Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 29, 2010

Our kids from Camp Creek, Mt. Union, Canaan, and Spearsville enjoyed Vacation Bible School last week. The younger children came to Spearsville and the older ones went to Mt. Union. I understood Brother James to say that we had forty-two attending at Spearsville not counting the workers. Needless to say, it was a fun-time; a time to become closer friends and a time to study God’s gave of their time to make VBS such a success.

Oda Rockett and her family gathered in Dustin, FL. for a great time on the beach. Her daughter, Kim, posted pictures on Facebook, so I was able to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf and seeing the family as well. Facebook is a wonderful invention!! Over the last week or so I went on a trip, via Facebook, to Thailand with Brian Williams and his family; saw the beauty of S. Korea through the camera of Chris Taylor; enjoyed the beauty of Yellowstone and other beautiful parts of out West with Jessie Boyett and her husband, as well as went along on a trip to Germany with my granddaughter, Helen. All this while sitting at my desk with just a computer!!! WOW!! Even in this little Village of Spearsville life can be fun and exciting.

It was so good to look up to see Vergil Rhodes walking into church and taking his seat in his usual place on Sunday morning accompanied by Mary Gene and their daughter Laurie and her family. Last week he had, also, come but I was absent and didn’t see him. Mary Gene said that Vergil wanted to go out and look at all the work that has been done in the Fellowship Hall. He is doing much better, as you can tell, and we are hoping, since he is able to eat more solid foods, he will soon be able to come home and stay. Continue to pray for healing and his strength to return.

Camp Creek Baptist Church has a new pastor — Rev. Jerry Green who recently served as a missionary to Brazil. A few weeks ago, he visited our church, along with Camp Creek and other area churches, during a Mission Week. Bro. Green was such an interesting speaker and was enjoyed by all who heard him; we look forward to meeting him again as we share joint services throughout the year. I didn’t understand just when he would be on the field but, hopefully, it will be soon.

Lee Barron and his sons, Jake and Luke, are visiting Clyde and Lynette Barron. Since Lee lives in FL, he is not able to come home as often as he would like; however, he keeps up with things through THE BANNER and doesn’t fail to scold me when I play “hookey” and miss a week of writing. Those boys, Jake and Luke, have such fun in the country on Pa’s (Clyde’s) four wheeler and all of those great country meals. Lee is very special to all of us as he makes a point of speaking and hugging necks as he visits at church or the dining site. Us “old Folks” like to be noticed and hugged by our grown-up kids and look forward to each visit.

Nell Upshaw had a heart attack last week and had to be airlifted to El Dorado were they did surgery to insert stints and balloons. She is doing much better but is going to have to slow down a bit and just take it easy for awhile. That will be hard for her, for she loves to garden, work in her flowers, and cook. Maybe Wilbur will be able to hold a tight rein on her and with proper care be back to some of her normal activities — just don’t go off in that boat, a mile or so up the river all by yourself, any more!! Get Well Soon, for we miss you.

Dale Elkins is out of the hospital and is in rehab at Glenwood in W. Monroe. Doris and either Kent or Kathy is going each day to visit with him. Hopefully he can return home soon. Paige Elkins was able to be at VBS last week but continues to need therapy and will be just back and forth to New Orleans for awhile. A lung transplant and the heart surgery has not been a walk in the park but Paige has a lot of determination, a strong family support system and an enduring faith; she will, with God’s help, be back fully recovered soon. Continue to remember her in your prayers.

Two weeks ago, my sister Floy Rea and I went to Nashville and my son, Bobby came back with us. It is so good to have him home; someone to talk to, someone to cook for, someone to help me do some of those things that I can’t do and someone to leave a note to on where I am going and when I will be back. It is good to have a family again.

Thought for the Day

The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You must catch it yourself.

— Benjamin Franklin


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