Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 07, 2010

Fall is definitely in the air!! These cool crisp nights and 80 degrees days are really refreshing after the sweltering weather of the past month or so; now if we could just get a good rain to help those turnip and mustard seed come up that John Rhodes, Wilbur Upshaw and all our other gardeners have planted. We also know it is Fall when the talk everywhere we go is about football — LSU and the Saints. Even I heard about the God smiled on LSU Saturday against TN. The game was lost until it was discovered that TN had too many players on the field — that penalty gave LSU just the needed time to push that score into the winning column — unbelievable after people were already congratulating TN on a win!!!

Saturday was a big day in Spearsville; the fundraiser for our volunteer fire dept. and the election. The subs were delicious as well as those cakes; they took in over $1,000. After expenses are deducted it will still be a great success and quite a boost to our coffers. Our men are so thankful for your support for this as well as voting “yes to the taxes. We get so little money from the state that it has been impossible to get this dept. up to a level that would reduce our insurance premiums. This will, at least, put us on the road to the necessary equipment and training that is required for a rating from 10 to an 8 or lower. Our hats are off to these guys who get up in the middle of the night or go out on their days off to serve this community!!!

Sunday night they were up most of the night for they were called out, about 2:00 AM, for a bad wreck on the Iron Mt. Rd. They had to call for help from the Bernice Dept. as Spearsville does not the proper equipment to extricate a person from a smashed car. They had just gotten home (Johnny Rhodes said that he had just gotten on boot off) when they were called back to the scent because it was feared that the spilled fuel would ignite. Thanks to all our guys and all the people who came out to help them.

We are almost ready for our Open House at the Little Yellow House Museum this Sat., Oct 9th. Jim Cottrell put the new picnic tables and park benches up last Saturday. Gene Barron and his committee just have a few more pictures to get on the wall. This is an ongoing project, so if you have old pictures that you would like displayed bring them when you come or get them to a member of this committee and they will be framed and displayed at a later time. We have plenty of room.

There is a new barn going up on Dr. Joey Barron’s place on Spearsville Rd. He had wanted to keep his daddy’s barn but it was in such bad shape that it had to be demolished. He has done a beautiful job of restoring the house, making a pond and now the barn is just what he needed to complete his project — hope he paints it barn red like the old one. — who knew?

Several people were recognized at church for October birthdays: Vergil Rhodes, Wilbur and Nell Upshaw, Jennifer Lenard, Ann Stone-Heard, Kristen Canterberry, Shirley Miller and Barbara Walton. Curtis Thomas played the guitar and sang a beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace”. He had written another verse that added to the beauty of this old and special hymn. We are so proud of Curtis and his family and all of our young people for the many things they do for our church.

Vergil Rhodes is able to come to church each Sunday and even to Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night as well as to the dining site each day for lunch; that looks to good to us. This takes a lot of effort but he is a fighter and faithful to his service to God and this community; a true inspiration to his family and to all of us who know and love him.

Thought for the Day

For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing. — Edmand Burke

All of us, who call ourselves Christians, should pray and pray without ceasing for our country and for our leaders that wise decisions would be made in these turbulent times. God’ intervention is our only hope.


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