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The Bernice Journal
May 30, 1929

FOR RENT. 8 room house for rent $15.00 per month. C. T. Salley.

Miss Ruth Peppers is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. L. Goyne at Frairbanks.

Mesdames Etta Goyne, W. L. Odom, R. V. Heard, M. W. Lawrence, C. C. Colvin, G. O. Cagle, N. Watson attended the divisional meeting of the W. M. U. at Winnfield Wednesday.

Mr. P. H. Gray, of Cherry Ridge, was a business visitor here Wednesday.

See HICKS for ladies ready-to-wear.

Mr. H. J. Odom spent the week end here with his family.

See HICKS for accommodations.

Mrs. G. E. Lindsey and children are visiting in New Orleans this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Dent Colvin of Dubach visited relatives here Sunday.

Mr. A. C. Dykes and family of Farmerville were guests of Dr. C. C. Colvin and family Sunday.

See Mrs. Julia Marsh for room and board and rooms for light house keeping.

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Sally were business visitors in Hodge Tuesday.

See HICKS for bathing suits.

Mrs. Charley Patterson of Junction City was a visitor here Wednesday.

GRAVE YARD WORKING Everyone interested is invited to attend a grave yard working at Alabama cemetery, Friday, June 7. Come prepared to work, bringing hoes, rakes and pitchforks.

NOTICE. Tax payers, town of Bernice. All taxes un paid after July 1 will be advertised for sale. Eliza Grafton, Tax Collector.

Mr. G. K, Ozley has accepted a position at G. C. Hicks store.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hammack were visitors in Homer, Monday.

Mrs. C. J. Goss and children have moved to Fairbanks where Mr. Goss is now employed.

Mrs. L. L. Sally and children left Monday for Monroe where they will make their home. Mr. Sally has been there for the past year.

Miss Gladys Melton who has been teaching in Haynesville’s school is at home for the summer.

Miss Nan Ison is visiting friends and relatives in Bienville and Shreveport this week.

Mrs.Gresham of Pinebluff is the guest of her sister, Mrs. T. N. Gresham.

Mr. George Adcock spent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Adcock.

Mr. Malvin Jennings and Mr. Fuller Smith were business visitors in Shreveport, Sunday.

Mr. W. R. Lynn and family were visitors in Kimbletown Sunday.

A big shipment of wash silk dresses just arrived this week at THE DEP. STORE – Maude Phillips

Miss Mary Green of Monroe spent Sunday here with her mother.

See HICKS for piece goods

Mr. E. F. Welch arrived home last Friday from Flint, Mich., where he attended a meeting of Chevolet dealers. While gone he visited several places of interest, besides going over into Canada.

Capt. O. Baughman of Farmerville was a business visitor here last Saturday.

Rev. B. C. Smith left Monday for Morton, Texas where they have purchased a farm.

Senator Robinson Speaks to Large Crowd

Last Saturday afternoon Senator E. B. Robinson addressed a large crowd of citizens of this community. Mr. J. D. Caldwell tendered the use of the Palace Theatre for the occasion, and the house was almost filled to capacity.

Senator Robinson explained in a very plain way the procedure and the final action in the recent attempt to impeach Governor Huey P. Long. He told of the charges brought against the governor, of the action during the taking of testimony before the members of the legislature and of final action of the senate when that body of good citizens was accused of signing the “round robins” as some of the opposing side claimed it was.

The talk of Senator Robinson was highly appreciated by every one who heard it, and all were better satisfied after hearing for themselves the actual happening at Baton Rouge.

P. T. A. To Meet

Everyone who is interested in the Parent-Teacher Association should be present at the Grammar school building, Wednesday June 5th at 8 o’clock. A very interesting and profitable meeting was held the first Wednesday in May. We are hoping to have a large attendance the first Wednesday in June.

Publicity Committee


According to the list of graduates sent to this office by Mr. Reed, Parish superintendent, there are 108 in the six High Schools of Union Parish:


School Closing

On last Thursday evening the final exercises closed the term of Bernice school.

On that occasion Mr. A. E. Phillips of Louisiana Tech delivered the address to the graduating class. Mr. J. O. Pettiss of Louisiana State Normal College presented the diplomas.

The Bernice school has made wonderful progress under the management of Mr. Moncrief and the other teachers.

Those receiving diplomas are as follows: John Stanford Brazeal, Era Tubbs, John David Reeves, Lucille Nicklas, Everett Jackson Grafton, Frances Stiring, Fred Roach, May Belle Ryale, Mattie Lou Gray, Allegra Mae Phillips, Velma Doris Watson, Mignon Lindsey, Stella Moncrief, Percy Flurry, Ruth E. Nelson, Joe Paaulk Bowlin, B. L. St. John, Jr., William Bennett Farrar, Chloe Nutt, Malda Audrey Grafton, Maggie Moncrief.

See HICKS for shirts and ties.


We have received innumerable complaints from friends and contributors that they have been approached by certain parties representing themselves as our authorized collectors and in some cases stating they were affiliated with us. The Louisiana’s Children’s Home Society, Inc. of Jennings, Louisiana. this society has only two authorized collectors on its staff, Helen Flint, M. D. and Charles S. Cook, Vice Pres. The public will confer a favor upon this society if it will call our head office in Jennings number 401, at our expense if any other persons solicit money claiming to be in our employ, detaining them until we are notified

Louisiana’s Children’s Home Society Ind
By Charles S. Cook, Vice President & Director of Finance


Last Friday evening, May 24, the Senior B. Y. P. U. was entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Tanner.

Several enjoyable games were played during the evening after which delicious refreshments were served. Everyone then departed for thier homes after having had a most enjoyable evening.

See HICKS for ladies ready-to-wear.

Mr. Fuller Smith was in Dallas, Texas, the first of the week buying goods for the Toggery Shop.

Big Sale

The big clearance sale that is now on at the Toggery & Fashion Shoppe is within the reach of everyone in this community.

Do not waste your time pondering over a catalog, wondering if this, and that will look well for the price. Then run the risk of whether or not the color will suit or exact fit, etc., Now to settle all of this trouble. Read the big circular that you receive from The Toggery & Fashion Shoppe.

Fill out your order blank and take it to the Toggery & Fashion Shoppe. There you have the privilege to see and make your own selection.

7th Grade Graduates

Last Wednesday night, May the 22, was graduation night for Grammar school students in the seventh grade. The following names 38 in number received certificates: David Caldwell, Melba Grafton, Ray Bowlin, Helen Hollis, Max Copeland, Mary Moreland, Donald Lindsey, Pauline Kierbow, Clyde Copeland, Mildred Stewart, James Gaston, Lovie Tabor, Floy Tabor, Victor Tabor, Pauline Green, Thyra Mabry, Vivian Reid, Vergie Moore, Margarette Harrett, Robert Bailey, Fred Gresham, Lyle Gresham, Azilee Porter, J. Y. Odom, Eva Taylor, Hilton Ferguson, Moses Mizell, Henry Flurry, Curtis Tucker, Hellen Orren, Curtis Gray, J. L. Grafton, Lane Grafton, Mattie Pinkard, Helen Kent, Geogia Taylor, Eveline Reagan, A. D. Roach.

See HICKS FOR groceries and feed.

Mr. Harry Fuller of Winnfield was here Sunday visiting relatives.

Mrs. Bradshaw of Shreveport spent several days here with her daughter, Miss Thelma Bradshaw.

Mr. Henry Salassi was here Sunday visiting friends.

“Uncle” Bob Booles is confine to his home on account of illness.

Truett and Fred Sally are spending this week in El Dorado with their cousin, R. W. Farrar.

Mr. Pleasant Heard of Winnfield visited relatives here Sunday.

Stockholders Meeting

The Stockholders of the bank of Bernice. Bernice, La., are hereby notified to attend a meeting of the Stockholders of this bank at Bernice, La. in office of said bank between the hours of 2:00 to 4:00 o’clock p.m., on June 3rd., 1929, for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors in conformity with Article four (4) of the charter of this Bank and for the purpose of attending bo all such business as may come up at that time. Dated at Bernice, La., this May 1, 1929. BANK OF BERNICE by L. H. Pratt, Cashier.


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