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The Bernice Journal
June 13, 1929

A Good Program

On last Monday night Ray Thaxton and friend Pharoah Taylor, rendered a splendid program at the Grammar school auditorium. The program was largely attended and everyone present was highly pleased.

The boys are putting an another program at Dubach Thursday night and will put on one at Hico Saturday night.

Ray Thaxton and Pharoah Taylor are two boys attending the blind school at Baton Rouge and are good artists in entertaining their hearers. These boys are entitled to the patronage of the entire community. As they are not asking for your assistance. But are good entertainers and you will get your money’s worth by attending one of their programs. Go if you like real good singing, reading and music.

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Mr. Lambert, engineer from state highway department, arrived in Bernice Tuesday and began the staking of the extension of the Bernice-Farmerville highway.

Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Lawrence were Ruston visitors Sunday.

Mrs. C. C. Young, of Talulah, Mr. Geo. W. Welch and family of Homer, are here visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Welch.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tabor a fine boy, Monday June 3rd.

Mrs. Florence Lee and daughter Lorane of Weldon and Mrs. Jim Heard of Shiloh were guests of Mrs. C. L. Tabor Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howard, Miss Caroline Green and Mr. A. J. Patterson were visitors in El Dorado Sunday.

See the pretty dresses of wash material just arrived this week at THE DEPT. STORE. Mause Phillips.

Mrs. C. H. Goyne and son of Shreveport are the guests of Mrs. Etta Goyne.

Mrs. R. V. Heard and Mr. Wicklift Lawrence left Tuesday for Nashville, Tenn. to visit relatives.

Mrs. J. T. Porter, Jr., Mrs. Minor Bennett and Miss Maude Moore, visited in Shreveport this week.

Rev. M. V. Burns preached Sunday night in the absence of the pastor, Rev. Wingo who is conducting a revival meeting.

Mr. J. B. Tabor who recently moved to West Monroe, was here Monday on business.

Miss Gladys Melton is visiting Mrs. R. L. Barbee at Strong, Ark.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Cook and granddaughter, Miss Lolita were visitors in Farmerville Wednesday.

Mr. G. W. Newton of Ansley was a visitor here Wednesday.

Misses Mignon Lindsey, Mary Green, Melba Grafton, Messrs George and Glenn Grafton were visitors in Monroe this week.

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Mr. D. W. Caldwell and family and Caldwell Harris visited Mr. D. E. Caldwell and family in Shreveport Sunday.

Mrs. Jessie McCallum spent last week with Mr. C. L. Tabor.

Miss Lucile Gresham left Monday for Natchitoches to attend school.

Mrs. Erskin Gaston and baby of Temple Tex., are here visiting her parents.

Mrs. John Robinson and son are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Robinson.

Mrs. Addie Williams spent the week-end with her son Mr. J. T. Williams and family at Haynesville.

Miss Tressie Cook is at home from a visit in Winnfield.

Dr. and Mrs. D. B. Garland came home Monday night after spending several weeks in New Orleans where Dr. Garland went for an operation. Mrs. Garland says the operation was a complete success and that Dr. Garland is getting along nicely. The operation was the removal of cataracts.

Dr. R. P. Thaxton and daughter, Miss Edith of Mansfield, spent the week end with Mrs. J. C. Digby.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy McDonald spent Sunday in Marion with relatives.

Mrs. C. T. Salley visited her parents at Lillie Sunday and was accompanied home by her sister Mrs. Otis Farrar.

Misses Lois Burns and Lurline Thaxton spent the week-end in Monroe with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Williams have returned from a fishing trip on Lake Buoy, they report an enjoyable trip and the catch of fish was fine.

Mr. Grady Phillips and family of Norphlet visited relatives here Sunday.

Marie St. John of El Dorado is the guest of Miss Helen Boldwin.

Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Green are visiting relatives in Baton Rouge.

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Pollock spent the week-end in Kinder.

Mr. J. F. Smith was a business visitor in Farmerville Wednesday.

Mr. E. J. St. John and family of El Dorado spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Baldwin.

Miss Sudie Carroll is attending State Normal College during the summer.

Mr. Grady Cook and family of Haynesville visited relative here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Autrey visited Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Autrey in Ruston Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hutto visited Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tabor Saturday afternoon.

Miss Alice Burns arrived home Tuesday from L. S. U.

NOTICE. The partnership of L. Z. Robinson and J. C. Coplin, Jr., has been dissolved by mutual consent and I hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any claims hereafter. Dated June 7, 1929. L. A. Robinson.

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Talbot and daughter Miss Myrtle are at home from a visit to relatives in Arkadelphia and Stamps.

Mr. W. L. Odom and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Williams in Junction.

Building Parsonage

Work has begun on the erection of a new parsonage by the Baptist people of Bernice. Mr. J. C. Wev of Monroe has the contract, and has a large crew at work on the foundation now. The new structure is being built between the old parsonage and the home of Mr. C. E. Miller. The Committee having charge of the building decided to remodel the old parsonage and keep it for renting. Mr. Wev is also doing this work.

Mr. Van Odom left Monday for Anniston, Ala. where he will be in military training at Camp McClellan.

A Fish Fry

One of the most enjoyable stag events of the season, was a fish fry on last Friday night. The occasion was promoted by Dr. M. W. Lawrence and the plans were executed by his highness the mayor, Mr. J. M. Talbot. The party was composed of Messers. G. E. Lindsey, C. J. Heard, R. W. Patterson, C. E. Miller, J. C. Phillips, Drs. O. E. Glover, M. W. Lawrence and Mayor J. M. Talbot.

Dr. Lawrence had arranged with Messrs. Jake Lowery, Bob Portor and Rob Austin to secure the fish necessary. These three fellows are noted for their ability to persuade the tiny tribe over their way. And at about 11 o’clock at night they began to get results from their effort and about 1 o’clock everybody present had eaten all the fish they could possible hold.

There is more to this fish story, but we refuse to tell all we know about it.

First Cotton Bloom Mr. J. A. Evans, of Route 2 was in town Saturday showing the first cotton bloom of the season. He also had with him a real cotton boll.

Mr. John Pratt and family of Malvin, Ark., are here visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pratt, and other relatives and friends.

666 Is Prescription for Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue, Bilious Fever and Malaria. It is the most speedy remedy known.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Barbee of Strong, Ark., spent Sunday here with Dr. O. E. Glover.

Mr. J. T. Hollis and family of Marion visited relatives here Sunday.

CARD OF THANKS. We take this method of thanking our many friends for their many acts of kindness shown as curing the illness and death of our husband and father. Also for the beautiful floral offering, which was appreciated so much by each and every member of the family. Mrs. J. W. Hammett, Mrs. T. T. Stewart, J. A. Hammett, Mrs. W. A. Fuller, Aubrey Hammett, Mrs. Dewey Thompson, B. J. Hammett.

Mr. W. R. Lynn and family are spending the week on Long Lake.

Miss Bert Pollock of Kinder is at home for the summer.

McCALLUM – TUBBS Mr. Ernest McCallum of Bernice, and Miss Pearl Tubbs of Hico were united in marriage at Ruston last Thursday. We wish them much happiness and success.

Mr. J. T. Hollis and family of Marion, spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hollis.

Mr. W. H. Harris is in Farmerville serving is a member of the parish equalization board.

J. W. Hammett

Mr. J. W. Hammett, aged 71 died at his home near Weldon Sunday morning June 9, 1929 at 1 o’clock. He leaves a wife and six children. Three boys, B. J. and J. A. Hammett of El Dorado and Aubry Hammett of Shreveport, thress daughters, Mrs. W. A. Fuller, Mrs. T. T. Stewart, and Mrs. Dewey Thompson all of Bernice.

Mr. Johnson Williams of Junction City has accepted a position with the Welch-Platt Motor Co.

Mr. B. B. Wilkenson of Baton Rouge was a week end guest of his sister Mrs. E. B. Green.


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