Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 19, 2010

School started last Friday!!! This is going to be a very different beginning from any that we have ever experience before; out high school students will be attending FHS and seniors will not be graduating from Spearsville for the first time since 1923. (My dad was in that 1st graduating class –, at the age of 22 as he had to wait for a high school to be built to continue his education). The students will, also, be on a four-day schedule. This sounds really good to the students and to the teachers, I suspect; however, only time will tell how it really works out. Perhaps all of this will be for the best, but it is very difficult for us old folks to adjust to so many changes all at once. Hopefully, this year will be an exceptionally good one for kids, teachers, parents and administrators. “Happy Trails” to all of you who are beginning this new journey!!

Jeff Bennett is to undergo an eye surgery again on Tuesday; hopefully, for the last time and we wish him the very best. They have had a hard time, lately as Hunter, Jeff’s son, had to have back surgery, a couple of weeks ago, to repair damage done in an old football injury. The recovery time will not allow him to play football for LSU during his first year of college. Hunter is already looking beyond this to to the next three years of college football. He is a good kid and a great football player. Good Luck, Hunter!!

There is good news about Danny Manning!! He is, not only at home recuperating, but is back in church leading music and assuming his duties as the church treasurer. He is truly a walking miracle and we give God the praise and glory for his recovery!!

Betty Barron, her daughter Kelli, and the two grandchildren, Evie and Jacob took a little vacation to the Ozarks last week. Betty met Kelli at her home in Shreveport and left from there for a week’s getaway. They spent time at the AR Folk Center in Mt. View, toured the cavern at Blanchard, drove throughout the countryside, and even saw a camel grazing with the cows and horses. The kids got really excited about that. Betty said that it was a good, restful vacation with her kids and lots of good, fun quality time together.

This past weekend Stanley and Jennifer Leonard enjoyed the visit of their granddaughter, Jantzen. After church they along with Ann and Johnny Heard, went to El Dorado for a little get-together with Beverly and Frank Willett. Adam, Beverly’s son, and his wife, Katy, are heading back to Louisville, KY, where they are attending seminary. Adam will have a birthday this week, so they enjoyed celebrating with homemade ice cream, cake and of course, gifts. We wish Adam & Katy the very best this year as they endeavor to follow God’s direction/guidance for their lives.

The Clements are taking this country life seriously and have added two new members to their family, two beautiful new white Pekin ducks for their pond. We call them the AFLAC Ducks. While Enola and Chet are growing accustomed to their new home. They are staying on the far side of the pond and are staying out late at night. Hopefully, the fox and mink will not notice them as, I am sure, they would make a delicious meal for these wild animals. Other people in this rural area, that I have known, have had a problem keeping ducks. Hopefully, the bright lights of this little village will keep Enola and Chet safe. They are so pretty and will be such a joy to watch; providing hours of entertainment for Tim and Denise.

Probably the best news that we had all week was the good rain we had last night. I heard different amounts; some said a little over an inch, while others swore their gauge had an inch and one half. Either way, it sounds good to me, and it really sounded good as it was falling last night. That was, truly, one of God’s most precious blessings of the week as it has been so hot and so dry. I have been told that we will, likely, get more rain this week with a “cold front” headed our way with temperatures dropping to the mid nineties. WOW! It couldn’t come at a better time – the first week of school and just when we thought we couldn’t stand another day of temps in the triple digits with the heat index up as high as 115. Let’s give God a big “Thank you” for this relief!!

Thought for the Day

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is, also, what it takes to sit down and listen. — Winston Churchill —


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