date.

Other cases which were fixed for trial at the April Court are as follows: State vs. Wiley Slack, charged with stealing hogs, was fixed for Monday, April 15th.

State vs. Sid Rogers charged with Larceny of $47.00 value was fixed for Monday, April 15.

State vs. Bill Durden, charged with assault with intent to rape, was fixed for Tuesday, April 19.

State vs. George Cullens, charged with shooting Walter Gulley with the intent to kill him, which occurred on the 17th of last November, was fixed for Wednesday, April 17th.

State vs. Oscar Williams charged with driving a car on the highway in an intoxicated condition was fixed for Tuesday, April 16th.

State vs. Jim Pope, Lowery and others charged with shooting at a dwelling house, was fixed for Wednesday, April 17.

State vs. Jobale Harrison et. al., charged with manslaughter, the killing of one Addison Welch on April 10, 1928. Is a case which was tried here last year resulting in a conviction of the defendants. They appealed to the Supreme Court of the State and the case was reversed and sent back to this Court for a new trial. The case was fixed for trial on Wednesday, April 17th, on motion of the District Attorney.


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