Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 13, 2010

Ever week I start off with a weather report, but it is just hard for me to believe that the temperature has been above 100 for so many days with the heat index being 110 – 115 on most days. When I step outside the heat is so oppressive that I scurry back inside as quickly as possible. Unbelievable!!! I know we are to be thankful in all things, so I say “Thank you, God, for sending those wonderful showers, interspersed, for a little relief” and air conditioning!

Last week Steve Bodine heard about the plight of Denise Clement’s Aunt Kate and the coyotes killing her baby calves (new Iberia, LA); Steve offered them one of his donkeys to solve this problem. The family drove up to get “the solution” and had a nice visit with the Clements as well. Where else, but in Spearsville, would you find a neighbor that would give someone, that he didn’t know, one of his animals to help them in their time of need? I tell you, you just can’t beat these folks in Spearsville for being good neighbors. Thank, Steve!

Danny Manning is at home and this is for real. I ran into Joyce, his mother, in Wal-Mart last week, and she told me that Danny is at her house and doing quite well-even feeling like doing a little of the book work of the church. Hang in, Danny, and we’ll continue to pray for a complete recovery. We’ve missed seeing you at the various churches on 5th Sunday and look forward to that time when we will see you again!!

Vergil Rhodes is now able to be at home; this is another prayer answered. He moved back last Friday. They have some help coming at night so that Mary Gene will be able to handle everything during the day. This family is so good to pitch in so Vergil is going to be in good hands with everybody happier that he is at home; Vergil is right where he belongs and we give God the praise and glory for this recovery.

My Granddaughter, Helen, is back in New Orleans after ten-week stay in Berlin, Germany. It was a wonderful experience for her, but we are so glad to have her back on this side of “the pond” and getting ready to head back to college this Fall. MA is a long way but at least we can drive there or fly in a few hours – if a need arises.

Peggy and Charles Futch celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception, at the James Place in Ruston on Saturday, hosted by their children, Stacy and Steve. It was beautiful with lots of friends and relatives in attendance; a good time to relive lots of great memories. We are glad they decided to move back home for their retirement years. Peggy keeps busy in her yard tending her beautiful flowers; lots of lilies – all colors and all kinds, as well as being very active in church work. I don’t know exactly how Charles fills his time but he doesn’t have that big shop, behind his house, for nothing, and he is always busy. Congratulations, Peggy and Charles!! Best Wishes for many more years!! We love you!!

The Little Yellow House is getting close to a time when we will open the doors for visitors. Two rooms have pictures — with space for more. This week the carpet, donated by Gene Barron, will be installed (John Thompson, Jr. and Bobby Walton have gone to West Monroe for it this morning). I can hardly wait; this is a real treasure. Make a point to come by and see it in the next few weeks and if you haven’t already done so already, make a donation. A lot of work and a lot of money has gone into this community project and will need much more, if it is to be the best it can be, as a great legacy, for our children and grandchildren. Only through the vision of our mayor, Bob Shoemaker, the gift of property by Pat Freeman, the generosity of the Village of Spearsville, the pictures sent from so many people, the donations of private citizens, and a year’s volunteer work, each week, by Gene Barron, Floy Rea, Ethelle Colvin and Oda Rockett has this project gotten to the point it is now. Come by and see it ask how you can help and let’s keep it going. Let’s make it something we can be proud of as it will be passed down from generation to generation!!!

First Baptist, Spearsville, celebrated its 162nd anniversary on Sunday with a great homecoming. We enjoyed seeing and visiting with so many old friends and having Bro. Steve Dominey and his wife, Missy, back with us, as well as Dale Liner, a former music director. When Bro. Steve was here, he quipped, that he had hair and no children and returned 11 years later with two wonderful kids and no hair. Lol. The message was great and very challenging for our daily walk with Jesus to be more like Him; Jennifer and the choir did a great job with one of those good fast moving songs; Avery Bennett Wilson sang a beautiful and moving special (Bro Steve said that Avery was just a 10 year old when she sang when he preached in view of a call). Dale did a great job leading the congregation as well as doing a special solo. We were reminded that two years ago Dale’s life hung by a tread, and he became one of God’s miracles with heart surgery and a liver transplant both withing a short span of time. God has been so good to our family for sparing his life when even the doctors lost hope one night in July 2008. We prayed all night as well as people throughout LA.

After the service we had lunch with delicious food and lots of it. Never have I seen so much at our church and such a variety. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and a special “thank you” to our young adults!!! They keep things “humming” and they’re good cooks, too.

Thought for the Day

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but rather that you have decided to see beyond the imperfections.


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