Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
June 24, 2010

Sunday, Father’s Day, was a very special day in our church as it was throughout this nation. The dads were asked to stand, with the youngest, Josh Rockett, and the oldest, Clyde Barron, recognized. Then our new babies, Chandler Cash and Landon Connor, were presented, by their parents, Lauren Hunt, Lynsay & Brandon Lee, in a dedication service. Brother James presented each baby with a certificate and a small, white New Testament with expressions of thankfulness to these parents for their faithfulness and their desire to lead these precious children in the path of God’s will for their lives. may they always seek daily His guidance and wisdom in each decision made. After this dedication ceremony, Bro. James brought a great message from the book of Ephesians that teaches the role of the father. He is to be a leader of his family — not a boss or dictator — but as a leader who loves his wife and his children as Christ loved the church, or as a man loves his own body. If this happen, life on Earth will be a little bit of Heaven and memories made in the lives of his family, will be cherished for many years.

On Saturday, Bonnie Rhodes was surprised with a birthday party that had a pink flamingo theme; it was hosted by Robin & Johnny Rhodes with help from Robin’s mother, Susan Stringer. All those little gag gifts they had been exchanging for years were brought out — flamingos covered the cake, balloons and blowups decorated the outside of the house, with special flamingo sunshade for the beach. They had a blast!! Bonnie said that it was the first birthday party she had had in forty years. Happy Birthday Bonnie!! On Sunday both families, Rhodes and Stringers, went to Hollis’ for dinner to celebrate the fathers, Johnny, John & Bobby.

Floy Rea attended a baby shower for her two granddaughters, Jessica & Leigh Ann, on Saturday. They are sisters and the babies, both girls, will be born within a few days of each other. This should be exciting over the next few months and years for, not only the parents, but the grandparents, Jan & Ski Wawrzyniak. They will each have a baby to hold at any given time. Then, Floy and I can do the same at each visit. We can hardly wait for these girls to arrive — Addie and Elizabeth. Ruston will be our favorite destination, I’m sure.

The Little Yellow House is looking good. We now have green grass, under the pine trees, which was sown and fertilized by Johnny Rhodes and was recently mowed by our mayor, Bob Shoemaker. He and John Rhodes have been very diligent in keeping it watered which has been quite time consuming during this heat wave of triple digits. John, also, goes regularly and blows the pine needles off of the sidewalk; this is a big help to us walkers. As you drive past you will see our new Village of Spearsville sign. It is beautiful and really adds to the town and the park. Our thanks also go to Jim Cottrell who keeps the grass cut and trimmed. Out park is really an asset to our village and to the people from the surrounding communities. When you see any of these guys give them a special Thank You and a word of encouragement. Nothing get done without time and effort from someone, and we are extremely appreciative to the leadership of our mayor and the town council for all that they do for us.

Tim and Denise Clements had a visit from his cousin, Joyce, from Ft. Worth, this week, and she brought her two children, Zach and Chelsea, for a summer visit in the country. They have already been enjoying biking, walking and fishing. We hope they don’t get too bored with the lazy pace of life in Spearsville and will have an enjoyable visit. I’m trying to think of kids in the area they could have for friends. Susan & James Smith’s granddaughter, Sarah, who is about the age of Chelsea, is visiting with them so we’ll see if we can arrange for them to meet.

The last word I had on Danny Manning is that he is at Health South Rehad in Farmerville and is much improved with hopes of coming home in the next week or so. Peggy Rockett continues to be able to stay at home with help. Shirley Miller had a bad week; added to her back pain was a severe kidney & bladder infection. We ask for your prayers for each of these that they might be better soon: Danny, Peggy & Shirley.

Thought for the Day

You can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.


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