Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 15, 2010

Right off the bat I want to retract the erroneous information I reported last week and apologize to Danny Manning and his mother, Joyce. Danny was only on a pass from HealthSouth Rehad for the day so that he might attend his church and hear a new minister that was conducting service that day. He is, however, doing much better and gaining strength each day; hopefully, it won’t be long before he will be home to stay. Danny and his family continues to need our prayers for a complete recovery.

An update on all of our folks: Paigne Elkins is doing real well after having a lung transplant and some heart surgery a few weeks ago. It is my understanding that she will be able to come home for a week or so if she continues to improve. Then it will be back and forth for additional therapy. Paige is wanting to work in the Vacation Bible School when she is home and we certainly hope this is possible. We ask for God’s blessings on her for a complete recovery. Ann Stone-Heard took a tumble last week and broke her foot. She was able to be at church with the aide of a walker and Johnny. Her foot is in a special shoe and she can only put a little weight on the heel. Hopefully, that bone will heal quickly and she will be as good as new. Joan Smith, also, fell and has a broken collarbone. This should heal quickly and she’ll be back in church in a few Sundays. Peggy Rockett is doing about the same. She is able to get around in her wheel chair and has Home Health Care as well as additional help for several hours during the afternoon.

Beth Lawson went and stayed with Vergil Rhodes and went to church with him on Sunday morning and then he was able to come home, on a pass for a few hours. Sunday afternoon with the help of his daughter, Lou, and her husband, Russell. With them walking on each side of him Vergil was able to walk up the sidewalk, even the steps, and into the house. That was such a good feeling for him and his family. At about 5:00 he was ready to go back to Arbor Lake. This was really a morale booster!!

Sunday was a busy day and a wonderful day for Chris Canterberry as he preached at Canaan Baptist Church on Sunday morning and then was in charge of our service that night. At the beginning of the program, Chris baptized Jackson Mason who had made a profession of faith on the previous Sunday. After the baptismal service, our youth presented a slide show of their mission trip to Gatlinburg, Tn. They told of the fun things that happened as well as the jobs that they did for two elderly ladies — painting, replacing shingles and vinyl siding, and clearing the small trees so that the lady could see the mountains and skyline from her windows. Chris just couldn’t say enough about how proud he was of our kids and they are ready to go back even though they did some really hard work. Bro. James expressed his gratitude, as well, and suggested that they might find similar projects of helping right here in our own neck of the woods. We give God the glory and the thanks for providing such an opportunity that will lead to spiritual growth in their young lives as they search for new ways to serve God & the community.

Saturday Shana, my daughter, and her friend, Patrick Mackin breezed through Spearsville on their way back to New Orleans from a vacation out West. They had lots of fun hiking in dinosaur country in Wyoming, visiting with an old friend, Valerie Caughman, in Colorado, rafting the white waters of NM and finishing up with a country dinner with me. We invited, her friends, Dr. Susan Roach and Peter, from Ruston, to share our meal of fresh peas, new stewed potatoes, squash, homegrown tomatoes, and cornbread. They loved it and went back for seconds and even thirds. You know these city folks just don’t get that good food, straight from the garden, like we do. Since I didn’t have time to do everything, Marie Rockett mowed my back patch and John Thompson mowed the front yard. It is so good to live in a little Village like Spearsville where friends see a need and just jump right in and help. I thank God every day for where He “planted” me in this world.

Floy and Billy Rea went to West Monroe for a birthday party for little one year old Alexis Grace Liner, her great granddaughter. Stan cooked hamburgers on the grill and they all had fun celebrating with Lexie. She had eaten a hot dog and it was hard to coax her into eating the cake that she was, clearing, not interested in; this is hard on that Kodak moment that all new parents look forward to.

Thought for the Day

The nice part of living in a small town is that even when you don’t know what you are doing, there is always someone who does and is quite willing to offer suggestions. — unknown —


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