Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 16, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010, was a day for remembering throughout our Nation. We, in the Little Village of Spearsville, were watching and listening to those moments when our country was so viciously attacked by a radical group who truly believe they are fulfilling the will of their God “Allah” for we are infidels that must be eradicated. Some say the coverage was too much but this must be done lest we forget, for as the years pass memories dim, the facts get twisted by our news media, and our children will grow up with a distorted view of what actually happened — Three thousand people, innocent people, lost their lives and tens of thousands more found their lives in shambles. May we never forget and may we continue to pass these memories of 9-11, day of infamy, down to the generations that are to follow through pictures and stories.

Bro. James brought a very relevant message to us on Sunday morning about a relevant Twenty-First Century shepherd, Jesus Christ; He was relevant to the first century and cared for the needs of that day and today. He cares for the needs in today’s world. If we will rely on Him, seek His will in our journey on Earth, our destination will be Heaven – our eternal home. This so simple and such a beautiful picture!!!

Peggy Futch sent me an update on Danny Manning and it really sounds good. After Danny was told of the low probability for the need of radiation, he decided that he would just keep a real close watch for anything popping up again and deal wit it at that time. This decision, if all continues to go well, will eliminate the side effects of therapy and maybe even allow him to do a little squirrel hunting this fall. We applaud Danny for that wonderful, positive attitude. Good going, Danny! God is on your side and He will see you through.

Last Wednesday the Spearsville Triad met for its regular monthly meeting. Sheriff Bob Buckley and Neal Shaw were the guest speakers. Mr. Buckley gave an update on the progress of the new building that is being built behind the old Walmart that will house his office and the Triad as well, with a large room that could be used for large gatherings. The facility could even serve as an emergency shelter as it will be equipped with showers, cots as needed, and a large kitchen. Neal Shaw, as a long time meteorologist, showed slides of past storms/tornadoes in our area and talked about the precautions that needed to be taken when either a warning or watch alert is given by a weather station. They advised us to get a weather radio that operates on batteries as well as electricity for our special alert system. After the meeting was over refreshments were served by Maxine Taylor, our president, and Susan Edwards, the Triad Director. It was a very enjoyable and informative meeting. If you are a senior citizen, the Triad is a wonderful group to join. It keeps us active, informed and a part of a group with like interests.

I just talked to Karen Trull and she told me that her brother, Pat Risinger, is in Schumpert Hospital and has recently had repairs to his heart-stints & balloons. He is doing much better and, if all goes well, he might get to come home today or tomorrow. Let’s continue to remember him in our prayers that God would strengthen him and restore him to good health once again.

A group of past graduates of Spearsville High School, Karen Risinger Trull, Peggy Barron Futch, Evelyn Thomas Beaird, Bobbie Sue Wade Nolan, Carolyn Wade, and Floy Bennett Wade came by to see the Little Yellow House. They enjoyed seeing the work that has been done and pictures of so many people they knew, have known, or knew, about hanging on the walls. After seeing the work still to be done they decided to hop in and volunteer to do some painting. This Tuesday they will put on their painting clothes and help us get ready for open house on October 9th. Many times I have told you that the people of Spearsville are the best; they see a need and volunteer their services. Our hats are off to this group!!! If you have roots in Spearsville, come by and visit and you, too, might see some way you can help us make this a treasure to leave to our children and grandchildren.

Billy & Doris Henderson came by last week was well, bringing old family pictures and visited with Floy Rea. The lock on the door was being a bit stubborn and they couldn’t get in to see what has been done. Come again, Billy & Doris, I know the secret to the lock now — John Rhodes shared this with me.

Thought for the Day

God didn’t promise us days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain; He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the day.


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