Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 30, 2010

For the past two weeks I have had computer problems – couldn’t attach the article and Danielle couldn’t open when it did attach. When I did get it to attach and she could read it she got it nine times – that was so funny. I am hoping today everything has been worked out and I don’t have to dash to Bernice to carry it – computer literate, I am not.

Last Tuesday, Patsy Saunders celebrated her birthday at Delta Interiors in Homer with her special friends:

Helen Campbell, Janice Daniels, Marie Rockett, Ann Sones, and Oda Rockett. This was a wonderful place for a lunch gathering with delicious food. While waiting for dessert Patsy had fun opening all those gifts. Oda said they didn’t mention age at this party for it is irrelevant with people in this age group – just a number anyway. Happy Birthday, Patsy!!

One Tuesday of this past week my half sister, Carole Marie, came by for lunch and a visit with Floy Rea and I on her way to Dallas. This was a wonderful surprise!! Over the years we knew we had a sister, Carole Marie, but we did not see her. Last year she came to the Rockett Reunion and we all had such a great time, getting to know each other, at our Rockett Cousin’s Retreat on Lake D’Arbonne. It is amazing how much sisters are alike – even when they didn’t grow up together. Now that we have made the connection, we do not intend to lose it ever again. You never can have too many sisters!!

Tim Clements, our Fire Chief, and the Volunteer Firefighters of Spearsville are going to have a fundraiser Saturday at the Fellowship Hall at Spearsville Baptist Church. Everyone come out and enjoy sub sandwiches/Hoagies, chips, dessert, and a cold drink. The price is $6 for the plate lunch. We all like to eat and what better way can you support of our fire department and not have to cook all at the same time? Feel free to give a little extra if you can for everything is expensive on those big trucks. I understood Tim to say that the insurance is over $2,000 per year and then those trucks just guzzle the gas. The state does not give us enough money to operate on so we just have to chip in to support this program. Who knows, you or I might have a need and there was no way they could respond – it could happen – they don’t give gas away as we all know!!

Union Parish update on our sick: James Frank Smith had his hip replacement last Monday and came home on Wednesday. He is doing real well but quite impatient to get off of that walker as squirrel/deer season is just around the corner. Peggy Rockett continues to be able to stay by herself with help. Ricky, her son, goes over every night and helps her get in bed and then again each morning to get her up. With the Home Health Services and a few hours of hired help, she seem to be doing quite well. Roy Holloway had lung surgery on Wednesday, I believe. He is in the VA Hospital in Little Rock where a growth was removed from the lower lobe of his lungs. Hopefully, the cancer has been successfully removed and he can get back to feeling like doing all the things he enjoys. A Speedy Recovery to you Roy!!! Perry Risinger is home from the hospital after a bout with his heart. The last I heard, he was recovering nicely. Hang in there Perry, we are all wishing you well!!!

Bro James delivered such a wonderful message Sunday from Psalms, 54 & 55 on God as our Refuge, Helper and Strength when the storms of life come (and they will come). We do not have to face our enemies alone for He can and will deliver us from our troubles; we can look with triumph in the eyes of our foes just as He did thousands of years ago, in David’s time. This is such a comforting message for not only are we beset with personal problems, but our problems abound – nationally and internationally. May we as Christian people remember His promises, claim them as His children through daily prayer, individually and collectively.

Mark October 9th on your calendar. It is a very important day if you have roots in Spearsville as this is our special day for you to visit the Little Yellow House. In the past week the final touches have been put on it to make it worthy of our great heritage. So many people have stepped up to the plate to make this day possible. Not only did we have the painters, Karen Trull, Carolyn Wade, Bobbie Nolan & Evelyn Beaird, but Bobby Walton put up the sheetrock in the kitchen, finished and painted it. The kitchen is just beautiful and it was possible through volunteers. On Friday, Pat Taylor and Keith Byrum took a flatbed trailer to Bernice to pick up two display cases. They were met by Minor Patton, Mr. Lee, and Danny of Bernice who helped with the heavy lifting. These cases really added a special touch and gives a place to display special items such as a crocheted bedspread that was made by Aunt Jenny Cobb, Helen Sim’s aunt, almost a 100 years ago, a garter with tatting made by Ruth Dudley – (her special gift to all young brides of the community), and hand painted porcelain by Eunice Cole. We will add to our display as items are loaned to the museum.

The Rockett Reunion is also being held on the 9th of October. Be sure and come – bring a covered dish.

We look forward to visiting with all those Rocketts and eating all of that good food!!


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