Bernice High School News

The Bernice Journal
May 9, 1929

By Journalist Club

Faculty News

Mrs. Thompson went to El Dorado Saturday.

Mrs. Mabry and Miss Jones spent Saturday in Ruston.

Misses Talbot and Kilpatrick spent Saturday in El Dorado.

Misses Hester and Golden spent the week end at their homes in Downsville.

Mr. Hooter spent the week in Ruston.

General School News

The “P. T. A.” was held in the High School Building last Wednesday evening. The first, second, and fifth grades had the largest number of parents present.

The following program was given, P. T. A. meeting at Monroe, by Mrs. G. C. Black.

P. T. A. meeting at Monroe by Mrs. W. F. Grafton.

Reading by Evelyn McGee.

Childs Hygiene by Dr. Colvin.

Care of Teeth, by Dr. Laurence.

Old and new business by P. T. A.

Social hour.

Base Ball News

The Bernice baseball team went to Lisbon, Tuesday for a game.

The boys have had lots of practice work in the last few weeks.

This game was unsuccessful for our team, however and the score was 18-4 in Lisbon’s favor.

Lisbon returned this game here Friday. The team played harder this time than before and also Lisbon did not have such a decided advantage. Our team was defeated 9-7, because of three costly errors and several bad plays.

Freshmen News

Miss Melba Reynolda spent the day in Summerfield Sunday.

Miss Gussie Lane Moore went to Dubach Saturday.

Miss Evelyn Welch went to Ruston Sunday.

Miss Beatrice Heard was sick Friday

Miss Dorris Wainwright went to El Dorado Saturday afternoon.

Miss Essie Knowls is being visited by her sister, Mrs. J. A. Roberts from Hanibal, Missouri, who has not been home since Thanksgiving.

Several of the Eight Grade students took dinner at Shiloh Sunday.

Misses Mildred Cooper and Alma Goss attended church here Sunday.

Miss Opal Johnson went to Ruston Saturday night.

Miss Ruth Green was absent from school Friday on account of sickness.

Miss Beatrice Heard went to Ruston Sunday afternoon.

Young Burns was absent from school Friday.

Junior-Senior Reception

On May 3rd at 8:00 p.m. the Seniors came to the High School building with the “gladdest” hearts of all the year, and they were met by the Juniors who seemed no less happy. The hallways and entrances of the building had been made beautiful by flowers and decorations of rainbow colors. Every Senior felt that he was wearing the rainbow and was looking for the pot of gold.

The period of entertainment was a glorious hour of fun. Beautiful prizes for winners in contests were given to the couples W. L. Lee and Miss Aline Tanner, and Mr. Hooter and Miss Allegra Phillips. The Juniors with the help of Miss Kilpatrick had left nothing undone that could add to the pleasure of the evening.

When the time came for refreshments Mrs. Green played “The Long Long Trail” as a Junior led the procession up the stairway and into the Home Economics Department where rainbows ruled again in decorations, flowers, favors, and a two course luncheon. The refreshments prepared by the Juniors under Mrs. McDonald’s supervision can never be surpassed. It was no trouble to “Put a rainbow round your troubles” while here.

From the time the Seniors had received their beautiful had painted invitations with their rainbows and sweet peas, they had looked forward to this event and now they wish it could happen all over again.

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