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The Gazette
March 7, 1906

Mr. J. M. Wallace left Monday on a business trip to Shreveport.

A party of Farmerville sportsmen left Tuesday afternoon for a camp fish on King Lake.

Mrs. James B. Rabun was here on a visit several days last week.

The Circuit Court of appeals will sit in Farmerville on the third Monday in this month.

Mrs. J. B. Crockett, who was here last week left Saturday for her home is Felsenthal, Ark.

Judge G. A. Killgore of Baton Rouge visited relatives and friends in Union Parish last week.

Ex-Governor Hogg of Texas died in Houston last week.

The Farmer’s Union held a meeting at the courthouse here last Thursday with a large crowd in attendence.

Mr. Peter Wadley of Junction City was a business visitor to Farmerville Monday.

I will be in Farmerville from March 12th to the 17th and in Marion from March 19th to the 24rd. Dr. J. M. THURMAN.

Mr. W. D. Turentine of Ruston, manager of the Lena Piano Company of that place was in Farmerville Tuesday in the interest of his firm.

Judge R. B. Dawkins was in Monroe several days of last week presiding over a session of the court of appeals.

Editor A. J. Bell, formerly of this paper is now in charge of the editorial chair of the Ruston Weekly Press.

Amid a large crowd of sorrowing friends and relative the remains of Mrs. J. D. Fenton was laid to rest is the Farmerville cemetery last Thursday morning.

Mr. W. F. Jackson, the first man to work up the survey for the Ruston & Farmerville railroad and the past two years a resident of Farmerville has moved to Ruston and resides in southeast portion of town.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., for their special offer for January and February. DO NOT DELAY!

Mr. L. M. Pardue dies last Monday week at his home near Homesville and was buried the following Tuesday. Mr. Pardue was 73 years old and had spent the most of his life in Union Parish. He leaves a wife and several grown children to mourn his loss.

SEED CORN. “We have the Celebrated New Madrid Seed Corn both Yellow and White. It pays largely to plant it, see us. MONROE GROCER CO. LTD., MONROE, LA.

Messers J. S. Cobb, W. W. Taylor, T. A. Heard, D. E. Ford and J. M. Dawkins, Jury Commissioners, were in Farmerville Tuesday in pursuance to a call issued by Clerk of Court Edward Everett to draw a Grand and Petit Jury to serve for the ensuing six months.

Mules! Mules! On Friday, February 27th I will have a car of Missouri Mules in Farmerville for farming and logging purposes. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Among the many friends and relatives attending the funeral of Mrs. J. D. Fenton last Thursday were Rabbi I. Heisberg, Miss Etta Shuster and Mesdames Kuhn, Block and Rabun of Monroe, and Mr. Gus Perryman and Mrs. J. P. Fenton Ruston.

B. Y. P. U. Program ofr Baptist Church Farmerville, La. March 11th 3 P. M.

The Church and our obligations to it.

Leader … Miss Olive Baughman

1. Opening Exercise
2. Scripture reading Acts 2: 1-11, Matth. 28: 16-20, … S. Raley
3. Hymn
4. The obligation to preach the Gospel to every creature, and the missionary motive, – Bro. Simmons
5. The duty of a Church to worldwide evangilazation .. Dr. Love.
6. Select Reading … Robert Mathews.
7. Hymn.
8. The need of Missionary information — Bro. G. E. Murphy.
9. Hymn.
10. What our church is doing and ought to do. .. Public Discussion.
11. Select reading … Bessie Murphy
12. Hymn.
13. Closing exercises.

Mrs. J. W. Elliott. Pres.

ARE YOU WISE to let such an opportunity pass to make you independent? There is always a demand for telegraph operators and stenographers. Attend the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La.,  Railroad fare and first months board paid for all students entering now. Write for particulars.

Mrs. Anna R. Simmons of Chicago, national organizer of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union was billed to deliver a lecture at the. court to deliver a lecture at the court house Tuesday night but for some reason she did not get here.

Card of Thanks

We take this method of thanking our many friends for the assistance rendered during the late illness of our dear wife and daughter, and for the sympathy extended us after her death. While there is no relief for a bereavement like ours, yet the sympathy of our friends was sweet to us and we pray God to bless them and spare them such a sorrow.

J. D. Fenton – Mr. and Mrs. G. Hartman.

The Farmer’s Union Meeting

The Farmers Union of Union Parish met in call session at the Court House in Farmerville on Thursday March 1, 1906 and was called to order by President J. C. Rockett. A committee of Bro. J. E. Fergerson, L. N. Holmes and J. C. James were appointed on credentials. Committee on credentials reported the following members present and entitled to seats: F. H. Rockett, R. H. Barron, W. J. Patric, W. T. Linney, L. M. Fergerson, J. E. Fergurson, E. B. Harris, B. F. Grafton, Geo. Reagin, W. P. Tucker, W. H. Denton, W. D. Cole, G. E. Scarbor, Guss Gulley, A. James, J. C. James, W. P. Tanton, T. J. Pilgreen, J. H. Smith, J. J. Smith, A. M. Dison, and Lawyer, Hollis. Minutes of preceding meeting read and approved. Bro. Holmes offered a resolution formulating a plan to secure an organizer for the parish, which was adopted. On motion the Union adjourned until 10 o’clock P. M.

Afternoon session. Members present as in the for soon. Bro. Holmes made a very interesting and instructive lecture on the cause of failures among farmers which was well received. On motion Brother T. K. Phillips was appointed parish organizer for Union, and Brother L. N. Holmes, J. E. Fergerson, and L. M. Fergerson were appointed a committee to notify Brother Phillips of same and in soon he does not accept the position to secure the service of someone else. The following resolution was offered and adopted. Believing that the secured and quickest way to success, freedom and independence is by making our farmers self sustaining.

Therefore, be it resolved by the Farmers of Union Parish, La. that we earnestly urge the membership of this organization to make an earnest effort to produce everything in abundance that is needed for home consumption.

On motion the next meeting of the Parish Union was fixed for the second Wednesday in June 1906, at Farmerville. A motive prevailed authoring the secretary to furnish a copy of these proceedings to the Union Herald and the Farmerville Gazette with request to publish.

No other business the Union adjourned.

J. C. Rockett, Pres. – J. M. Dawkins, Sec. & Tres.


After about three weeks of illness Mr. William Foster died at his home near the Point post office. He was the son of Mr. S. M. and Nettie Foster and was born August 18th., 1896 and died February 15th., 1906. He joined the Missionary Baptist Church in July, 1901.

Dear William was a strict member and was always ready to praise God wit his beautiful songs. William was loved by everybody that knew him as he always met his friends with a smiling face and words of cheer. He was the sunshine of the home for he was so kind and loving. He was father’s and mother’s joy; brother’s and sister’s pleasure but now he is God’s treasure, God so loved him that he took him from father and mother to dwell in that home where loved ones have long gone before.

We miss and mourn for you, dear William and our sorrows we deeply feel but ’tis God that has bereft us and He can heal all our sorrows. William is resting with Jesus and sweetly reposing within His embrace, free from all sorrows and woes he can hear the shining angels say: “Jesus has given him a home on Canaans happy shore,”

Dear William, we sadly miss you here but over on that shore we shall again meet you and then will part no more.

No wail of mourning there in that bright glory land,

All the tears are wiped away by Jesus’ loving hand.

A sweet voice on earth is heard no more, the long waited for has come.

The Savior’s heart is glad! A younger brother has reached the Father’s home.

Ella Stevens

Mrs. Matilda Selig has been on the sick list for several days past.

Mrs. M. J. Pearson left Friday morning for Lapile, Ark., to visit her parents

D. E. Laupheimer returned home Monday night from a trip to Monroe.

G. A. McElroy, one of the most prominent fire insurance and cotton men in the state died at his home in Ruston last week.

The case of Dr. A. P. Bush and his son, Madden, charged with the murder of Jack Guise was called for trial in Shreveport Monday but on account of the serious illness of Madden Bush his case was continued.

Write the American Telegraph and Shorthand Collage, Bastrop, La., want fifty students to make themselves INDEPENDENT by studying telegraphy and shorthand. Write them at once for their “SPECIAL OFFER”.

The celebrated boundary line suit between the states of Louisiana and Mississippi involving about one Million acres of oyster beds off the coast of St. Bernard parish was recently decided in favor of Louisiana by the United States Supreme Court.


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