Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
February 28, 1906
M. L. Gaines to B. N. S. Simmons, lot in Archer, $25.
Mary E. Harrell to Union Saw Mill Co., 40 acres land, $230.
J. H. B. Robertson to W. P. Taunton, 20 acres land $30.
W. L. Brantley to Ben. Taylor, 280 acres land, $145.
Walker Breed to W. H. Smith, 80 acres land, $300.
C. M. Eiseman to Union Saw Mill Co., 320 acres land, $1280.
A. F. Stancil to J. L. McDermott, 80 acres land, $825.
J. L. McDurmott to O. T. Stancil, 40 acres land, $312.50.
W. M. Crawford to M. C. Walker, 384 acres land, $1000.
Clark, Phillips & Co. to R. D. Cox, 160 acres land, $242.50.
Annie Camfield to C. A. Leslie, 160 acres land, $200.
M. L. Cherry in C. A. Leslie, 3 acres land, $75.
L. E. Green to A. Green, 40 acres land, $60.
J. S. Cobb to Union Saw Mill Co., lot of land, $1000.
Gen. W. Stewart to Benj. F. Stewart, 40 acres land, $100.
W. W. Richardson to J. C. Effie, 10 acres land, $100.
G.W. Harper to G. H. Harper, 40 acres land, $200.
L. G. Groves to L. E. Smith, 108 acres land, $210.
B. F. Odom to R. F. Odom, 7 acres land, $21.
Mrs. Mattie Tugwell and E. O. Tugwell, to Mrs. Mattie Ramsey, 90 acres land, $83.


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