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The Bernice Journal
June 20, 1929

Mrs. J. T. Johnson and Mrs. S. P. Tabor of Shiloh visited Mrs. C. L. Tabor Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Chase of Dubach was the guest of Mrs. F. J. Booles last week.

Miss Melba and Mr. Glenn Grafton accompanied by their mother, were visitors in Monroe, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B Hollis went to Shreveport Sunday to see their daughter, Mrs. H. E. Colvin who is there in a sanitarium.

Mrs. Luther Nicklas returned from Shreveport, Friday where she has been in a sanitarium.

Mrs. Ruth Brewster, who recently moved from Bernice to Ruston and her mother, Mrs. J. H. Fasier of Choudrant were guests of Mrs. C. L. Tabor Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Ruth Sally and children of West Monroe visited Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tabor Sunday.

Misses Lida and Melva Reynolds have with them this week their cousin, Miss Martee Davidson of Summerfield.

Miss Pauline Odom has accepted a position with the Under Wood Typewriting Co., in Shreverport.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McCallum of Homer were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Tabor Sunday.

Monday, June the 24th is the monthly business meeting of W. M. S. at the Baptist church.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Williams of Junction City, have moved to Bernice, Mr. Williams is an employee at the Welch-Platt Motor Co.

Mr. C. W. Moncrief and family of Rio Grand Valley, are here visiting friends and relatives.

Mrs. Dean Knox is here visiting her mother, Mrs. C. J. Morton.

Miss Velma Booles has accepted the Pisgah school for the ensuing year.

Mrs. Sam Phillips who has been visiting her father, Mr. P. H. Mabry has returned to her home in Shreveport.

Ray Thaxton and Pharoah Taylor will put on a reading and musical program at Summerfield Friday night.

Miss Rubye Lee Odom is visiting relatives in Dubach.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hicks visited Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hicks at Farmerville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rockett, Mr. Sidney Pratt, and Miss Opal Hammock attended the show in Ruston Tuesday night.

Misses Bert Pollock and Mary Wainwright were visitors in Monroe Sunday.

Mrs. W. A. Smith and children of Summerfield were guests of Mrs., M. C. Still and Mrs. R. C. Smith Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Miller were visitors in El Dorado Tuesday.

Mr. Doyle Motley of Houston, Texas is here visiting his parents.

Miss Opal Hammock of Summerfield is the guest of Mrs. Frank Rockett.

Mrs. J. T. Porter, Jr. entertained at bridge Tuesday.

Mr. H. J. Odom of Farmerville visited his family here Sunday.

Miss Thelma Bradshaw visited her mother in Shreveport Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Daniels and Mrs. Mitchell of Monroe were the guests of Miss Lavada Harris Sunday.

Mr. S. L. Baldwin was a business visitor in Ruston Tuesday.

Mrs. W. A. Ferguson who has been in a Shreveport sanitarium came home Tuesday.

Mr. J. F. Smith was a business visitor in Ruston Monday night.

Miss Mattie Maude Smith spent the week-end in Tyler, Texas.

Ours is a truly great and glorious country; it produces spring chickens all the year round.

Whatever you hear, don’t forget that there are always some facts you do not here.

After one is accused, nothing will clear him in the opinion of suspicious people.

A good many men who try to ride the wheel of fortune puncture the tire before they go very far.

NOTICE. The partnership of L. Z. Robinson and J. C. Coplin, Jr., has been dissolved by mutual consent and I hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any claims hereafter. Dated June7, 1929, L. Z. Robinson.

We still take old dollars on subscriptions. The new money is real pretty, but the old dollars look good to us.

Read the Bernice Journal for a year for a dollar.

Deputy Sheriff Sale. State of Louisiana, Parish of Union, Eighth Justice Court. F. J. Booles vs. R. B. Shelton. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a judgment issued out of the Honorable Eighth Justice Court in and for Union Parish La., in the above entitled suit, and to me directed, I have seized and on Saturday, June 29, 1929, between hours for making judicial sales, and at F. J. Booles Garage, in the town of Bernice, La., will offer for sale, at public outcry, the following described property. to-wit: One Ford Truck No. 26-746. Seized as the property of the defendant in the above entitled suit. Terms of sale, cash, with the benefit of an appraisement. This June 11, 1929 Elza Grafton, Dy. Sheriff.

Deputy Sheriff Sale. State of Louisiana, Parish of Union, Eighth Justice Court. J. M. Butler vs. Clarence Stone. Notice is hereby given the Honorable Eighth Justice Court in and for Union Parish La., in the above entitled suit, and to me directed, I have seized and taken into my possession and on Saturday, June 29, 1929, between the prescribed, by law for making judicial sales, and at the front door of the mayor’s office in Bernice, La., will offer for sale, at public outcry, the following described property, to-wit: One Chevrolet Coupe, Licensed No. 169-724. Seized as the property of the defendant in the entitled suit. Terms of sale, cash with the benefit of an appraisement. This June 11, 1929. Elza Grafton, Dy. Sheriff.

REVIVAL IN BERNICE. A revival meeting will be conducted at the Baptist church by the pastor, Rev. Wingo. Beginning the second Sunday in July. A committee was appointed Sunday night to secure a singer for the meeting. Let every body fall in line and be a booster and this will be on the greatest revivals in the History of Bernice. Just what each individual puts into the meeting is what each one will receive. Be a booster and not a knocker.

MR. HESTER HONORED. At a meeting of the La. Tech Alumni Association held last Saturday afternoon on Tech campus, Ruston. Mr. E. R. Hester, principal of the area high school, was elected first vice president of the alumna association for the coming year. Charles C. Goyne, mayor of Ruston, was elected president and Mrs. Ruby Pearce re-elected secretary treasurer. According to information reaching this office, the annual meeting of the La. Tech Alumna Association this year was one of the most enthusiast in the history of the history of the organization. Plans for the coming year’s work have not been completely formulated as yet – Bienville Demoocrat.

CASE FIXED. Notice has been given by the Clerk of Supreme Court that the case of State vs. Johnnie Harrison and Homer Grave has been set down for argument in the Supreme Court, New Orleans, on June 1st, which will be the last argument day before the summer vacation of that Court. Harrison and Graves were charged with the killing of Addison Welch in April, 1928. A trial was had last October resulting in a conviction and an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court and rulings made by Judge S. D. Pearce of the Third District Court were set aside and the case remanded for the second trial. The second trial was had at the last term of Court and a conviction again secured with a result that a second appeal has been taken to the Supreme Court by Attorneys for defense. Messrs Fields and Bergere, and Supreme Court will probably decide the case before its. summer vacation July 1st.

We have just received a new shipment of voile in the pastel shades at 99 cents per yard. DEPT. STORE, Maude Phillips.

CARD OF THANKS. Our hearts are full of profound gratitude for the loving kindness consideration and respect of the many in attendance for last sad rites of our beloved husband and father Malcus Gray and especially do we thank the many for their esteemed floral offerings. We also desire to apologize for the delay of this item, which was due to accident. Mrs. Addie Gray and family.

TO CLEAN OFF CEMETERY. Messrs. S. P. Tabor and Joe Moore have been appointed as a committee to collect funds to be used in cleaning off the Shiloh cemetery. And everybody interested is requested to send or give these men any amount of money you wish to spend for this purpose. The work will be done some time in July, and the job will be let to the lowest bidder.

LARGE CABBAGE HEAD. One day last week Mr. J. B. Hollis was displaying one of the largest cabbage heads to be seen in this part of the country. Teh head weighed 97.10 and was grown by Prince Dismuke, a tenant on the farm of Mr. J. W. Bennett. This shows what can be done in raising cabbage on the lands here.

Mrs. W. M. Miller of Shreveport spent the week-end here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Will Thaxton.

In New Office

Just last week Capt. O. Baughman, secretary of the police jury completed the job of moving into his new office in the old jail building. This old structure which has been recently overhauled and converted into an office building, in which is located the office of the clerk of the police jury, the parish treasurer. These offices are on the ground floor. And upstairs is arranged one large auditorium, which is used by the police jury and the Boy Scouts.

On the ground floor one office room is used by the mayor of Farmerville for holding his court.

Capt. Baughman is real proud of his new quarters and invites his many friends when in town to call on him. He takes greats pleasure in showing people over the new place as it is much more convenient for him and he is so much better fixed for attending to the business connected with his duties.

Court is in session in Farmerville this week and we will print the entire proceeding in next week’s issue.

NOTICE. The Ferguson family reunion will be held July, 4th at Cornie bridge 3 1-2 miles north of Bernice on the highway. All relatives are expected to be there. Bring dinner. All our friends are especially invited.

Mrs. Gill and children of Dallas, Texas, are visiting Mrs. Gills mother, Mrs. R. W. Patterson and other relatives.

NOTICE. I have been informed there have been some letters mailed, signed St. John and Bowman. If any such letters have been mailed, I do not know anything about them. I am not connected with Bowman or no other company in any way. B. L. St. John.

Missionary Society. The Woman’s Missionary Society met at the Methodist church Monday June 17th, with the president in her usual place. A song was sung. Prayer was offered after which Mrs. Moncrief gave an able discussion on the lesson taken from Numbers. The Superintendent of supplies was urged to report on her work and send to St. Mark’s Hall, any supplies she had on hand. A letter from Mrs. W. A. Guy of Summerfield, asked for a good attendances at Zone meeting held at Harmony Chapel June 18th. Assignments were made for our program next week. Subject Rebuilding Broken Homes. Let everyone be present next week with a determination to go her best always. Member of Publicity

ADULT UNION Program for June 28 – “When will Christ Come Again” – Mrs. W. L. Odom Leader, Part I – Mrs.H. Odom, Part II – Mr. E. C. Colvin, Part III – Mr. J. T. Porter.

CARD OF THANKS. We take this means to thanks our many friends and relatives for their hospitality, also the beautiful flowers brought to Mrs. Tabor during her illness. Also thank Dr. Colvin for his kind attention and faithful service while sick. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Tabor and family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hardwick motored to Spearsville Monday evening.

Circle four met with Mr. J. C. Phillips Monday afternoon with eight members present.

Messrs. J. D. E. Thaxton, J. R. Cook, G. C. Hicks, and Parish Thaxton were business visiting in Farmerville Monday.


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