Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 8, 2010

Returning on Saturday from a mission trip to Gatlinburg, Tn., were a bunch of tired but happy Spearsville kids and chaperones. They had a blast and are ready to do it again if given a chance. Our youth were: Justin Green, Tyler Lawson, Layne Lawson, Jackson Mason, Reese Barron, Dylan Horton, Noel Mari, Jordan Barron, Mollie Green and Victoria Alexander. Their chaperones were: Chris Canterberry, Mark Crabtree, Shelby Deason and Pamela Mason. Chris told us how hard they worked and how proud he was of our kids-nobody had to be prodded, for they were all eager to help these elderly ladies with work around their houses. The ladies were so gracious and appreciative and expressed this in so many ways. Long after the names of our youth have faded from their memory, the deeds will live on. Kids that traveled 12 hours to do repairs and clear limbs/small trees for people they didn’t even know is “walking the walk”. They have demonstrated that it doesn’t really matter how pious we are in church, how much scripture we can quote, or how eloquent our prayers — all this is meaningless unless we go about doing good for our “neighbors” — in Spearsville and even as far away as Tennessee.

Our Patriotic Sunday started off with message from Bro. James on getting back to the basics of our founders – the Constitution, Bill of Rights and In God We Trust. This was followed on Sunday night with our area churches joining in a patriotic service at Spearsville Baptist Church. Out veterans were recognized by marching in together, each name was called with the branch of service, rank, years and places served. Tim Post gave a mini concert, a medley of patriotic songs, followed with a powerful message by Dr. Alan Milleron on the two most important words freedom and sacrifice: the ultimate sacrifice of men and women since 1776 for our freedom, and the sacrifice of Jesus, on the cross, for our salvation. After the service, we enjoyed watermelon, furnished by Meade’s, hot dogs, homemade ice cream and wonderful pound cake.

Alan has resigned from his pastorate at First Baptist in Monroe and is now doing evangelistic work, primarily in small churches. He has recently accepted the position of Spiritual Advisor/Counselor at Palmetta Addiction/Recovery Center just north of Rayville. This Job just came to him and Alan believes it was no accident but the direct will of God in his life as he needed to get back to what he loves best and where he can be most effective-preaching, encouraging others as they work through tough times, and regaining his health as he spends more quality time with his family. The more flexible hours will, also, give him time to check on his mom and dad as well. May God continue to guide you and bless you, Alan, in this new field of service.

Wayne Barrett has about gotten off “Cloud Nine” as he unwinds from his recent trip to Hawaii to visit his niece, Deanna Colvin Malone and her family, Alan, Keely, Reily and Barrett. They entertained him with all kinds of beauty but the event he enjoyed the most was the night performance at the Polynesian Cultural Center. That is spectacular!!! He left a day or so early to go to Hurst, Tx., for a visit with our Rockett cousins; David, Judy, and Doug Herring, Carolyn & Troy Horton, Don & Brenda Herring. I think they tried out every eating place in Ft. Worth. When he returned, they let him sleep off the jet-lag for a few hours and then hit the trail again with more eating out and taking in a major league baseball game. Wayne finished up his trip with an overnight visit with his cousin, Bobby Barrett, who, also, lives in the Metro area. This was only ten days but a fun-filled and memorable ten days – memories are treasures and will be cherished for years to come.

Facebook is just wonderful, as I have recently discovered; I have connected with several of my former students and caught up on their lives since 7th grade. The most recent in Brian Williams, the son of Lamoyne and Shelia Williams. He has been a minister for several years and is currently pastoring a church in Felstanthal, AR. Brian and his family just returned from a trip to his new mission field in Thailand. He and his wife, Paula, will be full-time missionaries starting in September. We wish him God’s Blessings as his life moves in a different direction; serving God while serving the people of Thailand.

Good news: Danny Manning is at home and doing very well; however, he is not leaping over tall buildings, yet; soon he probably will be as God continues to heal his body and gives him the needed strength day by day. Let’s continue to pray for him.

Thought for the Day

A person only starts to live when he can live outside of himself. — Albert Einstein


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