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The Bernice Journal
May 16, 1929

Miss Evelyn Welch went to Farmerville Sunday.

Mother’s Day

At 10:30 o’clock, May 12th. man of the people of Weldon community assembled at Alabama church to celebrate “Mother’s Day”. To say that it was a success in every way only expresses it in a small degree. The songs, recitations, and addresses were well rended makes us appreciate Mother more and helps us realize more fully what mother means to the world.

Many nice things were said of the programme and the hearty cooperation of some of the Baptist people helped to make it a success. After the programme was finished a great feast was spread in the shade of those beautiful trees and all had a good social time while partaking of the many nice things to eat.

After the noon hour was over the people reassembled at the Methodist church for singing. After singing awhile Rev. Moreland, Pastor of the Methodist church, paid a great tribute to our Mothers.

When these services were ended all went home feeling that it was good to be there.

May all of of us be constrained to lead better Christian lives and many mothers wield a grater influence for good on the lives of their children.

NOTICE Don’t forget to bring all your tickets for free $10.00 dress to be given away Saturday May 18. THE FASHION SHOPPE, Mrs. J. F. Smith

Miss Pauline Odom of Shreveport spent the week end here with her parents.

Mr. Marion Odom and family of Norphlet, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Williams of Junction City spent Sunday with Mr. W. L. Odom and family.

Fish hooks and lines at MODEL VARIETY STORE. Mr. Jack Riordan left Monday for Tyler, Texas to enter Tyler commercial College.

Mrs. R. C. Smith is visiting her son, Mr. A. A. Smith at Summerfield.

Mrs. Emma Porter and Mrs. Walker Denham were the guest of Mrs. C. L. Tabor Sunday after noon.

Miss Moreland is the guest of her brother, the Rev. L. P. Moreland and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Heard and family of Shiloh were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tabor Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis spent last week end with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hutto.

Mr. and Mrs. Tabor had as their guest Sunday Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hicks and family of D’Arbonne.

LOST – One Blue Jersey Bull, about 2 1-2 years old, left my place about January 1st. Reward for recovery. J. L. E. Thaxton.

The Rev. Spurgeon Wingo attended the State Convention in Memphis, Tenn. last week.

NOTICE Taken up at my home One Bird Dog Setter, black and white speckled came to my home April 15th. Owner can get same by paying charges. R. T. Porter, Bernice, La., R. 2.

Misses Thelma Bradshaw, Tressie Cook, Messrs. George Grafton and Roy Foust were visitors in Shreveport Thursday. Miss Cook will remain in Shreveport to visit her brother.

Mr. Will Thaxton is confined to his home on account of small pox.

Little Mitchell Hicks of Farmerville is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. G. C. Hicks.

Beauty is only skin deep — and sometimes equally shallow.

There’s a fall in store in store for the man who is above his work.

It’s a waste of time to tell a women that it is a wast of time to worry.

Mrs. M. C. Still and brother, Mr. A. A. Smith of Summerfield were business visitors in Shreveport Friday.

Mr. A. C. Foyil and family of Gurdon, Ark. spent the week end here with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. White.

Mrs. G. W. James and Mrs. J. W. Mitchell of El Dorado visited relatives and friends here this week.

Mr. B. L. Patterson and family of Alice, Oklahoma spent Sunday here with his brother, R. W. Patterson and family.

Miss Francia Fields, who has been teaching in Lisbon High School, is the guest of Miss Hilda Fuller this week, before she returns to her home in Indiana.

Mr. Grayson Hicks of Monroe visited relatives here Sunday.

FIVE ACRE CONTESTS. Come on fellows and enter your names in the five acre cotton and corn specials. The prizes are good. The purpose of this competition is to build, so that is good. We are going to use a method of counting the bolls of cotton on a certain number of feet in various parts of the patch and compute the amount that can be raised and if the actual yield is reported out of line with the boll counts and the number of boll it takes to weigh in pound and etc. then we will use the proper methods to give us the truth so that the prizes can be rightly awarded. With this being the case the field is wide open for the competition. Your names must be in my hands not later than June 1st. Come in full force. J. V. Rabb, County Agent.

Gifts for the graduate MODEL VARIETY STORE.

Misses Mary Wainwright and Mattie Maude Smith spent the week end with homefolks.

Mr. E. F. Welch, president of the Welch-Platt Motor Co., left Tuesday for Flint, Mich., to attend a meeting of Chevrolet dealers. While there he will visit all of the different departments of the Chevrolett factories.

FOR SALE – 2 Thorough bred Rhode Island Red rooster 1 year old, will sell for half price.

Mrs. R. W. Patterson, Mrs. Floyd Matthews of Shreveport and Mrs. Volentine of Ruston were guests of Mrs. C. F. Brewster, Wednesday.

Mrs. Jannie Fuller, Clyde C. and Virginia Colvin spent Wednesday night with relatives in Junction City.

Dr. O. E. Glover and son, Mr. James Glover spent Saturday night in Strong, Ark. They were accompanied home by Mrs. R. L. Barbee.

Misses 3-4 socks in peach, pink and white all silk. Value $1.00 now selling for 50c just a few left.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lusk and son, of Homer, visited relatives here Sunday.

Mrs. Tena Salley and children of Monroe visited relatives here Sunday.


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