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The Gazette
February 28, 1906

Mr. Will Andrews of the Conway neighborhood was in Farmerville Tuesday.

Mr. Geo. Moore of Shiloh was a visitor in Farmerville Tuesday.

Mardi Gras is on in full swing in New Orleans this week.

The balmy days which we have had lately looks as if the springtime is here for sure.

Mr. S. W. Ramey of Monroe spent several days of last week in Farmerville.

I will be in Farmerville from March 12th to the 17th and in Marion from March 19th to the 24th. Dr. J. M. THURMAN.

Mr. A. J. Mashaw of Ruston has been here for the past week working at his trade of watch repairer.

Mr. J. W. Parks, Police Juror from ward 8, was in Farmerville last Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. H. W. Ragan of Ruston has been in Farmerville for the past few days on business.

Misses Helene Selig and Ellen Haas, after a visit of several weeks in Monroe returned home last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Has of Monroe are visiting friends and relatives in Farmerville.

Miss Flora Hirsch of Natches, Miss., is visiting in Farmerville, the guest of the Misses Selig.

We are informed by Dr. Evans that Mrs. Math Taylor is quite sick at her home seven miles east of Farmerville.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., for their special offer for January and February. DO NOT DELAY!

Mr. P. Norris, who lives six miles north of Farmerville on the Oakland raod was in town Tuesday and while here paid us an appreciated call.

The dwelling house of Mr. J. J. Gates was totally destroyed by fire one night last week. The loss is estimated $500 with no insurance.

Mesdames M. J. Pearson, J. B. Crockett and Branden made a trip to Monroe last Friday and returned home the same day.

SEED CORN. “We have the Celebrated New Madrid Seed Corn both Yellow and White. It pays largely to plant it, see us. MONROE GROCER CO. LTD., MONROE, LA.

We here that a young man by the name of J. W. Roberts of the Colson neighborhood fell off a raft in the bayou D’Arbonne last Monday as was drowned .

Conductor J. B. Crockett and wife, formerly of Farmerville but now of Falsenthal have been visited friends in Farmerville for the past week.

Dr. C. H. Jameson, wife and daughter arrived on the Bob Blanks this morning en route from New Orleans to their home in Farmerville. — Evening News.

Mr. C. H. Hudson, Police Juror of Ward 7, was is town Friday and while here paid us an appreciated call. Mr. Hudson informs us that he has succeeded in getting a new post office established out at his place the name of which is Bunkerhill.

Mules! Mules! On Friday, February 27th I will have a car of Missouri Mules in Farmerville for farming and logging purposes. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

The Women’s Missionary Union of the Farmerville Baptist Church will meet with Mrs. Thedesia Ramsey on Thursday afternoon, March 1st at 3 P. M. This will be an important meeting and all members are urged to attend. Mrs. J. W. Elliot, Pres.

ARE YOU WISE to let such an opportunity pass to make you independent? There is always a demand for telegraph operators and stenographers. Attend the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La.,  Railroad fare and first months board paid for all students entering now. Write for particulars.

To Union Parish Teachers

The Teachers Institute will convene in Farmerville, La., Mar 10, 10:15 A. M.

The following program has been arranged:

  1. Presentation of Infinitives and Participles – J. C. Monroe.
  2. Conducting Recitations – Miss Stella Digby.
  3. Literature in the Home and School – W. C. Roates.
  4. Solo – Miss Molly Powell.
  5. Value of Drawing in the Primary Grades – Miss Evalyne Ruth Evans.
  6. Address – S. N. Mason.
  7. The Influence of attractive Schools upon the Homes.

Citizens as well as teachers are heartily solicited to attend all associations, but discussions are not at all secret.

Yours in work, J. G. Ray, Pres.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., want fifty students to make themselves INDEPENDENT by studying telegraphy and shorthand. Write them at once for their “SPECIAL OFFER”.

We learn that a young man named William Taylor, a son of Mr. James Taylor who lives a few miles north to town accidentally shot himself while out hunting a few days ago. It seems that he and his brother were out hunting and had crossed the bayou in a boat and were getting out when the hammer of the gun struck the side of the boat and went off. One of the young man’s hands was shot off and several shots lodged in his neck but it is not thought that his wound will prove fatal.

Mrs. J. D. Fenton, while busy with her household duties Monday afternoon had her clothing to catch fire in some way and before she discovered it she was almost covered with flames. When she found that she was on fire she ran screaming into her room where her children were. To get to her room she had to go across the hall and the wind blowing caused the fire to spread to every part of her clothing. Mr. and Mrs. Elder who live just across the hall, hearing her screams ran to her assistance and by promptly throwing blankets around her succeeded in smothering the fire but not however, before Mrs. Fenton had been terribly burned, and she is, at the time of this writing (Tuesday afternoon) is a very critical, condition although the physicians seem to think that there is still some hope for her recovery. Mrs. Fenton’s brother, Mr. Mose Hartman of Ruston and her sister, Miss Reita, who is teaching at Cecil have been summoned to her bedside.

Later: Just before going to press we learn that Mrs. Fenton died of her injuries this morning at 1 o’clock. To her loving husband and little children, her mother, father, brothers and sisters, The Gazette extends heart felt sympathy.

Attorney F. W. Price of Ruston was a business visitor in Farmerville last Friday.

Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Jameson and little daughter Bell, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lee Davis returned Saturday night from a trip to New Orleans.

Rev. Jno F. Elder of Mangham, Okla., who has been visiting Rev. Elliott in conducting a series of meetings at the Baptist Church left for his home Monday morning.

NOTICE OF OVERSEERS. Overseers on North and South side of Lutre in Ward one warn no hands that worked Lutre bottom last year as same hands are subject to work this year. J. B. CLARK.

The series of meeting which has been going on at the Farmerville Baptist Church for the past two weeks came to a close Sunday night. We are informed by the pastor, Rev. Elliott, that the meeting was highly satisfactory and that there was twelve new members brought into the fold.

Married — At the residence of Capt. M. W. Wilsons, on Tuesday night, February 27, 1906, Miss Cordelia Alexander to Mr. Oscar Freeland, Rev. Elliott officiating.

NOTICE TO PUBLIC. From this date the rate of the Hartman House will be $2.00 per day or 50 cents for each meal.

Olive Dawkins left this evening over the Monroe and Little Rock Railroad for Farmerville to spend several days with her grandmother Mrs. S. A. Thompson, — Evening News.

King Alfonso is evidently a believer in the maxim about marrying in haste.


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