Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 23, 2010

“Fires” has been the operative word in Spearsville this week. It seems that every few days I am hearing the sirens and seeing our brave volunteers head out to yet, another fire. The first of the week a controlled burn on a cutover on the Firetower Rd. started up again after it was thought to be out. In just minutes the fire had swept over into an adjoining pasture — everything is so dry, from this extreme heat and no rain. The last of the week, out firefighters were out again, in the same vicinity; Donna Post Langley’s chicken house was on fire. By the time they got there it was too far gone as the fans down through the chicken house were just, rapidly, pulling the fire down through the building. All they could do was save the over houses and keep it from spreading onto the dry grass of the surrounding area. Spearsville Firefighters did a wonderful job under adverse conditions — temperatures up around one hundred and a fierce firs with even hotter temps. If you see any of these guys be sure to say “Thank You” and it wouldn’t hurt to give a little donation to the department for gas, repairs, and insurance for those trucks. It could be our house next and it is sure good that there are people volunteering to give their time for the good of our little village and the surrounding areas.

I just said that “fires” was the operative word but maybe it is “volunteers”. On Tuesday, four former classmates, from 1st grade through high school, showed up to paint the kitchen of The Yellow House Gallery and Museum: Karen Trull, Evelyn Beaird, Carolyn Wade and Bobbie Sue Nolan. WOW, did they do a good job. They, not only put the finishing coats of paint on the cabinets, but painted the walls as well. It doesn’t look like the same place. On Friday, Bobby Walton put up the sheetrock in the kitchen; John Thompson came on Saturday and showed him how to tape over the seams and mud over the screws. Bobby is now in the process of putting the finishing touches on before painting this wall. We are on the countdown for the Open House on October 9th and everybody is giving that extra push. Our hats are off to everyone who is making our special day possible!!!

A couple of weeks ago Oda Rockett and her family met in Houston, TX for a birthday celebration of her great-granddaughter, Reagan. She enjoyed the birthday festivities; party, visiting with family as well as the beautiful drive down with her daughter, Kim Brantley. This family has always been a close-knit family and they have built wonderful memories down through the years and continue this tradition with the grandchildren and great grands. Oda says that she has kept a journal for years of all the major events in the life of this family which is, certainly, a treasure to be passed down to future generations. Even now, her girls will call to see what they did on a particular occasion — out comes the journal to relive these wonderful times.

Bonnie Rhodes, Terri Booth and Bonnie Alford have just returned from a fun trip to Branson. They spent a day at Silver Dollar City, playing and taking in shows; then they took in a couple of night shows, as well as eating at the famous restaurant where they throw rolls when another one is requested. It is amazing – the accuracy of the throws and how few, actually, land on the floor. When I ate there, several years ago, I had to have someone else do the catching, for mine would have, surely, been on the floor. Bonnie did say that she never realized how many hills she would have to walk up and down — I reminded her that it is in the Ozarks and they are mountains. She didn’t find this funny as she is just hobbling around after all this walking up and down.

Tim and Denise spent a few days in Abilene, TX visiting with relatives. On the way they had a blowout (about 30 miles out of Dallas) going 70 MPH. God was with them and Tim, safely, got the truck over on the shoulder where they could wait for assistance from AAA. Denise looked real cute, sitting in her wheelchair, waiting on the sidelines, enjoying the moment while Time took care of things. In short order they were on their way again for a wonderful few days of visiting. We’re glad they were able to visit relatives (a nephew just back from Afghanistan, Tim’s sister Tish and her husband and a cousin, Helen & family) and have such a good time but it is always good to have our folks back home in Spearsville.

James Frank Smith is going into a hospital in Shreveport for hip replacement today. Out thoughts and prayers are with him and this family. Hopefully this will alleviate the pain he has been dealing with and make it possible for him to resume some of his retirement activities — like hunting.

Our condolences are extended to the Larry Bush family; especially to Opal, his wife, their children, his siblings, extended family and the many friends who have been so faithful during these many months.

Thought for the Day

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good, therefore, that I can do, let me do it now … for I shall not pass this way again.


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