Bernice High School News

The Bernice Journal
May 16, 1929

By Journalist Club

High School News

Annual Sermon

Bernice High School Auditorium

Sunday, May 19th 1920

Eleven O’Clock


  • Doxology congregation standing
  • Invocation, The Reverend M. V. Burns
  • Song High School Chorus
  • Announcements, N. L. Moncrief
  • Scripture, The Reverend Spurgeon Wingo
  • Song, High School Chorus
  • Sermon, The Rev. Spurgeon Wingo
  • Benediction, The Reverend L. P. Moreland


Twenty-Second Annual Commencement Bernice High School

May the twenty-third 1929 March

Salutatory – “The New South – Lucile Nicklas
Chorus – Girls’ Glee Club
Valedictory – “A Perfect Tribute ” – Doris Watson
Class Song
Address – A. E. Phillips, La. Tech

Presentation of Diplomas

J. O. Pettias, La. State Normal College

Awording of Honors – N. L. Moncriet


Senior Play

Seniors gave “The 13th Chair” Monday night, May 13. This play of mystery held the audiences and those who like to solve a mystery enjoyed it. Miss Carroll and the seniors appreciate the kindness of all who let them borrow material for the stage.

The sum of $89.05 was received. This will be used for graduation expenses.

Senior Party

Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Moncrief entertained the Seniors and faculty of Bernice High School Friday night, May 10.

As the guests entered they saw beautiful decorations of sweet peas and roses in the living room and dining room.

All guests were requested to bring farewell rimes, Seniors to teacher and teaches to Seniors. When the last guest had arrived each one read his rime. Mrs. Brodie Green won the prize.

Another form of amusement was the “dog and cat” contest which afforded lots of fum.

Other contests were the Automobile and Penny.

Delicious refreshments consisting of strawberry ice cream and angel food cake were served when the contest was over.

Seniors will never forget this evening of pleasure and will always remember Mr. and Mrs. Moncrief as splendid host and hostess.

7th Grade Program

The 7th Grade will have their annual Graduation Exercises, Wednesday night, May 22, Grammar School Auditorium.

Salutatory, Vivian Reid.
Cornet Solo , Donald Lindsey.
Reading, Helen Hollis.
Class Song
Valedictory, Thyra Mabry.
Vocal Solo, Lyle Gresham.
Address, The Reverend L. P. Moreland.
Presentation of Certificates, Mr. N. L. Moncrief.

7th Grade Program

Mr. Hooter went to Ruston Sunday night.

Mr. Tom Maroney of Marion was the guest of Miss Sudie Carroll Suday.

Mr. Hooter went to Strong Saturday.

Miss Kilpatrick spent the week end in Marion.

Misses Hester and Golden were visitors in Ruston Saturday.

Mrs. Mabry is back in school after several days of illness.

Home Economics Department

The Eighth Grade (B Section) of the Home Economics Department entertained several of the faculty at luncheon Tuesday. It was a splendid luncheon and every one enjoyed it greatly.

The Grammar School Students Store is doing nicely with its candy and school supplies.

Freshmen News

Miss Essie Knowles spent the week end with her friends Misses Inia and Malda Grafton.

Miss Vern Sterling spent the week end with Miss Maida Buckley.

Misses Mildred Cooper and Alma Goss went to Homer Sunday, to a singing convention that was held there.

Miss Dorris Wainwright spent Saturday night with Miss Cortez Hicks.

Miss Opal Johnson has been sick for the list few days, but came back to school Monday.

Among the freshmen going to Pisgah Sunday are: Misses Evelyn Faulkner, Thelma Evans, Jean Stout, Mr. Aubrey and Clyde Barrett.

Junior News

Miss Mary Hollis spent the week end in Ruston.

Miss Ellen Key went to Ruston Sunday.

Mr. Buford Cagle spent Sunday in Strong.

Miss Alline Tanner went to Weldon Sunday.

Misses Birdie Welch and Ruby Lee Odom spent Sunday in Pisgah.

Miss Alice Patrick is the (the paper did not finish it).


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