Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 1, 2010

My mind is almost blank right now but maybe it will improve as I go along. It seems that not much has been happening due to this terrible heat wave that we are experiencing; watching our grass, gardens and flowers die due to lack of rain. We continue to pray that God would send some water to us; last week we got our hopes up two afternoons but it fizzled out our hopes up two afternoons but it fizzled out before it got to Spearsville. This morning I went to Wilbur Upshaw’s pea patch and picked a bushel, with his help, and was grateful to get them before his dried up. There is nothing better than fresh, from the freezer, purple hull peas in those cold winter months that we know will be coming.

Our kids along with Chris Canterberry and other chaperons, left yesterday for Gatlinburg, Tn on a mission trip where they will join other youth groups from various parts of the country. By next week I will be able to tell a little of their experiences. Bro. James had prayer with them, at 4 in the morning, just before they left, for a safe trip and a wonderful experience as they are in God’s service this week.

This week we have had problems with our water system that turned out to be a leak. It took several days before the problem was ascertained. In the meantime we were hooked on to the other private water system due to the fore-thought of the late Melvin Stone & Doyle Rockett who tied the two lines together for just such an emergency. This has worked to our well for over thirty years. During the last few days Marie Rockett, John & Bonnie Rhodes, Bob Shoemaker & Clyde Barron have worked, tirelessly, trying to solve this problem in 97 degree days. When one of the problems was found, Jim Cottrell & John Thompson, Jr. worked into the night-finishing up at about 10 pm – so that we might have a bath and be able to go to church on Sunday morning. Steve Bodine helped search for parts …. To all of these people we want to express our gratitude and thanks for being such good friends and neighbors. You can always count on friends such as them when a need occurs.

Next Sunday night Spearsville Baptist Church will be hosting a Fourth of July celebration with Dr. Alan Miller as the guest speaker and Tim Post leading the music. They have done this for the last few years and we always enjoy it: reminds us of our great heritage, how God has prospered us and continues to have a plan for this great nation that will be passed down to future generation with freedoms that have been fought for and men have died for. May we never forget the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf – dating all the way back to 1776. After the service ewe will have homemade ice cream, hot dogs, and dessert. Y’all come — everyone is invited at 6 pm!!!!

Last night we had all of our little children at church and they provided our special music of Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children. We thank Carla Deason and Jennifer Lenard for spending so much time working with them — they are just precious and a delight to us grandmothers/granddads. The young married couples are a great asset to our church. Not only are they doing such a good job bringing their children up in the way they should go, but they are, also busy doing all kinds of volunteer work at the church. This past week they have been repainting the kitchen and all of the kitchen cabinets, displaying their great taste in colors that has resulted in an updated, beautiful kitchen. We are so proud of them!!!!

Leigh Ann & Clint Williams have a new baby girl, Elizabeth Claire “Ellie”, who arrived two weeks early, weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 ozs. Of course she is beautiful and perfect in every way!!! There were four generations of us there, taking our turn holding her while she peacefully slept all Sunday afternoon. (Floy Rea is the great grandmother but they let me share in grandmothering as well, for Jan and Leigh Ann just seem like mine too.) How anyone could look at something so perfect and not see the miracle and the Hand of God is beyond me.

I forgot to tell last week about Syble & Travis Thomas had lots of company last week; her daughter & son-in-law, Patricia & Dewayne Harrison from Wisconsin. They just surprised them with a visit as did her grandson, Derrick Thomas, & his fiancee’, Sarah Thomas. It was a busy week but a fun week for them. Derrick was also, visiting his other grandparents, Patsy & J. T. Saunders as well as his father, Nicky Thomas. A visit from our kids & grandkids is just the icing on the cake of life.

Robin & Johnny Rhodes celebrated the 1st birthday of Wyatt Rhodes. He is a real cutie and thoroughly enjoyed his party. It looked like, from the pictures, that grandparents, Bobby & Susan Stringer and John & Bonnie Rhodes did as well.

Thought for the Day

Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment over which you have any control. — Denis Waitley


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