Bernice High School News

The Bernice Journal
May 2, 1929

By Journalist Club

Base Ball News

The Manghanm base ball team came here Friday afternoon and played a game. This game was a splendid accomplishment for Bernice.

M. C. Still did wonderful work as a pitcher, allowing seven scattered hits.

The boys remained over Friday night, and a moonlight picnic was given for them.

Another game was played Saturday after noon. John Porter pitched in this game, allowing only two hits and striking out seven men from 25.

Porter was also a star at the bat Friday. The entire team played splendidly in both games. The results were in Bernice’s favor both times. The score Friday was 5 – 2 and Saturday it was 3 – 2.

Senior Play

“The Thirteenth Chair”

A Mystery Play will be given by the Senior Class of Bernice High School on Friday, May 10, 8:00 P. M., with the following cast:

Helen O’Nell (Will’s fiancee and Mrs. Crosby’s secretary) Mignon Lindsey

Will Crosby (a young millionaire) J. D. Reeves

Mrs. Crosby (Will’s mother) Ruth Nelson

Roscoe Crosby (Will’s father) Percy Flurry

Edward (Ned) Walos (who sits in the 13th chair) Everett Grafton

Mary Eastwood (who does not believe in (spiritualism) Era Tubbs

Helen Trent (Crosbys married daughter) Francis Stirling

Braddis Trent, Fred Roach

Grace Standish, Allegra Phillips

Howard Standish, Bennett Farrar

Philip Mason, R. L. St. John

Elizabeth Erskine, Malda Grafton

Pollock, Joe Bowlin

Rosalie La Grange (a spiritualist medium, a little Irish woman), Doris Watson

Tim Donohue (an inspector from police department), Stanford Breazeal

Sergeant Dunn (Donohue’s assistant), Everett Grafton

Doolan (another cop), Buford Cagle.

This play is a mixture of romance, mystery, and humor. Can you imagine who is the murderer?

The plot is splendid and the mystery will be solved at last.

If you are a good detective you can enjoy Inspector Donohue’s secret service work.

Do not forget the date, May 10th, Adm. 10, 25, and 50 cts.

Junior News

Miss Mary Hollis went to Monroe Thursday.

Miss Mary Lee Cheeks spent the week end in West Monroe.

Miss Mona Lee Odom went to Ruston Sunday.

Mrs. Clyde C. Colvin went to Shreveport Monday.

Miss Alline Tanner spent Sunday with Miss Ellen Key.

Senior News

Miss Allegra Phillips spent last week end in Strong.

Missese Lucile Nicklas, Ruth Nelson, Mae Belle Ryals, Chloe Nutt, and Messrs Bennett, Farrar attended the Senior play at Spearsville Saturday night.

Miss Doris Watson went to Junction City Sunday.

Miss Christine Adcock went to Homer Sunday.

Miss Sara Green spent last week end in Vianna.

Faculty News

Mr. Hooter spent the week end in Mangham.

Miss Lula B. Tucker of Marion is spending the week with Miss Carroll.

Miss Carroll went to Ruston Saturday.

General School News

Mr. Malvin Mabry, an ex-senior, visited school Friday.

Sophomore News

Miss Lurline Thaxton spent the week end in Monroe.

Miss Faye Goss spent the week end in Haynesville.

Miss Norene Strickland went to Hico Sunday.

Miss Lois Burns went to Dubach, Sunday.

Honor Roll

For Seven Six Weeks.

8th Grade – Mildred Cooper, Alana Goss, Beatrice Heard, Lois Nicklas.

9th Grade – Lucille Goss, Nell Liggins.

10th Grade Ruby Lee Odom, Mona Lee Odom, Mary Hollis, Sibil Green.

11th Grade, Lucille Nicklas, Malda Grafton, Doris Watson.

80% Students or above.

8th Grade – Thelma Evans, Neal Ryals, Maida Buckley, Maurice Cook, Grady Farrar, Ruth Green, Fred Marsh, Vann Pratt, Troy Shackleford, Eloise Tucker, Doris Wainwright, Dan Watson, Key Welch, Travis Rockett, George B. Grafton, Van H. Burns.

9th Grade – Wales Nelson, Lavinia Smith, J. C. Watson, Norene Strickland, Eleanor Green, Jesse Bettell, Mabel Adcock, Lurline Thaxton, Cleo McCuller, Lyda Reynolds, John Porter.

10th Grade – Alline Tanner, Birdie Welch, Lois Breazeal, Mildred Flurry, Clayton Heard, Clyde C. Colvir, Ellen Key, Lela Fae Kierbow.

11th Grade – Joe Bowlin, Stanford Breazeal, Pennett Farrar, Percy Flurry, Maggie Moncrief, Stella Moncrief, Ruth Nelson, Chloe Nutt, Fred Roach, Francis Stirling, B. L. St. John.

7th grade, Margarette Barrett, Donald Lindsey, Helen Hollis, Helen Orrin, Vivian Reid, Thyra Mabry.

80% and above, Ray Bowlin, David Caldwell, Clyde Copeland, Lyle Greaham, Fred Cresham, Pauline Green, James Gaston, Helen Kent, Pauline Keirbow, Virgie Moore, Mildred Stewart. Georgie Taylor, Lovie Tabor, Floy Tabor.

6th grade, Joyce Evans, Myrtis Rold, Velma Roach, Melba Roach.

80% and above, Ezoldor Bettell, Pauline Couch, Daisie Green, Florabelle Green, Odell Harris, Dorris Hightower, Bertha Kent, Edna Porter, Sedral Reeves, Geraldine Stout, Reita Tabor, Gwendolyn Watson, Odell Barrett, Paul Gray, Van Green, John Wesley Green, W. R. Lynn, Ottis Roach, D. B. Jackson, Mamie Shirey, Nelwyn Farrar, Fred Dawson.

5th, grade, Avis Fuller, Carlton Salley.

80% and above, Margie Cagle, Eunice Fomby, L. D. Gresham, Louis Hurst, A. J. Kelley, Rosalind Lindsey, Melvin Moore, Macie Reeves, Frances Tucker, Vertie B. Tucker, Allie Mae Strickland.

4th, grade, Virginia Colvin, Elese Grafton, Irene Lynn, T. L. Brooks, Elois Orrin.

80% and above, Maurine Allen, De Lane Farrar, Evelyn Hightower, Eva Kent, Doris Nutt, Margie Nutt, Ione Shiery, Holweon Shiery, Evelyn Brinson, J. L. Burns, Elbern Carr, E. W. Grafton, David Kelley, Porter Lazenby, Garvice McCallum, Marris Moore, Burl Tom Pierson, Harry Shackleford, Holland Salley.

3rd grade, Charlie Busby, Lavelle Salley, India Gray, Fay Burns, Lurline Bowlin.

80% and above, Leroy Nutt, Elton Tabor, Van Roach, Odell Reld, Lavan Robinson, Clayton Kierbow, Harry Grafton, Jack Green, Leland Jackson, Leroy Thaxton, Troy Smith, Percy Busby, J. F. Strickland, Evelyn McGee, Elaine Kierbow, Marie Kelley, Mary Alice Henry, Jewell, McCloud.

2nd grade, Myla Cheeks, John Jr. Caldwell, Dan Gresham, Jack Goss, Manning Pilgreen, Dean Thomas.

80% and above, Norma Shirey, Violet Roach, Fay Autrey, Lavelle Barrett, Lonnie Bratton, Nelda Caldwell, Morelle Elliott, Elaine Fuller, Thomas Flurry, Dorothy Golden, Coraldind Green, Doris Kelley, Romain Knowles, Mary June Brewster, Louis Kelley, Norman Lindsey, Bulah Mizel, Maurice Moore, J. W. Mabry, Harrell Moore, Tressie Odom, James Pratt, J. T. Porter, Junior Reeves, Azalea Salley.

1st grade, Thelma Breed, Beatrice Busby, Wilber Bailey, Grover C. Black, Richard Evans, Dayton Grafton, Mary Francis Hollis, Yvonne Johnson, Dorothy Moore, Marguerite Thomas, Marie Tucker, Laurin W. Peppers.

80% and above, Joe Robert Booles, Marie Burns, Ray Allen, Troy Grafton, Ruthell Golden, Mertle Claire Henry, Paul Klerbow, Jr., Ila Mc Clung, Billie Troy Rioroan, Fred Salley, Maurice Tabor.

P. T. A. Meet

The P. T. A. met at the High School building Wednesday afternoon. A large number being present. Four new ones were added to the roll.

A splendid program was rendered. Mrs. G. C. Black and Mrs. W. F. Grafton attended the P. T. A. State meeting in Monroe Thursday and Friday. They gave a very inspirational message of the meeting.

A vote was carried to continue the P. T. A. meeting through the summer, and we hope to have more of the parents from the rural district at the meeting in June.

A reward was given to the grade having the largest per cent of parents present. First and Second grades won the reward which was a picture for their school rooms. The following is a list of how the grades were represented:


During the social hour refreshments were served by the Home Economic.


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