Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 26, 2010

The little Village of Spearsville has certainly been in the throes of Summer – some call August the “Dog Days of Summer”. Whatever you call it, it has certainly been an experience and very trying; especially for those who have to work outside. The 1.6 inch of rain last night helped, however, we can hardly wait for Fall to come.

Oda celebrated her birthday this past week. It has been like Christmas in August. On Tuesday, Helen Campbell, Pat Saunders, and Marie Rockett treated her with a wonderful day out with lunch at The Log Cabin in Ruston. Delicious food, wonderful gifts, and lots of fun and laughter with old friends made for a very special day for Oda.

It was so good to see Joan Smith back in church after she received a new pacemaker to give her heat that extra boost that it needs from time to time. She is doing well and appreciates all the prayers on her behalf.

Vergil Rhodes is attending church again and is enjoying being home. There is nothing like being in your old familiar surroundings with the people you love and people who love you. Please continue to pray from him, Mary Gene, and the kids in the days and weeks to come.

Joye Barron Iles and her husband Wayne were visiting Maurene Barron this past weekend and attended church on Sunday. Maurene, who is in her late 90’s now, is truly an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She was always been and continues to be faithful to her church and to her family. Those wonderful traits that make her so special have been passed down to her children as they so lovingly care for her in every way.

The Little Yellow House is almost ready for its first public viewing. Gene Barron donated enough carpet to cover all three rooms and it was installed last Friday. We still need those old pictures you have tucked away in the cedar chest or trunks. The ones we have are great but we need lots more, so start digging if you are connected with Spearsville or any of the communities that make up Spearsville. We do not keep the original. Gene is wonderful at copy/photography and will get the original back to you.

Bro. James presented special Bibles, from the church, to the children during the Children’s Sermon. They were The Adventure Bible and are age appropriate – picture/read to me bible for the preschoolers and the older children received ones they could read themselves with lots of pictures. There kids were so excited; Jordan Cottrell ran back to his mother, Elsie, and wanted her to read it to him right then. These kids are so cute; we are so proud of them and their parents – the future of Spearsville Baptist Church and a bright future it is!!!

Next Sunday will be the regularly scheduled time for our 5th Sunday Singing. It is going to be extra special for we will get to meet the new minister at Camp Creek Baptist Church, Bro. Jerry Green, as well as see Danny Manning back leading the music after months of being in the hospital. He is truly one of God’s miracles and living proof that God hears and answers our prayers. To Him we give the honor and the praise for this great healing.

The message that Bro. James gave to us Sunday was very appropriate for the times we live in so many distractions and so much discontent with others. In the 4th chapter of Ephesians Paul admonished us to grow in Christ. If we are to do this, the growth must come from within ourselves: 1.) Make sure our values are in sync with the Values of God. 2.) Allow God to mold us and not our peers. 3.) Accept others as they are. 4.) Love others as we love ourselves. 5.) Close the door on yesterday’s hurts, sorrows, and mistakes and allow God to handle the things you can’t.; He always does a better job. This was a wonderful message for each of us; a great reminder of God’s proper role in our lives minute – by – minute and day – by – day.

The Clements, Tim and Denise, were visiting John and Bonnie Rhodes on Saturday and saw a mother fox and her seven little ones crossing the back yard. A wonderful sight but it won’t be long before they will be all grown up and on the prowl, looking for a meal. Chet and Enola, our new Pekin ducks in town, had better sleep with one eye open or they will provide that meal. John said that he has a regular animal preserve in the strip of woods behind his house. Recently, they have watched, not only foxes, but a mother deer and her two fawns as well as a raccoon and her babies. Maybe this can explain having no figs/pears this year after an abundant crop on the trees.

Thought for the Day

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.


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